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Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of ‘swag se swagat’ song. He welcomes the audience.  He discusses about Kavita Kausikh and says none gave any reaction on her entry. Salman further says now it is the time to pick up the highlight of the week. He meets the contenders and says today he will tackle all the pending contents today. He asks Abhinav to bring the stuff from the storeroom.

Salman plays a task with the contenders, where he asked them all to expose each other fake faces. He asks all to wear hair band. Task starts with Rahul. Rahul expose Eijaz and says he finds him fake. He second expose Nikki and says she is confusing. Naina comes and expose Eijaz. She says he is flip master. Shardul expose Jaan and says he is master mind and pretends he is not playing but he is. Eijaz calls Jasmin unfair as per the task. He further exposes Pavitra and says she overacts to hide her fear. Eijaz also speak against Abhi and says he shows fake concern. Jaan speaks against Rubina and says she keeps double face. Kavita expose Rahul and says he judge person instantly. Nikki speaks Eijaz and says he is a liar. Jasmin speaks Pavitra and says she is playing safe. Abhi says Eijaz is a weak person. He speaks against Jaan and says he is fake. Rubina says Jaan is faking innocence. She exposes Pavitra too and says she shows fake aggression. Pavitra speaks against Rubina and says she is a vamp. She speaks against Naina too.

Salman concludes and says all think Eijaz has multiple faces, second is Jaan and Pavitra third. He asks Eijaz to explain why he got multiple face tag. Eijaz says he is processing things thus he all is thinking he has multiple faces. On the stage; Salman says all are counting each other flaws but none see themselves. He further shows Kavita and Pavitra’s fight with Eijaz. Salman says Pavitra was saying Kavita was wrong but she repeated each thing the very next week. He again meets contenders and shares a talk with Pavitra. Salman asks Pavitra she raised voice again Kavita for highlighting food thing against Eijaz. But she exactly has done the same thing the very next week. He asks Pavitra to explain the same. He asks Pavitra if she is a fan of Kavita. Pavitra don’t speak. Salman asks Pavitra to speak up.Pavitra realizes her mistake and says she wants to apologize Eijaz.

Salman asks Pavitra is she befriend only for getting safe from nomination. Pavitra says no she don’t expect from anyone but she was just upset with the reason quoted by Eijaz to save Jasmin from nomination. Salman says it was Eijaz’s point of view. He says hitting Eijaz was very unfair. Salman suggest all not to keep any expectation from anyone.

Ahead, Salman says it is very shameful and unexpected that none raise the voice against Pavitra hitting Eijaz. He says he is most disappointed with Abhinav who was right there but didn’t spoke a word. Abhinav tries to explain but Salman asks him not to justify himself. Salman says to Abhi he would have gone to Pavitra and would have told her she is doing wrong but he didn’t utter a word. Rahul says Abhinav and team keeps gives subjective judgment to the people. Later, Salman gets disappointed on the thing that none went to Pavitra and told her she was wrong.

Later, Salman asks Rubina to keep her point of view on the same. Rubina says Pavitra’s blast was not genuine. She says she think Pavitra expected Eijaz to save her thus, she lash out Eijaz. Pavitra says she didn’t expect that. Salman agree with Rubina. He says to Eijaz he has great patience and Rahul equally has that same. Salman asks Nikki where she kept the mask. Nikki says in her pant. Salman says Rahul left her but what if another boy would have tried snatching the mask than what she would have done. He gets upset with Nikki. He asks Nikki to explain her decision to her fans. Nikki explains to Salman and feels sorry about her act. Salman asks everyone if they don’t have humanity inside the house to go and correct the person who is doing wrong.

Next, Salman asks Rubina and Abhinav to go and bring stuff from store room if they trust each other. He reads the trust task for inmates. Abhinav and Pavitra are asked to perform the task. Salman says if Abhi and Pavitra is only people left than housemates will trust whom. He asks all to quote reason too. Task starts with Nikki. Nikki says she don’t trust both but slightly trust Pavitra because she has shared a talk with her.

Rubi shows her belief on Abhi and says Pavitra can flip any day. Jasmin too speak against Pavitra. Kavita and Eijaz too took their tag from Pavitra’s chain. Shardul and Jaan took their tag from Abhinav’s chain. Naina shows her trust on Abhinav too. Rahul and Aly too took out their tags from Pavitra’s chain. Abhi wins the task. Salman says all learned who is less trustworthy in the house.

Further, caller of the week question to Jaan. He asks him he befriends everyone but when in the task he slide line his own friend. Jaan defends himself. Jaan apologize for using abuses. Salman says he has become bad boy of the house. Salman announces Shardul gets second chance to prove himself. Naina gets evicted from the house. Naina meets contenders and leave the house. Post Naina leaves; Eijaz says to Jaan that he didn’t excuse him yet for abusing him. Jaan feels sorry for abusing him. Jamsin comes and asks Eijaz if he will perform duty tomorrow or not. Eijaz says yes. Verbal argument happens between Eijaz and Jasmin over performing duty. There, Pavitra and Shardul shares a talk. Episode ends with Salman says good bye to the audience.