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Today’s episode opens with Day 35 at 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of ‘Bala’ song.

10:45 AM; Jasmin talks with Pavitra and says Eijaz don’t seems 40+. She says he looks late 30s. Pavitra asks her not to take his name or show his face. She says she wants to focus on game.

12:45PM; Rahul calls Nikki. He patch up with Nikki. Duo clears their misunderstanding.

2:30 PM; Naina gets angry at Shardul for not performing any duty. Shardul asks her not to raise her voice on him. Naina drags Rahul too for not helping in doing cooking or washing utensils. Rahul and Shardul defends themselves.

Ahead, Naina says to Pavitra, Shardul don’t help in doing any work. She says because of Rubi’s fast she didn’t let her cook and doing work herself. Shardul or Rahul none come to help her. Heated argument happens between Shardul and Naina over performing duty.

5:45 PM; Jasmin reads the rule about ‘Luxury Budget’ task. Abhinav, Pavitra, Jaan and Rubina turns ANGEL’S while Al, Eijaz and Nikki turns ‘Devil’ for the task. Devil team is asked to irk ‘Angel’ team to turn them DEVIL. Jasmin becomes the dictator of the task.

6PM; Eijaz, Aly and Nikki makes their task strategy. Eijaz asks to make Rubina destroy her teddy. Aly agree and makes a plan with Nikki and Eijaz. There, Abhi discuss his strategy with Pavitra, Jaan and Rubina. Rubi tries to interrupt, Abhi asks Rubi not to jump when he is talking. Buzzer ring, Nikki asks Rubina and Abhinav to come.

6:30 PM; Eijaz orders Jaan to take off his shirt and pant. Jaan refuses, Aly and Nikki says Jaan broke the rule. Eijaz asks Jaan to trim his beard. Later, Nikki loudly asks Rubi to come inside. Eijaz feels Jasmin is playing with angels’ side. Nikki asks Rubi to destroy her teddy. Rubi acts like destroying teddy. Aly and Eijaz claims Rubi is breaking rule by not destroying teddy. They say it is written in the rule book that they can’t act. Niki asks Abhinav to go out

Further, Nikki asks Rubina to pour chutney on her hair. Rubi pours on her hand. Aly asks Jamsin to say something. Jamsin stands still. Aly says to Jasmin that she is getting biased for Rubina. Eijaz shouts at Jasmin too. Aly says his time too will come.

6:45PM; Niki asks Eijaz to make Jaan put his hand inside toilet box. Eijaz orders Jaan to become dog. He further asks Jaan to follow him. Eijaz asks Jaan to lick toilet sheet. Jasmin as dictator interrupts and says this is not possible. Eijaz asks Jaan to put his hand inside toilet. Jaan does the same.

7 PM; Eijaz asks Pavitra to say she is ‘ehsaan faramosh’. Pavitra refuses. Other side, Abhi gets angry on Rubina for always shutting his mouth. Later, ALy gets angry on Jasmin for ignoring him.

7 PM; Eijaz asks Pavitra to say she is ‘ehsaan faramosh’. Pavitra refuses. Other side, Abhi gets angry on Rubina for always shutting his mouth. Later, ALy gets angry on Jasmin for ignoring him. Aly claims grouping are there. Eijaz says long back.

7:15 PM: Next, Niki feeds something to Abhi and Rubi. Rubina acts crazy. She pours water all over. Jasmin don’t interrupt.

7:30 PM; Aly says to Eijaz and Nikki to go and irk angels as Jasmin is not there. Eijaz goes to Jaan and irk him. Jaan refuses every time. Aly says sorry to Abhi that Nikki destroyed Rubi’s toy. Abhi says to Aly no problem.

7:45PM; Pavitra touches Eijaz. Eijaz gets frustrated.

8 PM; Eijaz gets angry on Jasmin for not interrupting when Pavitra is touching him. Aly asks Jasmiin to keep Eijaz’s injury in mind and don’t allow anyone to come closer to him. Later, Rubi irks Eijaz. Ahead, Eijaz and Nikki argue post Eijaz damage BB property. Eijaz gets angry on Jaan for absuing him. ALy asks Jaan not to abuse.

8:15 PM; Jaan cries and says he is hurt with Eijaz’s behaviour. Jasmin console Jaan. She says this is the game of strength. Jaan feels disgusted with Eijaz.

8:30 PM; Bigg Boss asks Jasmin to tell which team is the winner. Jasmin declares Team Devil as the winner. Bigg Boss congratulates Nikki, Eijaz and Aly for winning ‘Luxury Budget’. He asks to share the stuffs with Jasmin too. Jasmin gets teary and declares for her Team Angel is winner. Jasmin refuses to use ‘Luxury Budget’. Aly says to Eubi he felt bad for her toy. Rubi asks Aly not to be sorry as what is done is done. Abhi hugs Jasmin.

Later, Abhi shares a talk with Pavitra and says if anyone will destroy his personal stuffs than he will give it back to the person as he is not that good. He further, asks Eijaz not to sit on his bed.

9:15 PM; Rahul turns girl and Shardul flirts with him. Naina enjoys their act.

9:30 PM; Jaan apologizes to Eijaz if unknowingly he said anything to her mother. Eijaz forgive him. Ahead, Aly asks Jasmin not to misbehave with Eijaz as he is senior to them. He suggests her to apologize to Eijaz.

10:30 PM; Rubina reads about ‘Dabur Dantrakshak’ task. Inmates are asked to give suitable tagline to each other. Jasmin and Aly becomes the dictator of the task.

10:45 PM; Task start with Rubina. Rubina give Dadim tag to Abhi. Rahul sarcastically clap for Rubina. Pavitra gives Neelgiri tag to Eijaz. Eijaz give no tag to anyone. Jaan gives Pudina tag to Rahul. Nikki gives bacteria tag to Jaan for back bitching. Eijaz gives Pipali tag to Rubina.

Day 11 PM; Jasmin and Aly decides and makes Pavitra the winner. Pavitra gets happy seeing honey. Later, Jasmin says to sorry to Eijaz for using ‘mad’ word. Eijaz asks not to use that word for anyone.

11:15 pm; Jaan cries and apologize to Eijaz too. Eijaz asks not to cry. (Episode Ends)