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Today’s episode opens with Day 58 at 1:45PM; Jasmin talks with Aly and says Pavitra never considered her as her friend but she don’t understand why Rubina flipped. Aly says both are thinking both are wrong at each end.

2PM; Abhi says to Rubi that he is going to make parathas and will go for gym. Rubi says parathas can be made post vegetable is done. Abhi refuses to listen to Rubi and says he is not here to feed all hot parathas.

2:30 PM; Nikki says to Jasmin and Eijaz that they should take captaincy seriously. Jasmin and Eijaz defend her. She asks Eijaz not to talk with wall post Nikki says she has leadership qualities and will show when the time will come.

2:45 PM; Abhi and Rubi argue. Abhi asks Rubi to behave.

4:30 PM; Nikki talks with Kavita about Jasmin. Kavita says post Aly came her attitude changed.

1AM; Abhi and Jasmin tries to scare Nikki. Nikki asks Rubi to tell Abhi not to scare her.

Day 59 at 8 Am; inmates wake up at the beat of ‘choli ke neeche kya hai’ song.

8:45 PM; Nikki goes to Abhi and asks him to do mast whole day not at night. Abhi says yes. Nikki brings into Rubi’s notice and says Abhi is dragging pillow from another girl body which is not good. Rubi goes to Abhi and asks him not to become Jaan. Abhi and Rubi argue.

Later, Bigg Boss announces that the immunity stone which Rubina has, inmates can snatch from her by revealing their dark secrets.

Bigg Boss says the one who will win the immunity stone will become the first finalist. Inmates have to mutually decide whose secret is more shocking; stone will be given to that person. Task starts with Rubina. Rubina Dilaik confess that she was about to get separated from Abhinav if they wouldn’t have come to Bigg Boss. She adds their divorce was about to get happen in the month of November. Rubina cries out loudly.

Rubina come and Abhi hugs her. Abhi and other inmates read the confession and gets shocked. Rubi asks Abhi if he will give her second chance, she says she can’t afford to lose him. Abhi agree. Here, Kavita says at BB all ends up fighting so why Rubinav is here to mend their relationship. Rahul agree with Kavita. There, Abhi worries for his family. Other side, Jasmin asks Aly if he will continue to love her inspite of learning her dark secret. Aly says yes. Kavita and Rahul calls Rubinav fake.

Aly tells to Abhi and Rubi that all is making issue of what Rubi said. Jasmin asks Rubinav to stay strong. There, Nikki cries and thinks whether she should reveal her secret or not. Kavita console Nikki. Jasmin decide for immunity she can’t hurt her family by revealing her secret. Here, Rubina pacifies Abhinav. Buzzer rings, Rahul asks Eijaz to think before going. He asks him not to keep the confession above his soul. Eijaz decides to confess. Eijaz cries and reveals that he was molested at young age thus he has a problem with a touch.

7 PM; BB asks Rubina and Eijaz to read their secret and tell to inmates. Eijaz cries. Kavita goes to Eijaz if she can hug him. Eijaz allows.

Later, inmates agree upon Eijaz. They say Eijaz’s secret was more relatable. Abhi and Rubi both give their votes to Eijaz too. Eijaz won the immunity stone for time being.

7:30 PM; Kavita console Rubina. She says she wishes for their happy married life. Here, Rahul says he felt bad for Rubinav’s family. He cries. Nikki and Kavita console him. All discuss about Eijaz’s revelation next.

Further, Abhi reveals about his secret and tells he was in depression when his first film was flopped. He says he was bankrupt. BB praise Abhi for sharing his secret. Abhi reads about his depression news for inmates. Inmates sticks and says Eijaz’s secret is heavy.

8:45 PM; Jasmin reveals about her secret and tells she had marks on her face and body thus, she got many rejections than she attempted suicide by taking overdose of medicines. BB praise Jasmin for revealing her secret. Inmates think Eijaz’s secret is more effective than her too.

9PM; Jasmin cries. Eijaz and Rahul console her. Aly also pacifies her. Kavita apologize Jasmin for hurting her. Aly says all will fight next day.

Later, Eijaz says he will never respect Kavita as she mocked his secret. Inmates decide and say immunity stone should be with Eijaz only. BB praises all the contenders for sharing their dark secrets. Ejaz becomes the first finalist of the season. Rubin, Nikki, Aly, Rahul, Kavita, ABhi and Jasmin gets nominated for the week.

11:45 PM; Jasmin says to Abhi she don’t want to come between him and Rubi but his friendship with him matters to her. Jasmin calls Rubi clever. Abhi defends Rubi.

Episode ends with Eijaz saying to Abhi that his perceptaion towards Rubi got changed because her birthday falls on 26th Aug and his 28th August, which means both are perfectionist. Abhi and EIjaz laughs.