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Today’s episode opens up with Bigg Boss telling Jaan that he can nominate anyone for red zone at his place, including Nikki. Jaan nominates Nishant as he felt bad as the latter broke their friendship after the task. Nishant justifies himself saying that he wanted Jaan to come out from red zone, no matter who becomes captain. Jaan and Nishant start arguing. Eijaz agrees to send Nishant to red zone. Jaan goes out of red zone and hugs Eijaz.

At 6.30pm Eijaz tells Jaan and Nikki that, no matter what, only one of them should be captain. He also denies having any romantic feeling for Pavitra even though Jaan and Nikki feel she does and tease him.

Later, Rahul nominates Jasmin at his place and gives the following reason: he is a strong opiniated person, but despite that he has never created problems unlike Jasmin and his friends who keep rising issues that are not even big matters. He mentions about how much Jasmin bashed him and how she threw water on him swearing against him. Jasmin justifies herself saying that she has remained unchanged since day one, she has made her presence be felt and she has also done all her chores despite being injured. She adds that she knows how she was threatened, and she deserves to be in green zone since she is very strong. Rahul gives back saying that Jasmin doesn’t give her hundred percent in tasks and even her clothes were unfit in buzzer task. Jasmin decides not to add anything further because what Rahul said was utter nonsense. Eijaz decides to send Jasmin, who is a strong competitor and won’t be much affected by it, to red zone and take Rahul, who helped him becoming captain, out.

At 7.15pm Nishant calls Eijaz the biggest fraud of the country. He doesn’t react. Meanwhile, Nikki and Jaan tell Rahul that he was wrong to comment on Jasmin’s clothes. On the other hand, Nishant promises to do everything in his hand to get them all out. Jasmin has lost her belief that Eijas is a strong contestant.

After a while, Kavita suggests Pavitra to keep her ahead in front of everyone. Pavitra says that she is her own priority. However, she points out about Kavita disrespecting Eijaz, who is supposedly her friend, in front of everyone. They respect each other’s opinion, though different.

Pavitra nominates Rubina for unnecessarily calling them aggressive and giving wrong impact of them to the audience, to their fans. She says that Rubina didn’t even ask her if she is hurt or not. She clears that there is no aggression. Rubina is about to speak but Pavitra keeps interrupting her. Rubina leaves the sit and tells Bigg Boss that she will sit back only when she will be allowed to talk. Eijaz asks Rubina to sit when she wants. Rubina says that she will sit when she won’t be interrupted. Eijaz asks everyone not to interrupt Rubina. The latter sits in front of Pavitra and defends herself. Pavitra keeps blaming Rubina for calling everyone,

except few, aggressive. Eijaz saves Pavitra saying that he cannot understand her points sometimes and adds that he doesn’t want Pavitra to stay in the cage even one more second. Jasmin, Kavita and Nishant welcome Rubina in the red zone. Bigg Boss announces that Jasmin, Rubina, Kavita and Nishant are nominated this week.

At night, Rubina asks Abhinav if he is proud of her. He replies she is. Rubina shares with other people how disappointed she is with Pavitra as she felt she was strong, but she is not.

At 8.15pm, Pavitra tells Nikki what Kavita told her and mocks her. Nikki reveals her that Eijaz cried hard inside the room. On the other hand, Kavita tells the other members of red zone that she doesn’t trust Pavitra but she warned her anyway.

At 8.45pm, Eijaz tells Shardul that he was angry when Rahul took Jasminì’s name but he had promised him to take her out. He says that Jasmin and Rubina are strong contestants and don’t want them against him but he couldn’t back off.

On the other hand, Nishant, Jasmin and Abhinav talk about Jaan. Jasmin says that she had warned him about Nikki’s friendship. Nishant calls Jaan hopeless.

The next morning, the house wake up at “Saud khara khara” song. The contestants dance. At 9.15am Eijaz asks red zone contestants if they are ok. Jasmin replies that they are not and suggests him to ask it to people whom he is paying back. He blames Eijaz for sending her in red zone for an immature guy like Rahul. Eijaz is sure that she isn’t going anywhere. Jasmin isn’t scared of that and asks him not to do any formality. He leaves. Nishant calls Eijaz a bad politician.


On day 28: Pavitra asks Nishant to pick up her clothes and put them aside but he says that he will put them outside later. She argues and starts bashing the women saying that they could have put a woman’s clothes aside being women. Rubina and Kavita ignore her. Pavitra leaves. Abhinav suggests to stay unaffected. Pavitra goes to the kitchen and cries because her clothes are there in a corner. Eijaz notices that and says that she keeps crying since she has come back.

Later, Eijaz stands with his shirt unbuttoned in front of pool. Kavita comments that he is obsessed with himself. Jaan and Nikki stand close and Jasmin and Kavita mock them.
At 9pm, Bigg boss gives a task to Jaan, Abhinav and Shardul: it’s the Garnier Men challenge. They have to cross an obstacle course and will have to fight dust and germs after which they have to wash their face at the end. The boys will have to collect keys after each obstance and Nikki will keep time and will give the hamper to the winner at the end.

At 9.30pm, the task starts with Jaan performing it first. He completes it in 3 minutes and 9 seconds. After him, it’s Abhinav’s turn. Rubina and Jasmin cheer for him from the red zone. He took 5 minutes and 39 seconds. Finally, Shardul performs the task too. He isn’t able to find key so Bigg boss suggests housemates to help him. Boys go to help and Abhinav finds the key for him. He has taken the most time. Jaan wins the hamper.
In the red zone, Nishant and Jasmin discuss about leaving the house with their heads up if the chance occurs. The only thing they regret is losing to such people who are like crabs.
At 12.30am Rahul calls Nikki towards him with kisses and she gets irritated. She scolds him. At 1.30am Nikki talks with Jaan about Rahul and says that she won’t sit with him for days. Jaan says that he will speak up about him too tomorrow.
Episode ends

Precap: Salman talks about nepotism during weekend ka vaar for the point that Rahul had arisen. He also asks Jasmin if it was fine to cry and even bash Rahul. He also calls out Rubina for telling Jasmin that she can even throw water on Rahul and none will say anything.