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Today’s episode starts with Day 37 at 3:30PM: Jasmin, Eijaz and Abhi discuss onEijaz asking Jaan to lick the toilet sheet. Eijaz says he was into task and was performing devil.

5:30 PM; Bigg Boss announce that change is necessary and especially at BB house. He closes red zone area. Inmates get happy but BB asks them not to get excited because this doesn’t mean they are safe. He asks inmates post 5 week, it is time to pull of the socks because journey ahead is going to be tough.

6 PM; Nikki goes to Eijaz and says fake sympathy means he took her name. She says Jaan told her that he said it was her plan to lick toilet sheet. Eijaz says to Nikki yes and asks her to leave. He further asks Jaan not to drag him in his matter. Eijaz, Nikki and Jaan discuss over performed task. They with each other.

6:30 PM: Eijaz goes to Abhi and Shardul about Nikki and Jaan’s fight. He says task is done yet they are after him who asked to lick toilet sheet.

3:30 AM; Shardul, Rahul and Pavitra discuss about Kavita. They find her less worthy.

Day 38 at 8:15 AM: Inmates wakes up at the beat to ‘Gandi Baat’ song.

8:45 PM; Aly Goni says he will only take a bath or have food only when BB will ask him to come out from the area. Nikki asks Aly not to torcher himself. BB asks him to wear his mike. Aly refuses to wear.

9:30 AM; Ahead, Aly loses his cool and says he will come out breaking the glass and will not bother if they are throwing him out from the house. Jasmin asks Aly to calm down. Aly says in his contract it wasn’t mentioned they will pack him in small room. He Yells. There, Abhi tells to EIjaz Aly broke the knob. Eijaz says not done. Rubi says he is getting irritated.

11 AM; Bigg Boss talks with inmates again. He says he tried to make them understand the value of time and he sees none understand him. He talks about lockdown and relate it with Aly. He says they made him stay quarantined because safety point of view. Bigg Boss gets disappointed with Aly Goni’s behaviour. He further asks Aly to come out from his place and asks none to enter the room till next announcement. Jasmin asks Aly to apologize. Aly apologize to Bigg Boss. He comes, Jasmin and others hugs him.


12:15 PM Aly turns hairstylist of Jasmin. There, Rahul says he is happy for Aly and Jasmin but sad for himself. Nikki asks why he is sad. Rahul says he too want someone in the house who can take care of him like Jasmin and Aly. Nikki asks if he is expecting from someone. Rahul says all need some support system in the house. Jasmin comes and shares a talk about Rahul. She says to him she can befriend him if he says.

12:30 PM: Rahul and Nikki shares a talk with each other. Nikki leaves the place as she got upset with Rahul’s comment.

12:45 PM; Pavitra, Nikki and Rahul sit together. Nikii gets emotional. Rahul asks her why she is emotional. Nikki clarifies and says she is upset because he calls her netural friend. Rahul console Nikki by hugging him. Later, Jasmin asks Aly to be her friend and don’t praise anyone other than her.

7:15 PM; Pavitra apologize to Eijaz for hurting him. She admits she got overboard during the nomination task. Further, Inmates gets excited to see Farah Khan, Charul Mallik and Amit Tyagi. Bigg Boss welcomes the trio and announces about ‘Farah Ki Adalat’. He asks Farah to start the session. Farah says at the end of the task one will be directly nominated for the eviction.

Task starts with Eijaz. Charul question Eijaz and asks him to explain his image is different outside but inmates are not able to understand him. Eijaz explains his point of view. Farah praise Eijaz for his patience. Amit questions Eijaz and Pavitra’s relationship. He asks Farah what she has to say on their chemistry. Farah praises both. Pavitra and Eijaz clarify themselves.

Charul’s second question for Eijaz that none is taking him seriously. Eijaz says if all is back stabbing him that it is their problem. Farah Khan supports Eijaz Khan and says he don’t back bitch anyone and all should respect senior artist. Amit asks Eijaz whom he will take out from the house. Eijaz says he has come alone and will go out alone. Farha asks Eijaz not to create a wall around himself.

Further, Pavitra hugs Eijaz and all claps. Next, Farah calls Rubina. Charul asks Rubina if her fight with Bigg Boss is on hold or she has ended it. Rubi says she wasn’t aware of the show post Salman and BB made her understand and now she is into game. Farah praise Rubi for her performance in angel and devil task. Charul next asks Rubi if in finale she and Abhi go whom she feels will be winner. Rubina says she wants to be a winner. Farah claps for Rubi’s honest stand.

Amit asks Rubi why she doesn’t interact with anyone other than Abhi. Rubi says she take time to open up with other. Farah suggests Rubi and Abhi to play individual.

Third, ALy comes to the witness box. Amit asks how he will play game with Jamsin’s presence. Aly defends himself. Charul asks Aly whom he feels is playing weak game. Aly takes Jaan’s name. Farah suggests Aly and Jasmin to play individual. Pavitra comes and Farah asks her to honestly tell if she was felt jealous when Eijaz took Jasmin’s name in the nomination task. Pavitra keeps her point of view. Farah asks inmates to entertain them rather only keep performing the duties. Later, Jasmin comes. Farah asks Jasmin to do something as she find her dull. Jasmin says something happened in the house which disturbed her. But now she is active again. Farah asks Jasmin to overcome from what has happened. Jasmin defends herself. Farah asks Jasmin to fight back.

Charul calls Nikki come. Farah asks Nikki all saw her first very strong but now she is dull. Nikki says she will not repeat it again. Farah asks Nikki why she doesn’t talk with Rubi. Niki says Rubi is not active and her type. Rubi says she don’t let anyone speak thus, she don’t feel lyk wasting energy on her. (Episode Ends)