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In today’s episode, Jasmin and Pavitra discuss about becoming captain. Pavitra gets adamant on becoming captain. Jasmin asks Pavitra to let her become captain this time. Abhi comes in the discussion and support Jasmin. Both Pavitra and Jasmin decide to play game fairly. Ahead, Captaincy task start. Pavitra and Jasmin play. Naina becomes the dictator. Pavitra falls and Jasmin becomes the captain of the house. Bigg Boss asks Jasmin to take Captaincy charge from now onwards.

Later, Rubina and Abhi discuss about happened task. Rubi says to Abhi why he is falling each time in Pavitra’s word. Jasmin come and asks Rubi not to take Pavitra name if flip task happen. Rubi asks why. Jasmin says because she has given word to both Pavitra and Abhi both.

10:30PM, Abhi asks Jasmin not to give luxury items to anyone. Abhi decides to do all the work of Jasmin Jasmin hear him. Later, Jasmin gets excited to.see her captain picture.

1Am, Pavitra shares are a talk with Shardul and Naina.

9:30AM Jasmin sit with Abhi, Pavitra, Nikki and Jaan. She discuss about duties. Nikki agree for cleaning utensils and bedroom. Abhi and Pavitra agree on cooking. Jaan refuses to do living room.
10:30AM. Jaan says to Rahul that Aly is claiming that he don’t have individuality. Rahul asks Jaan to jump in real matter and avoid making friends because all here are playing. Jaan says fair enough.

10:45Am: Abhi asks Rubi if she is fasting. Rubina says yes. Duo shares a quality time together.

1:45PM, Jasmin argue with Pavitra when she was talking with Aly. Pavitra asks Jasmin to keep her possessiveness with her over ALY. Further, Bigg Boss announces and gives an opportunity to red zone contenders a chance to get save from nomination. He reads the rule of the task. He gives Jasmin a chance to select only three contenders who will compete with each other. Jasmin choose Rubina, Shardul and Naina. Bigg Boss further says Rubina, Shardul and Naina will not play by themselves as they have to choose their representative. Rahul is left behind.

Rubina choose Abhinav, Shardul choose Pavitra and Naina choose Nikki. Jasmin goes to Rahul and explain why she choose them and not her. Rahul feels sad and says he is playing alone.

Later, Bigg Boss asks Rubina, Shardul and Naina to tell who is doing their representation in the task. Rubi takes Abhi’s name ,Shardul takes Pavitra’s and Naina choose Nikki for the task. ABhi reads the rule of the task.

5:45 PM; Task starts Abhi, Nikki and Pavitra holds a triangle block together. Jasmin announce task starts. Eijaz says three of them can do anything holding that block.
6 PM; Abhi, Pavitra and Nikki talks why their co-contender deserves to stay at the house. Here, Rubina sees Karwa Chauth stuff and gets happy
The competition between Abhi, Pavita and Nikki continues. Meanwhile, Rubina gets ready for the celebration.
Abhi, Pavitra and Nikki hold the triangle. Pavitra says she has to go pee. Abhi asks Pavitra to go leaving the block. Pavitra manages to drag Abhi and Nikki to the washroom area. Later, Pavitra accuse Jasmin that she is biased.
Day 34; 7 PM; Pavitra says she wants to go Pee. Abhi asks Pavitra to leave the block and go. Pavitra uses her strength to drag the block. Niki, Jasmin and Abhi shouts she can’t use strength. Pavitra gets angry and says she is not applying strength.

Towards the end of the task, Abhi wins the task. Abhi praise Pavitra for her strength. Rubina gets happy and praise Pavitra too. Bigg Boss announce Rubina gets saved from this week nomination. Inmates clap. BB announce Rahul, Shardul and Naina is nominated. He further asks Rubi to come back in green zone. Here, Abhi praise Pavitra for being strong. Eijaz praise Nikki’s strength too.

10:45 PM; Rubina celebrates Karwa Chauth with Abhi. Jasmin, Shardul and Nikki claps for them. Abhi says they never thought they will celebrate Karwa Chauth at Bigg Boss house. He also thanks BB.

11:45 PM; Eijaz shows the key to Nikki and quotes captain is irresponsible. He says if Key is lost who will be responsible. Niki laughs.

1:45AM: Towards the end of the episode, Eijaz shares a talk with Shardul. He cries and quotes he will turn mad because all the claiming the same. He shares his feeling with Shardul. Shardul console Eijaz and says he don’t have to quote one thing each time that he is real.