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Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of ‘jag ghumeya’ song. He welcomes the audience.
He further shows the ‘puppet master’ task.

Abhinav reads the task. As per the task, participants are asked to decide who is Rubina’s puppet. Nikki votes for Abhinav. Pavitra takes Nishant’s name and says he is Rubina’s puppet because he follows her order. Eijaz too takes Nishant’s name. Nishant defends himself. Naina says she doesn’t want to take anyone’s name because all are playing individual. Kavita says she too doesn’t want to take Abhinav’s name.

Rubina says as per her, Rahul and Jaan. Jaan and Rahul defend himself. Rahul takes Jasmin and Abhinav.

Back to the stage; Salman says till now this lot of contestants fail to decide mutually. He meets the contestants and highlights the week activity. He quotes Jasmin’s cry, Eijaz turning the scene. Salman Khan says before discussing that he wants to complete ‘puppet task’. He gives last chance to the contestants to decide mutually who is Rubi’s puppet. Contestants fail too. Salman asks Nishant and Jasmin to come to the puppet zone.

Rubina along with Jasmin and Nishant comes to the puppet zone. Jasmin says she doesn’t think she is Rubi’s puppet. Rubi defends too and says their thinking matches thus everyone is thinking Jasmin is her puppet.

Nishant too defends himself and says he doesn’t think he is not Rubina’s puppet. Salman asks Rahul why he took Jasmin’s name. Rahul says because they give a sisterly feel which is not needed in the show. He adds in Jasmin’s matter Rubina hops up. Salman asks Rubina, Jasmin, and Nishant to stay back at the ‘puppet’s’ place. He further shows the villain chair and says the chair will not be empty for long. He calls Rahul Vaidya and asks him to sit on it. Salman asks Rahul to reveal about his life journey. He raises the ‘nepotism’ topic. Salman asks Rahul to explain if his father does something for him, so is this comes under ‘nepotism’. Rahul says no. Salman explains if any star is launching their kid then it does not mean recommendation is nepotism. Salman says Bigg Boss is not the right platform to raise the topic like Nepotism. He says all are here because of their individuality.

Next, Salman says along with nepotism, words like few are illiterate, I don’t let people like him/her to stand out at my house. He says still they are staying together.

Later, Salman comes to Jasmin and Rahul’s fight. He asks Jasmin what Rahul said to her. Jasmin says Rahul’s intention as to hurt her. Salman supports Rahul and says he was alerting her to be careful. He asks contestants to tell who all think Rahul threatened Jasmin. Rahul says Abhinav. Abhinav says he has a point to explain. Jasmin defends herself. Salman shows the clip from task. Rahul gets happy and says he was polite.

Salman concludes that Rahul didn’t intend to hurt Jasmin. Rahul says to Salman he is bang on. He says she was doing drama. Jasmin says fine she was doing drama. Salman says to Jasmin she does drama which was unnecessary. He adds Rubina who is Jasmin’s puppet master as, she put oil in the fire by pushing Jasmin and not stopping her. Rubina asks Salman’s permission to speak upon the same. Salman asks Rubina to continue.

Rubina says she supported Jasmin because task was not of strength but verbal talk. Salman says all will fight to win. He says if Jasmin felt Rahul might can hurt her than she should have left the bag. Rubina tries to defend herself. Salman gets angry on Rubina and asks her if she genuiley think Rahul will hurt a girl on national television. Pavitra, Nikki, Jaan and Rahul gets happy getting Salman’s support. Rubina tries to defend and Salman gets irked with her.

Rubina said what she felt she delivered. She says she wasn’t puppting Jasmin. Salman asks Nishant if Rahul’s word was threatening. Nishant says no.

Jasmin asks Salman to tell inmates not to bully her post he leaves after Salman supported Rahul and stand by him.

Next, Salman asks Abhi he declared Rahul a criminal after learning he planned to fix knife on buzzer task. Rahul says for Abhi and his gang can declare him criminal for everything he does. Abhi says he has distanced himself from Rahul already. Salman says he like Abhi. Rahul says his logical task only aliens can understand.

Later, Salman raise ‘violence’ topic. He asks Pavitra who is quoting this word a lot. Pavitra takes Rubina’s name. Rubina don’t speak anything. Niki and Rahul says she don’t have anything to speak now. Rubina says she can only if they understand her. Pavitra and Rubina argue over bag task. Rahul says Rubina is playing her personal Bigg Boss.

Salman says now it’s time to get a call from caller of the week. Caller of the week ask question to Rubina. He asks Rubina why she stretch small points like a rubber. Rubina says she don’t to that it’s just keep her point of view. Caller asks Rubina why she has a problem with Eijaz being a captain. Rubina says Eijaz won by cheating thus she had a problem with Eijaz.

Salman asks to Abhi and Rubina not to compete with Bigg Boss and should come over from the thought that Bigg Boss favours the one who bring trp or content. Ahead, Salman says amid Kavita, Jasmin, Nishant and Rubina one is going out from the house. Salman says the one who is leaving is the one who just entered the house and going back. He announces Kavita is going back home. Kavita about to leave and Salman announce voting lines are open now and will remain open by tomorrow.

 Salman asks Nikki if she want she can appeal to audience about one nominated contestants. Niki takes Rubina’s name. Rubina thanks Nikki. Jasmin, Nishant, Kavita and Rubina appeal for themselves too. Salman bid the adieu saying he will eliminate one tomorrow amid the four nominated contestants. He says fans can vote till tomorrow 10 PM. (Episode Ends)