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The episode starts with Ekta coming asking contestants who, according to them, won’t reach the upcoming weeks. Rubina replies that according to her Pavitra and Nikki won’t survive until week 13since their truth came out. Pavitra says that if they are sweet then they are asked to be real and when they be real then they say like this. After Rubina, also Eijaz takes Pavitra and Nikki’s name. Jasmin agrees saying that Pavitra and Nikki’s names too, pointing out at the former’s fake aggression. Rahul takes Abhinav and Pavitra’s names while Abhinav takes Rahul and Pavitra’s. At the end, Eijaz, Rubina, Jasmin and Aly are left as the top four to remain in final week.

Weekend ka vaar starts with Salman Khan’s entry on stage. He welcomes Ekta Kapoor on stage. She says that what she did was just a trailer while now the immunity stone is there. She is all set to enter the house and give tasks to the contestants. The latter appear on screen. Salman asks about Ekta’s opinion about the performance of the contestants. Ekta replies that she judged them about their madness of winning, about their fearlessness and their passion and she has seen a bit of all in everyone. Aly feels nervous in front of Ekta.

Salman asks Ekta what is next. Ekta says that she is known to change actors but keep the characters so today’s challenge is that the contestants will play each other’s role. Salman asks Rahul to get something from the storeroom. Once he is back, Ekta remembers the big fight between Eijaz and Kavita. She asks Aly to play Kavita and Rahul to play Eijaz and recreate the fight. Aly and Rahul do that in an hilarious manner.

After Aly and Rahul, Ekta asks Kavita to play Eijaz and Rubina to play Pavitra and recreate the moment he sacrificed himself for her. Rubina and Kavita enact Eijaz and Pavitra. Ekta praises them and then asks Salman to do Pavitra’s acting. Salman does that. After that, Ekta reminds Jasmin’s breakdown after the task and Abhinav and Rubina handling her.

Nikki plays Jasmin, Pavitra plays Rubina while Eijaz plays Abhinav. Jasmin is then asked to play Abhinav who often gives lectures. At last, Ekta wants to see Nikki and Jaan’s bickering. Abhinav plays Nikki while Jaan plays himself. However, Nikki says that she isn’t like the way Abhinav portrayed her and adds that none can copy her.

After this challenge, Ekta announces the immunity task: she has shortlisted two contestants whom she will talk personally and the one who will win her heart will get the immunity stone. The contestants are Rubina and Nikki.

Ekta enters the Big boss house and meets Rubina personally first. She says that she is public’s and her favourite and then says that some opinions of hers try to fit into Abhinav’s ones but, while his equations with housemates are clear while hers sometimes get confused. Rubina replies that sometimes situation gets tricky for her and she listens to Abhinav not to disrespect him since, whatever he says is for her well-being, therefore she doesn’t follow her instinct. However, she promises that she will follow her instinct now onwards after Ekta says that Abhinav would be the happiest if she does that.

After meeting Rubina, Ekta meets Nikki to whom she says that she is playing the best game but points out that she rises issues that she leaves in the middle. Nikki answers that in the first weeks she didn’t know people while now she has given tag of friends with whom she has spent time so she needs to think before arguing and dragging the argument to something big. She says that now she has understood that there is no friend in this house and people just want to pull her back. She takes Aly’s name who is apparently using her to make his game strong. Ekta suggests her to know the animal she is and feed it, the game is hers, the victory is hers so she must play by her heart and mind.

Salman Khan welcomes back Ekta on stage so that she can tell who will get the immunity stone. He asks her about her experience. Ekta says that she enjoyed a lot and now she has her answer. Salman tells the contestants that Ekta has decided whom to give the immunity stone. The latter is brought from the storeroom by Kavita. Ekta says that she met both Nikki and Rubina and she felt nice talking to both but one touched her heart particularly and that is Rubina. The latter claps excitedly as she gets the immunity stone which she can use to save herself in any week. Salman pulls Nikki’s leg. Ekta asks Rubina to fulfil the promise she made to her.

Salman Khan announces two shows that will come on Alt Balaji: Dark 7 White and Bicchoo Ka Khel. He welcomes the leads of the shows on stage: Sumit and Divyendu. They talk about the concepts of their shows and then says that they have a stand-up act for Ekta and Salman. They crack some jokes on them. To punish them, Ekta asks them to dance on Naagin dance. They dance on “Mein Naagin dance Nachna”. Ekta, Sumit and Divyendu leave.

Salman goes back to the contestants. He pulls Abhinav’s leg saying that there is much happiness on his face after Rubina won the immunity stone. Salman Khan welcomes Darshan Raval and Heli Daruwala to celebrate Rubina’s victory. Darshan sings his new song “Mein kisi aur ka” after which Heli does belly dance on “Mashallah” sung by Jaan. Salman Khan pulls Pavitra and Eijaz’s leg and then returns to Darshan who says that they have brought a task for the contestants.

Darshan and Nikki says that they will call two contestants who will say why one is better than the other one and there will be a musical twist. The task is started by Aly and Nikki. The latter says that she is better than Aly because he is fake: he misbehaves with girls and then behave sweetly. Instead, Aly calls Nikki a “flipper”. While they are talking, water is sprinkled on their faces through the mike.

It’s Jasmin and Pavitra’s turn. Pavitra says that she is the way she is since the first day and she is clearer while Jasmin says that she is real and she doesn’t use people. Pavitra says that she is real and Jasmin answers that her reality is that she uses people then. Pavitra shouts back. Heli says that she knows Pavitra since long but she has never seen this side of her.

After the task is over, Darshan and Heli, before leaving, ask the contestants to dance on a song sung by Darshan himself. Darshan sings “Dil mera blast ho gaya” while the housemates dance and then the singer and the actress leave.

Salman Khan says that one contestant will go home today. But before announcing the eliminated contestant, he asks Kavita to stamp on faces and say why she is better. She starts with Rahul and says that he is selfish. He asks why he would have supported her for captaincy if he was selfish but she replies that he supported her only after Nikki pointed out that he will reveal his cheating. Kavita puts red stamp on Aly’s face calling him fake and bad person saying that he pulls back people like Nikki. Jasmin enacts Kavita’s gestures while she talks and everyone laughs. When it’s Eijaz’s turn, Kavita blames him for using people while showing that he needs people but does not. It’s Pavitra’s turn and then Nikki’s. Kavita says that Nikki has a lot of energy and unpredictable about the points she will rise issues on. When Abhinav’s turn comes, Kavita stamps on his face saying that they shared a great bond before he even knew Rubina and today he called only Rubina and Jasmin his friends. About Jaan she says that he agrees with Aly only every time like an alumni does with his Guru and about Rubina, she says that she is playing “ghar ghar”. Finally it’s Jasmin’s turn: Kavita calls out her way to make fun of people’s pain. While she talks, Jasmin keeps copying her gestures. Kavita says that Jasmin is not the kid she used to behave like and she should learn how to fight a pack of wolves from her. Jasmin gives back to Kavita pointing out how she thinks bad of everyone.

Once this task is over, Salman says that one contestant will get eliminated and that is Rubina who got the least votes and then lets her bid goodbye to Abhinav. The latter blames himself but he says that one had to get out. Salman Khan tells viewers that Rubina is safe yet they had to do this to make Abhinav understand how things are.

Salman Khan returns to the contestants and reveals that Rubina is safe and announces that Jaan is getting eliminated. Jaan sings the beginning of “Channa mereya”. Salman Khan leaves. Jaan bids adieu to everyone. He hugs Eijaz too. They cry. Eijaz promises to come to meet him. Nikki cries her heart out while hugging Jaan. The latter asks Eijaz to take care of his health and says that he sees him in finals. Rubina promises him that they will come to his live concerts. Jaan leaves the house.

Later, Nikki cries. Kavita tries to comfort her. Nikki blames herself for not giving respect to Jaan and breaking his heart. Kavita says that he became wrong by staying with Aly. Nikki remembers that he said that Aly is right while leaving. Kavita leaves to change. Nikki keeps crying looking at Jaan’s picture.

After changing clothes, Kavita and Nikki discuss about Rubina. On the other hand, Aly tells Rubina that Kavita gets frustrated by his laugh so he will laugh every time she will come in front of her. When Kavita passes by Jasmin, the latter wishes her good night calling her “yoga teacher”. Abhinav and Rubina, who are sitting with her, laugh. Aly makes fun of Kavita and suggests Jasmin to do yoga in front of her.

After a while, Aly and Jasmin talk. Aly suggests Jasmin not to lose her dignity and let Kavita feel that she is affecting her. Jasmin says that she is getting affected because her feelings for her were genuine. She is disappointed because she did nothing wrong with her.

Salman Khan says that Jaan has been eliminated after getting least votes but the drama and entertainment will continue in the house.

Episode ends

Precap: nomination special vaar will happen. Every housemate will have nomination parrot of other contestants in their hands. Rahul nominates Eijaz and they argue. Jasmin nominates Pavitra while the latter nominates Jasmin.