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Today’s episode starts with Bigg Boss announcing ‘ticket to main house’ task will start soon. He tell the upcoming round will be last and this time 10 Lakhs will be reduced from the prize money. BB asks Nishant to bring the ticket from the store room. Umar, Ishaan and Meisha decide to take advantage of the last round and block Jay.

Task starts, Nishant announce he will play fair or won’t let anyone play. He further look for brushes. Umar, Ishaan and Meisha tell that brush was kept other side last day too. Nishant says he want brush on the table else he won’t call the pairs. Shamita bring the brushes. She tell to Vishal that Umar had hidden it.

Simba and Akasa tries to make the points first.

Nishant call Pratik next. Jay blocks Pratik’s way. Nishant says till Jay will keep blocking Pratik he will not proceed the game. Ishaan, Umar and Meisha have to pay the consequences Nishant adds. He further says he wants Pratik to play and he will not count the time until Jay stops. Meisha, Umar and Ishaan argues with Nishant. Umar snatch Simba and AKasa’s point. Akasa and Simba asks Umar to return. Umar, Ishaan and Meisha says Nishant is not giving them a chance for Pratik thus they too will not return Simba and Akasa’s. Shamita asks Nishant to play fair as for one person he can’t trouble others. Nishant says being a dictator he feels he is doing good.

Other side, Jay keeps blocking Pratik. Pratik struggles to make the point. Simba and Umar argues with each other as former claim latter changed his points. Afterwards, Ishaan breaks the prop. There, verbal argument happen between Pratik and Jay post latter trouble former to make the prints.

Pratik asks Nishant if anyone has point. Nishant says none has so far. Afterwards, Jay, Tejasswi, Vishal and Shamita talk with each other. Jay says now he wants to see if Nishant approve the points or disqualifies all.

Buzzer ringl 6 PM; Pratik submit his print. Jay and Shamita claim it is old. Nishant disqualifies Pratik’s. Afsana submit. Jay, Umar, Simba and Akasa claim former is submitting old prints and lying. All argues with each other. Later, Nishant announce Umar and Afsana. BB send Umar and Afsana to the main house. Afsana and Umar gets excited.

BB announce prize money is now 25 Lakhs. Karan praise Umar for playing good. Nishant talk with Tejasswi and Akasa. He says he is feeling bad for Pratik. Tejasswi says Pratik is tasting his own medicine as in every task he looks for a loop hole. She adds Nishant and Akasa can reveal to Pratik the same and she is not bothered.

Nishant advice Pratik to change his game strategy.  

BB says if main house people are satisfied with Nishant’s dictatorship than latter can be upgraded to the house too. Main house people call Nishant to the house. Nishant gets happy to enter the house. Tejasswi, Karan and others welcome Nishant.

Vishal and Nishant talk about Jay. They say Jay’s decision for not performing task was not worthy as none has seen the future.

Day 20 9PM; BB announce to make food Junglevasi has been provided induction. He adds since Junglevasi lost all the chance for entering the house thus, he want them to hand over the map pieces back. Contenders return the map pieces.

9:30 PM; Pratik says to Jay because of him he lost. Verbal argument happen between Jay and Pratik. Jay says he is confident he will be upgraded in the house without performing task or Pratik’s support. Pratik says Jay is acting oversmart. There, Nishant feel bad for Pratik and cry. He says Jay’s hatred for Pratik is not worthy.

Day 21 at 8 AMl Inmates wake up.

11 AM; Funny discussion happen between Karan, Umar, Tejasswi and Nishant. They discuss Tejasswi’s wedding.

4:30 PM; Nishant enact Vishwasundari and entertain Jay. Later, Vishwassundari talk with Jay. Jay asks Vishwasundari to give junglevasi a chance to enter the house. Vishwasuntree decide to help Junglevassi’s.

Furthermore, Karan and Tejasswi talk with each other about love and relationship.

7:45PM; BB asks inmates to gather together. Vishwassuntree says Jay has made a request. Thus, as per the solution Junglevasi can pay 25 Lakhs to enter the main house or they can walk out from the house right now. She adds remaining 25Lakhs they might earn later. Vishwasuntree asks junglevassi to discuss and tell. Jay and others get ready to pay RS 25Lakhs.

Shamita gets disappointed with Jay’s decision. She accuse Jay and says because of him they lost 25 Lakhs else would have earned back the money. Everyone enters the main house.

8:15 PM; Jay asks Nishant why Shamita was upset. Nishant and Jay discuss about Shamita. Jay goes to Shamita and asks her to talk directly. Both argue with each other. Shamita says to Jay that he is right and everyone is wrong.

There, Tejasswi and Karan talk about Vishal. Tejasswi says Vishal tries to fetch camera attention. She says Vishal try to frame her as villain. Tejasswi says his ego is hurt because in the ranking he was on third.

Further, Tejasswi and Jay talk about Vishal. Tejasswi says Vishal’s humour is dirty and she don’t like it. Jay agree with Tejasswi.

Vishal talk with Shamita and says at some times he doesn’t find Tejasswi real. [Episode Ends]

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