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Today’s episode starts with; Bigg Boss inform inmates about someone’s entry in the house. He welcome Siddharth Dey in the house. Rasahmi and other gets happy. Dey promote colors show ‘Hunarbaaz’. He explain to inmates that for Colors channel they will show their Hunnar with his help.

Dey talks with Pratik, Shamita, Karan, Tejasswi, Nishant and Rashami. the 6 finalist talk about their Bigg Boss journey and tell details to Dey.

5:30 PM; Dey share a talk with Rashami. He praise Rashami’s fighter attitude.

6 PM; Siddharth asks Tejasswi who has disspointed her the most in the house. Tejasswi took Rashami’s name.

6:30 PM; Dey asks Karan who amid he and Tejasswi will win the trophy. Karan says he will take Tejasswi and trophy both home. Dey asks Karan who he will think will shoot at his back amid Pratik and Nishant. Karan took Nishant’s name.

8 PM: Dey lastly talk with Sidharth.

Day 118 at 12 AM; Inmates gets excited to see Bharti and Harsh in the house. Sidharth Dey host the last event of the season. Dey shows the journey of Karan Kundrra. Karan gets emotional seeing his Bigg Boss journey.

Bigg Boss voice over says; Karan never took right stand in the game. He add towards the end of the season Karan took stand for Tejasswi against Pratik. Post VT is over, Sidharth asks Karan to show his performance. Karan dance on ‘main aisa kyun hoon’, ‘haule haule’ and few other songs. Bharti, Harsh and inmates cheer up for Karan. Nishant and Tejasswi shout out on Karan’s performance. Karan stun everyone by showing Umar’s picture at last. Bharti and Harsh does the comedy on Karan and Tejasswi’s relationship.

Sidharth asks Karan if he want to say something. Karan says he will always remember about Salman bashing him every weekend. He always speaks up for Pratik, Nishant, Shamita and Tejasswi. Kundrra accept he didn’t took stand for anyone.

Sidharth, Bharati and Harsh gets impressed with Karan’s stand-up comedy.

Sidharth Dey shows Nishant Bhatt VT. Nishant and inmates enjoy his journey. BB voice over explains Nishant’s journey and says he is clever and keep big heart. Nishant gets happy seeing his journey. Dey asks Nishant to perform a dance. Nishant performs an energetic dance. Inmates along with Bharati, Harsh and Dey enjoys. Bharti praise Nishant’s dance. Harsh asks Nishant to judge the inmates as it his dream to become a judge. Nishant talks about Shamita, Karan, Tejasswi, Pratik and Rashami. Finalists enjoy Bhatt’s judgement.

Dey show Rashami Desai’s VT. Bigg Boss voice over explains Desai’s journey. Rasahmi gets emotional seeing her Bigg Boss 13 and Bigg Boss 15 combined journey. BB calls Rashami Desai ‘the fighter’. Deasi performs a dance. Housemates gets excited seeing Rashami’s dance.

Bharti and Harsh praise Desai dance. Harsh asks Rashami to perform a daily soap scene with him. Rashami and Harsh performs the scene. Dey next show Shamita Shetty’s journey. Bigg Boss voice over address Shamita as ‘high maintenance diva’. Housemates clap for Shamita. Shamita gives her dance performance.

Harsh give standing ovation to Shamita. Bharti gets cutely angry on Shamita. Dey asks Shamita which contender she think is still wearing the mask. Shamita took Tejasswi’s name.

Sidharth next show Tejasswi’s VT. BB voice says Prakash is unstoppable.  Tejasswi performs dance. Finalists cheers for Tejasswi.

Sidharth lastly show Pratik Sehajpal VT. Pratik performs dance. [Episode Ends]

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