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Today’s episode opens with Salman welcoming the audience. He says Diwali hangover is still going on inside the house. He meets the contenders. Inmates tell to Salman that they are going to perform ‘qawwali’ for him. He praises Jasmin. He mocks Pavitra and acts the way she was stopping Eijaz from breaking the picture frame. After laughing, Salman says there are two teams Jaan and Rahul. Salman sees Rubina and says to audience she is here. Rubina hides her face. Rubi pleads for votes. Salman asks Team Rahul to start ‘qawwali’. Rahul sings a qawwali and mocks Jaan first.

Ahead, Rahul mocks Eijaz. Abhi acts like Eijaz. Salman says Pavitra was enjoying. Pavitra refuses, everyone laughs. Jaan’s team mocks Kavita next along with Eijaz and Jasmin. Kavita dances. Rahul’s team mocks Jasmin next while, presenting qawwali.

Jaan’s team mocks Nikki next. Rahul’s team frame Rubina’s next. Jaan’s team mocks Abhinav. Salman enjoys the performance. He praises both the teams. Salman further asks Rahul if he got reply of his proposal. Rahul says he is waiting for the reply. Salman says when the reply will come he will inform them. Later, Salman plays ‘galatfahmi ki gulabjamun’ task with the contenders. Task starts with Jasmin. Jasmin feed the sweet to Rubina and says she feels she is having superiority complex. Nikki feed sweet to Eijaz. Rahul feed sweet to Eijaz and quotes he is arrogant. ALy feed Jasmin sweet and says she needs to learn the game apart from task. Eijaz feeds sweet to Pavitra. Pavitra and Jaan feed to Nikki.

On the stage; Salman says post gulabjamun (sweet) task; Jasmin and Rubina’s friendship got bitter with the task. He shows the clip. Jasmin says to Aly that she was not aware, Rubi will feel bad. Aly asks to understand people. There, Rahul and Nikki share a talk. Other side, Abhi makes Rubi understand that Jasmin and all are here to win.

Further, Salman sends Harsh, Surbhi and child artist inside the house. Meanwhile, Salman promotes MPL app. He meets the contenders next. He plays a task with inmates where, they are asked to rate each other. He asks to place percentage on each other personality trait. Tasks start with Jasmin and Eijaz. Duo rates each other and defends each other. Next, Rahul and Rubina rate each other and defend. Rubina interrupts when Rahul was explaining. Salman asks Rubina not to interrupt him. Later, Salman talks about eviction. He asks inmates who they think will go home amid Rubina and Shardul. Jasmin takes Rubina’s name. Aly takes Shardul’s name. Salman says Rubina and Shardul both got close votes but Shardul got evicted from the house.

Shardul thanks Salman, Colors and Bigg Boss for giving him opportunity. Shardul meets contenders before leaving the house. Salman asks everyone to pray for Shardul’s mother. Here, Aly, Jaan, Rahul sings ‘Channa Mereya’ song for Shardul and bids the adieu.

Later, Harsh, Surbhi and child artist comes inside the house and meets the contenders. Jasmin and Aly gets excited seeing Harsh. Harsh does the comedy on Jasmin, Aly and Abhi. He plays the game with inmates. Tasks start with Pavitra and Kavita. Pavitra wins the task. Aly and Jaan competes next. Jaan wins the task. For next, round Aly, Jasmin, ABhi and Rubina compete with each other. Surbhi and Eijaz does Naagin dance.

Towards the end of the episode, Salman says now competition will be tough because journey is moving ahead towards the trophy. He asks all to keep watching Bigg Boss 14.