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Today’s episode opens with inmates performing task. Eijaz gives Rocket title to Aly, Fuski Bomb to Kavita and Spinner title to Pavitra. Kavita gives rocket title to Rahul, Fuski Bomb to Eijaz and Spinner to Jasmin. Next, comes Jasmin, she gives rocket title to Eijaz, Fuski bomb to Pavitra and spinner to Jaan. Aly comes and gives rocket title to Abhinav, Fuski bomb to Nikki and spinner to Pavitra. Shardul gives rocket title to Rubina, Fuski bomb to Nikki and spinner to Jaan. Jaan gives fuski bomb title to nikki. Pavitra gives spinner title to Jasmin, Jaan Fuski bomb and rocket title to Eijaz. Rahul gives rocket title to Jasmin, Fuski bomb title to Shardul. Last, comes Nikki and gives spinner to Jasmin, Rocket title to Aly and Fuski bomb title to Eijaz.

Ahead, Pavitra argue with Eijaz for not giving rocket title to him.

On the stage, Salman lights the lamp and talks with the audience. He says Pavitra got offended when Eijaz did not give her rocket title.

Further, Salman meets the contenders. He asks Jasmin if she is in Khataron ke Khiladi. Jasmin asks Salman what he is saying. Salman shows Jasmin’s clip where she talks about ‘Khataron Ke Khiladi’ experience. Jasmin says to Salman she won’t talk about Khataron Ke Khiladi anymore. Salman says to Jasmin good. He further asks Aly to bring Abhinav and Rubina too. Salman asks Rubinav if they understood why they were locked in the jail. Abhi says he didn’t understand. Salman shows the clip and further tells Jail was there to give the punishment. Rubina says they interpreted wrong. Salman says task was to give punishment who did anything wrong, disrespected etc. Later, Kavita highlights Eijaz was abusing thus she felt Eijaz deserve the punishment. Eijaz tries to defend himself. Salman says Rubi, Abhi and Jasmin instead of becoming sweet they would have directly said they wanted to punish Eijaz. Abhi apologize.

Afterwards, Salman talks about nomination task. He says who nation is wondering why they sacrificed stuffs for each other.

Salman asks Aly to clarify why he sacrificed Jasmin’s doll for Abhinav. Aly says Jasmin told him Abhi and Rubi took care of her thus he saved him. Salman asks if all here is thinking, all is going to win together. Aly says no. Salman says they are in competition and they should play the game that way. He says during nomination task all wanted to be in good books of each other, which was not needed.

He further asks Abhi why he saved Kavita. Abhi says Kavita is his friend thus, he saved her. Later, Salman laughs on Eijaz and Pavitra. Ahead, caller of the week questions Eijaz Khan. Eijaz clarifies her. Post caller left, Salman asks Nikki why she supported Aly to become captain. Nikki says because it was pre-decided. Salman says Aly was standing and wasn’t dancing still he became captain. He says he don’t understand why other group didn’t defended when they got to learn that captain is already decided. Contenders listen to Salman.

Salman asks Kavita why she didn’t defend. Kavita says when it was pre-decided she didn’t found it worth to argue.

Back to stage; Salman tells inmates got an opportunity to get a gift from their family but few didn’t fetch it. He shows the task.  Jasmin read the rules of the task. Aly gets emotional listening the task rules. Bigg Boss announces with each round, Aly can evict two people and rest will get their gifts. Aly finds it difficult to evict the contenders. All gets emotional receiving the gifts. For the first round, Aly evicts Jasmin and Eijaz. In second round, Kavita and Shardul are evicted. In last round, Aly evicts Jaan, latter gets emotional seeing his gift and thanks Bigg Boss.

On the stage, Salman welcomes Sudha Chandran and Surbhi Jyoti and Mahima Makwana. Sudha says she will spread hatred. Surbhi says she along with Mahima will spread positivity. Sudha calls Monalisa as her companion. Salman performs a task with Sudha, Mahima, Surbhi and Monalisa. The four of them enjoys.  

Ahead, Mahima Makwana, Surbhi Jyoti enters the house first. They meet the contenders. Surbhi says she and Mahima, is here to spread positivity. Sudha and Monalisa comes and tells they are team bad and here is to trouble them. Mahima says they will play a task with them and will give them gift at the last to the winner. Task starts with Kavita and Eijaz. Eijaz wins the task. He as a gift receives a video message from his sister. Next, task is given to Rahul and Nikki. Nikki wins the task and gets her mother’s blanket as a gift. Rubina and Kavita competes each other. None wins. Sudha, Surbhi, Mahima and Monlisa bid the adieu. Back to the stage; Salman wishes everyone Happy Diwali and leaves.   (Episode Ends)