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Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage.  He welcomes the audience and talks about the inmates. He says he will make a big announcement today sometimes later. He says none would have predicted it. He meets contenders and sings ‘tujhe dekha toh ye jana saman’. Salman talks about BB batwara task. He shows the villain chair and says one who is the villain of the house will sit on the chair. He highlights Rubina, Nikki and Jasmin’s name. Salman calls Rubina and asks to sit first. He asks Kavita to shower question on Rubina. Kavita says Rubina is dictator and manipulator and dominates a lot. Rubina defends Kavita’s accusations.

Salman asks who is supporting Kavita’s accusation against Rubina. Rahul speaks first and says Rubina has a dirty heart because she got an opportunity to backstab Jasmin too. Rubina calls Rahul ‘manthara’ and says he back bitches about her everywhere. Salman asks Abhi is Rubi is dominating. Abhi says no, Salman and Rahul laughs.

Ahead, Salman asks Jasmin if all instigate her against Rubi. Jasmin says sometimes Kavita and Rahul. But she ignores them. Rahul defends. Jasmin and Rubina argue with each other.

Salman asks Jasmin to shower question on Rubina. Jasmin says Rubina fetches an opportunity to make an issue out of everything. Rubina defends herself and says to Jasmin she will regret her words. Jasmin says she will no; rather will own it. Salman asks Aly to come up with his question. Aly says he is upset with Rubina because she accused them for not serving food. Rubina clarifies to Salman.

Further, Jasmin sit on the villain chair. Rubina throw her first question on her and says Jasmin is losing herself. Jasmin says she will take care of herself. Argument happens between Jasmin and Rubina.

Salman next call Nikki on the villain chair. He says he accused Jasmin that if Aly is not with her than she is nothing. Nikki says she said that and is stick to her point. Rubina, Kavita, Rahul, Pavitra and Eijaz support Nikki. Nikki says to Salman that equation inside the house change every week as per the task. Salman talks with Nikki and others.

Later, Salman asks Rahul to bring something from storeroom. He asks Niki to tell who according to her was invisible this week. Nikki targets Pavitra, Eijaz and Abhinav.

Ahead, Salman praise Rubina and says this week she run the whole house. He talks with inmates and says in the finale week only 4 members will be left and asks them to play the task and tell who other than Rubina can book the place in the house. He asks inmates to mutually decide three names.

Task starts inmates mutually decide upon the name. All agree for Jasmin first.

Afterwards, inmates fail to decide mutually upon three names. Salman comes and tells to inmates and says finale week will happen next week and not in January. Everyone gets shocked. Salman says only four people will enter in the finale week. He says next week most of them will be out from the house. Salman asks inmates to pull up their socks.

On the stage, Salman says in the upcoming week only 4 people will be left. He says news shocked inmates so let’s check their reaction. Jasmin talks with Rahul and Nikki. Niki talks with Kavita. Further, Salman comes and says inmates it is not a prank but a reality. Ahead, Salman plays a task with inmates. Niki, Abhi. Pavitra and Eijaz becomes the judge of the task. Bigg Boss shows the happened task. During task Jamsin and Rubina argues with each other.

Further, Salman meets Inmates again. Task start with Rubina. Rubina roasts Rahul first. She roasts Jasmin, Abhi and Aly next. Abhi, Eijaz and Pavitra gives 5 star to Rubina while, Nikki gives 2 star. Salman next calls Aly and Rahul. Both of them roast Rubi and Abhinav first. Aly and Rahul roast Eijaz and Kavita together. Salman and others enjoys. Abhi, Eijaz, Pavitra and Nikki give 4 stars to them. Jasmin comes and roast Rubina first. She roasts Nikki, Eijaz and Pavitra too. Judges rates her. Kavita comes and roast Aly and Jasmin first. She roasts Rahul and Abhi too. At the end it was tie between Kavita and Rubina.

Lastly, Salman talks about nomination. He says he will reveal the name tomorrow. On the stage; Salman says finale week will start from next week. He says 4 will only remain inside the house and others will go home. BB 14 will get continued with a twist next. (Episode Ends)