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Today’s episode opens with Day 33 at 8 AM; housemates wake up at the beat of ‘bas itna sa khawab hai’ song.

At 8:45 AM; Nikki asks Pavitra what she mean by bother? Pavitra explains to Nikki.

9:15 AM; Nikki says to Rahul she wants to talk with him. Rahul refuses to talk with Nikki. He asks her to give him sometimes. Nikki says she was not left with any other option. Rahul says he don’t want to talk with her. Nikki says she is feeling bad he is not talking with her. Rahul says by heart he doesn’t feel like talking with her and take a time to overcome from certain thing.

9:30 AM; Eijaz shares with Abhi and Jasmin about his past life. Here, Naina says to Rubina, Eijaz has started talking with Abhinav. Rubina tells to Naina Abhi knows Eijaz before.

9:45 AM: Eijaz asks Pavitra if she needs any help. Pavitra refuses to. Pavitra cleans the BB MALL. Eijaz says to Jaan he didn’t asked her to clean the area.

Ahead, Eijaz asks Shukla if they are washing their utensil or not. Nikki says all are doing their work. Pavitra passes some comment and Eijaz replies her back. Pavitra asks Eijaz not to come closer to her. Eijaz says he is not coming. Pavitra says he is captain because of her. She calls him chameleon. Eijaz gets angry. Ugly argument happens between Eijaz and Pavitra. Pavitra hits Eijaz. Nikki takes Pavitra out and Jasmin hold Eijaz. Pavitra screams Eijaz is captain because of her.


Pavitra says she supported Eijaz. Eijaz says he is not here to bear assault. Pavitra screams loudly. Jasmin says to Pavitra Eijaz is provoking her. Eijaz says he is not here to welcome anyone’s abuse. Jaan asks Pavitra to cool down. Heated argument continues between Pavitra and Eijaz.

11 AM: Rubina shares a talk with Rahul. Here, Pavitra screams Eijaz is trying to copy Siddharth. Jasmin asks EIjaz why Pavitra is reacting. She asks if saving her from the nomination is the reason. Eijaz says he doesn’t bother and took the decision by his own will. He says he found Jasmin worthy thus, took her name. Eijaz says she abused him. Pavitra denies and said she didn’t abuse.

11:15 AM: Jasmin asks Pavitra not to get provoked. She asks her to calm down. Pavitra says to Jasmin, she is angry with the reason given by Eijaz to save her was not worthy. Jasmin asked why she expected anything in return from Eijaz. Pavitra explains to Jasmin.

3 PM; Contenders sees the telephone in the house and gets excited. Tera Hone Laga Hoon song plays and inmates dance on the beat. Aly Goni enters the house. Jasmin cries seeing Aly. Bigg Boss says to support Jasmin, Aly is here. Jasmin thanks Aly. Bigg Boss welcomes Aly and says Aly will stay quarantined at the house. Jasmin gets excited seeing Aly. Bigg Boss says today Jasmin will take decision interacting with Aly today.

3:15 PM; Jasmin and Aly shares a talk with each other via telecom.

Ahead, Aly talks with Pavitra and give her tips. Aly feels proud with Jasmin for apologizing to Rahul. Jasmin tells to Aly, Eijaz saved her from nomination. Aly said Eijaz is playing game and says he is feeling bad for Pavitra.

4:45PM; Eijaz calls Aly. He explains to him that Nikki, Pavitra, Rahul and Jaan all four matters to him thus, he saved Jasmin. Also Jasmin feed him good food thus, he rewarded him. Aly understand Eijaz. Eijaz further tell to Aly that Pavitra was abusing him for no reason. He feels disgusted. Eijaz quotes Jasmin was accusing him for provoking Pavitra. Aly don’t comment on that.

Later, Pavitra reads rules about ‘captaincy’ task. Red zone contender gets an opportunity to fetch their place in green zone. As per rule, with each round Jasmin has to take Aly’s suggestion and then only she can make other strategy.

7 PM; Aly suggest Jasmin to keep Shardul and Abhi with her. There, Nikki Jaan and Pavitra make strategy for the task. Shardul decides to play fair.

7:15 PM; Pavitra asks Shardul he decided to play fair. Shardul says he will give him 100% in the game. Pavitra asks Shardul to remember his word in the whole game now.

7:30 PM; Buzzer ring and task starts. Here, Rubina discuss with Rahul and Naina about task. Trio decide whom they will evict first. Rubi and Rahul agree to evict Jaan and Nikki. Naina says she will evict Shardul who is Eijaz’s representative. Naina as dictator evicts Nikki.

Later, Jasmin talks with Aly and says she wants to save Abhi and Pavitra for her safety. Aly supports her. There, Rahul talks with Naina and Rubina. He says during nominations everyone changes their side. Rahul says he realized that thing yesterday.

8PM: Rubina becomes the dictator for the second round. Rubi asks Nikki to stay out from the task. Nikki refuses to listen to her. Rubi asks Nikki if she will surpass Bigg Boss. Nikki continues to walk on task area. Pavitra, Jaan, Shardul , Abhi and Jasmin struggles to win the task. Rubi evicts Jaan for the second round. Further, Abhi, Jasmin and Pavitra decide to evict Shardul for the upcoming round.

8:30 PM; Buzzer ring, Pavitra, Jasmin and Abhi evicts Shardul.

8:45 PM; Pavitra asks Rahul to come out because of Rubi will come she will protect Abhi. Here, Aly asks Jasmin to let Abhi become captain.

9 PM; Buzzer ring; Abhi, Pavitra and Jasmin competes to become captain. Meanwhile, Pavitra pushes Abhi. Rubina says Nikki interrupted the game. Niki and Rubina argue. Jaan asks Rubin not to make her own rules. Rubi lashes out at Jaan for accusing her. Pavitra gets angry on Rubi for accusing her that Nikki, instigated her. Ahead, Abhi gets out from the task. Episode ends with Rubi getting angry on Abhi for always trusting Pavitra.