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Today’s episode opens with Bigg Boss telling about ‘Navratri celebration’ at the house. He introduces ‘Preeti Pinky’. Preeti Pinky makes the inmates dance on their tunes. Jaan, Nishant, Eijaz, Pavitra, Jasmin, Nikki and Rahul do the dandiya. Other side, Rubi and Abhinav dance separately.

Afterwards, Salman sees the clip of week highlights. He sees Rubina’s comment on him and says he will decide whether to confront Rubi or avoid her completely because she is playing inside and outside trying to frame him too. He welcome audience and wishes them ‘Happy Navratri’ and ‘Happy Dusshera’. Salman says scene is flipping and now he will talk upon ‘Samaan’ for.

Salman meets contestants. He talks with Eijaz and asks how he is finding at red zone. Eijaz says it is good as many don’t even get that also. Salman gets touched and explains he has seen jail life too. Ahead, Salman talks about ‘Buzzer’ task. He says he will talk on it later but will first confront the couple. He frames Rubina and Abhinav. Salman asks Rubina not to frame him for her game. He says he don’t want to pick up the ‘samaan’ topic else it will go long. Abhinav signals him not to start the topic.

Inspite of that Salman Khan quotes Rubina has quoted that he don’t know them personally still called her husband ‘samaan’. Rubina defends and says she didn’t said that; Salman replies to her that he can show the clip. He adds Abhinav is here because of his personality not because of her presence. Salman also says he is not here to disrespect anyone because he can’t disappoint his fans because of Rubina and Abhinav.

Salman gets furious while telling he is host of the show and asked inmates not to drag him for their game. Later, Salman talks about ‘Buzzer Task’. Pavitra says she remembers she had pressed the buzzer well. Salman says he will disclose the name soon. He first discuss with the participants about the task. Jasmin, Rubina, Abhi, Rahul and Jaan keep their point of the view. He further comes to Nishant and says in these three weeks, he chant about the friendship the most. He asks why he didn’t go to Nikki for the alliance at buzzer task. Nikki speaks and says all call each other’s friend buts he knows none care for anyone. He says Jaan too is not trustworthy.

Later, Salman reveals Nishant for the doll task was doing alliance with Jasmin, Rubinav and Jaan, Nikki and Rahul’s team both. Rahul, Nikki gets stunned hearing the truth. Ahead, Salman reveals Jaan quoted ‘he is not crazy to make Nikki and Rahul’. Nikki and Rahul gets stunned hearing Jaan’s truth too. Salman takes the break.

Back on the stage; he says he left inmates so that they can clear their misunderstanding. He shows the clip. Rubina, Nishant, Jaan and Rahul try to clear their misunderstanding. Here, Nikki feels disgusted trusting Jaan.

Nishant gets angry at Jaan for breaking his trust. Salman comes back and asks inmates who can trust ‘Rahul Vadiya’ blindly. None of the contestant raises their hand for Rahul. Salman asks everyone to explain why they can’t trust Rahul. Jaan says Rahul keeps switching here and there thus, he doesn’t trust him. Pavitra says she don’t have understanding with Rahul, thus she don’t trust him. She adds she can’t trust someone who back bitches.

Salman asks Rahul to tell himself why none trust him. Rahul says all are fake friends here. He adds one day who all are claiming to be the friend will show true colors when game will be at peak. Salman agree with Rahul.

Next, Nikki and Rahul talks about Nishant and says he is double standard person and he don’t deserve captaincy.

Nikki decides to play individual. Jaan tries to clear his misunderstanding with Jaan and Nikki but both refuses to listen him. Nikki calls Jaan ‘double standard’.

Jaan gets angry at Nikki for calling him double standard. He asks Nishant to unveil Rahul’s true face to Nikki. Nishant says he doesn’t care. Nikkki refuses to listen to Jaan. Pavitra asks Nikki not to trust anyone. Salman says now time for caller of the week. Actress Kavita Kaushik question Eijaz. She asks why inmate’s thinks he is confused inspite he is playing good. Eijaz answer and says he don’t care about anyone and hit at the right point.

Back on the stage; Salman says why Kavita Kaushik called them, he will reveal later. Further, he welcome Divya Khosala. Divya Khosala performs a dance for participants.

Divya Khosala gives ‘Aankhon Aankhon Mein’ challenge. Pavitra and Eijaz start the task. Nikki and Jaan come next. Third come Nishant and Rahul. Later, Salman says he will come other day and will tell who pressed the buzzer.

Post Salman leave, Jasmin talk with Eijaz and says he has made a barrier in front him thus they are not able to connect with him. Eijaz says he is clear with his thoughts and that matters the most. Here, Jaan shares with Nishant how Nikki is trusting Rahul. Nishant explains he is doing drama that irks Nikki and Rahul is real with him. There, Abhi and Jasmin talk about Jaan and says he is infutiated by Nikki.

Episode ends with Salman saying tomorrow entertainment will be double.