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Today’s episode opens with Ekta Kapoor’s introduction. She says in the Bigg Boss house only three things work that is ‘Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment’. There inmates dance on the beat of ‘hula la song’. She says each day contenders bring twist to the viewer’s. Ahead, Ekta next introduces Salman Khan. On the stage; Salman Khan welcomes the audience.

Salman says season covered the half-journey. He asked audience to decide whether they enjoyed the season or not but he enjoyed this season a lot. He says Bigg Boss 14 game has just begun. He says housemates are changing equation with each other, each passing day. He shows let see; which contender is doing the friendship for their benefit. Jasmin takes, Rahul, Pavitra and Jaan’s name. Abhi takes Eijaz and Jaan’s name. Pavitra takes Jaan, Nikki and Eijaz. Nikki takes, Jaan, Kavita, Rahul and Eijaz’s name. Kavita says her four names are Jasmin, Eijaz, Pavita and Aly’s name. Rubina takes Nikki, Rahul, Eijaz and Pavitra’s name. Eijaz takes Nikki, Jaan, Pavitra and Kavita’s name.

Back to stage; Salman says now he will take who is doing friendship for their own benefit. He meets the housemates. He discusses about the task and says all take Nikki, Jaan, Rahul and Pavitra’s name. But according to them Aly, Abhinav, Jaan and Pavitra makes a friendship for their own benefit. Salman asks Kavita to replace the names with them.  He asks Aly who is his priority in the house. Aly takes Jasmin and Rahul’s name. Salman discuss about the happened task. Aly refuses that he is in a team of Rubina, Abhinav and Jasmin. Salman than asks Aly why he called Abhinav during the nomination task. Aly explains he randomly took Abhi’s name. He says he has befriended Rahul so he can’t sit in Abhi and Rubina’s group. Salman asks Aly to play on the front foot. Aly says to Salman that he is playing on the front foot only. Salman asks not to play backfoot. Aly says he understood.

Salman next comes to Pavitra. He talks with her and asks her to tell her priorities in the house. Pavitra explains to Salman Khan. She takes Rahul’s name first. Rahul asks Pavitra how he turned her priority. Pavitra about to explain but Salman interrupts her. Salman says to Pavitra that she keeps changing her priority which she shouldn’t task to task. Ahead, Salman talks with Abhinav and Rubina. He says to him that because of him Rubina is getting nominated each week. Salman claims if it is his game plan than fine. Abhi disagree with Salman. He explains. Salman says to him that none is taking him as the competition. He says because of him Rubina is looking weak as each time on her behalf he keeps asking all to save her. Abhi says he is understanding it. Salman says thus he highlighted he makes friend for his benefit.

Salman asks Rubina to tell whom Jaan has made friendship for his benefit. Rubina takes her name as the first person than Kavita, Abhinav and Nikki. Salman says nowadays Jaan is now close to Aly. Jaan explains to Salman that he made friendship in the house so that other person hears him. Eijaz defends Jaan. Nikki says whosoever he finds strong; Jaan makes the connection with all. Salman discuss about Jaan with the inmates.

Post Salman goes; Jaan goes to Eijaz and asks if he too think he makes a friend according to her benefit. Eijaz explains to Jaan. Salman meet inmates. He tells about the caller of the week. Caller question Rahul Vadiya. Caller asks Rahul if he got the answer of his proposal. Rahul says he is still waiting for the answer and he is requesting all to reach his message to her. Salman asks Disha Parmar to take her time before accepting the proposal. Rahul and others laugh.

Caller next praise Rubina for her stint in the house. She asks Rubina why she didn’t stick to her point of making alliance with Eijaz and took step back post Abhinav suggested her not too. Rubina says she listened to Abhinav out of respect. She explains to the caller. Salman says out of respect she can keep her point of view too.

Salman next talks about nomination. He asks Abhi to guess who will be saved this week. Abhi takes Eijaz and Rubina’s name. Salman asks Kavita to guess. Kavita speaks. Salman says Kavita and Nikki are saved this week. Both get happy. Salman says now amid Rubina, Eijaz and Jaan who is evicted, he will tell tomorrow. On the stage; Salman talks about Ekta Kapoor. He says now he is giving the screen to her. Ekta Kapoor talks about the ‘immunty stone’. She says the one who will win can use it anytime in the house. She explains the task rule. As per the first task; inmates have to avenge the person whom they feel like. Task starts with Rahul. He takes avenge from Rubina, Nikki and Abhinav and gives them foam slap. Jaan slaps Eijaz and Kavita. Jasmin slaps Kavita and Eijaz. Ekta Kapoor enjoys the task from the dark room. Abhinav takes revenge from Rahul. Kavita slaps Aly and Jasmin. Rubina revenge Aly and Rahul. Nikki slap foam hand to Aly and Rahul. Aly revenge Kavita and Pavitra. Pavitra slap Aly and Eijaz. Task ends with Eijaz avenging Kavita, Jaan, Jasmin, Abhi, Rahul and Nikki. Ekta concludes she liked Rahul and Rubina’s performance. She says she will tell the final result tomorrow along with Salman Khan. Episode ends with Salman Khan biding adieu to the viewers.