Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan enters the stage and welcome the audience. He talks about the inmates and says present contenders not made their place in viewers’ heart with this show rather they made their place by playing iconic characters in the shows. Jasmin Bhasin is shown doing Naagin dance. Rahul dances on ‘Bol na Halke Halke’ song. Aly performs on ‘Bachna Ae Hasino’ song. Eijaz on ‘Mohabattein’ theme song. Kavita performs on ‘Danbangg’ title song as ‘Chandramukhi Chautala’. Rubina performs on her show title song disguised as ‘Saumya’, title song ‘Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’.

Salman says in the upcoming week finale will happen but season is not over as twist is there. On the stage; he welcomes Rohit, Kamya Punjabi, Devoleena and Sandiip Sikcand.


Salman than makes the panel to meet inmates too. Kavita gets teary seeing Ronit. Rubina gets excited seeing Kamya. Kamya asks Kavita not to cry. Eijaz gets happy seeing Sandiip. Sandiip first question Kavita about her friendship with Eijaz. He asks now equation between Eijaz taking a new turn if she is feeling alone? Kavita says it is just a warm welcome. Kamya asks Kavita why she gives long explanations. Rubi thanks Kamya for her statement. Kamya says in the house one needs to give explanation else audience make them villain. Kavita gets happy when Kamya says inmates targets her thus, outside she has become ‘Hero’.

Devoleena accuse Aly that he keeps poking Kavita. Aly denies the accusation. Kamya asks Jasmin they saw her two faces first before Aly entered and post Aly. Jasmin says she got time to learn about the person. Kamya says outside for people new Jasmin is Villain. Devoleena says Jasmin is over-confident. Ronit says Jasmin keeps mocking Kavita or EIjaz. Jasmin clarifies the accusation. Devoleena says to Jasmin she can compare Paratha with Pillow. Abhi and Rubi get happy. Kamya asks Aly to concentrate on his game rather than only supporting Jasmin. Panel roast contenders.

Devoleena suggests BB is individual show and alert Aly, Jasmin, Abhi and Rubi. She asks four of them to play their own game.

Kamya says Rubina is very efficient but she is playing one game with Bigg Boss but because of Abhi her game is not good. Kamya suggest Rubi no one is friend inside the house and says ‘ koi dost nahi hai’. Sandiip says Rubina is using Jasmin. Kamya and Devoleena support Rubi over Sandiip. Devoleena says Rubi don’t need anyone’s support rather Jasmin has always used her. Rubina clarifies her.

Further, Kamya asks Pavitra to play out from Eijaz. Salman suggests all to entertain the audience as this is last week. On the stage; Salman asks which 4 contenders they are seeing in finale week. Panel takes Eijaz, Rahul, Kavita and Rubina’s name.

Afterwards, Salman meets inmates again. He plays a task with them. Inmates are asked to tell which among Rubina and jasmin has a black heart. Task starts with Eijaz. Eijaz fill Jasmin’s heart with black color. Rahul comes and says Rubi has black heart. Pavita supports Rubina too. Abhi says Jasmin has a black heart. Kavita tags Rubina and says has a black heart. Nikki too speaks against Rubina. Rubina’s heart prop get filled with black color more than Jasmin.


Salman introduces wild cards; Rahul Mahajan, Manu Punjabi, Kasmera, Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant. He further welcomes Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar. Tony and Neha Kakkar perform on Shona Shona song. Salman talks about #SIDNAZ. He shares a talk with Salman Khan.

Later, Tony and Neha go inside the Bigg Boss house. Both meet the inmates. Neha tells to the contenders that she got married. She says she is here to find bride for Tony. Neha selects Pavitra, Nikki and Jasmin. Three of them try to lure Tony. Jasmin win the task. Neha sings a song for inmates.

Further, Caller of the week questions Rahul Vadiya. She asks Rahul why he uses wrong words against Abhi. Rahul clarifies the caller.

Salman next talks about elimination. He says they will come to know later. He says next weekend only 4 will be left out. Bigg boss performs an elimination task with Bigg boss. Task with Aly. Aly kicks Pavitra’s ball. Abhi kicks Rahul’s ball. Rubina kicks Rahul’s ball. Rahul kicks Abhi’s ball, while kicking he falls. Rubina and Abhi laughs. Jasmin kicks Kavita’s ball. Pavitra kicks Aly. Nikki kicks Pavitra’s name. Eijaz kicks Nikki and Kavita nominates Jasmin. Task gets over and Bigg Boss says now it is time to check audience vote. He says Pavitra got fewer votes. Pavitra gets eliminated. She meets all and goes out. (Episode Ends)