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Today’s episode start with Salman Khan’s dance. He enter the stage on ‘siti maar’ song. Khan greet the audience and talk about the grand finale. He says soon season will get its winner. Salman says he is not able to believe that show is ending. He add show will complete its 15 years. Salman says to celebrate the moment ex-Bigg Boss winners;  Gautam Gulati, Shweta Tiwari, Urvashi Dholakia, Rubina Dilak and Gauhar Khan is coming for a special task. The ex-winners enters the stage post giving their dance performance.

Salman khan shares the talk with Gautam Gulati, Shweta Tiwari, Urvashi Dholakia, Rubina Dilak and Gauhar Khan. He discloses that five of them is here for a special task. Gauhar and Gautam discloses they will go inside the house with a suitcase with an offer and will bring out one contender if one chooses to take the case.

Next, Rakhi decide to challenge the ex-winners. She give dance challenge to Rubina. Rakhi and Rubina shares the dance. Salman joins Rakhi and Rubina’s dance. He wish Katrina Kaif a happy wedding life. Rajiv Adatiya challenge Gauhar for a dance. Everyone enjoys.

Salman challenge Urvashi and Rashami to play vamp like a daily soap. Both Urvashi and Rashami gave their best performance. Shewta Tiwari give challenge Vishal Kotian and Ieshaan Khan to do the hook step of Chindrella song. Later, Akasa and Gauhar too performs the hook step of the Cindrella song.

Rakhi challenge Gautam and Ritesh to do pole dance on ‘Garmi Song’. Salman next call Karan, Nishant and Tejasswi’s father to do the pole dance.

On the stage; Salman asks ex-contenders of Bigg Boss 15 who will take the briefcase according to them. Everyone took Nishant’as name. Khan asks Nishant’s parent what they think. Nishant’s father says he is speechless. Khan shows the video inside the house. Gauhar, Rubina, Gautam, Urvashi and Shweta enters the house with the money briefcase. Karan, Nishant, Tejasswi, Pratik and Shamita lines up. Gauhar tell from the 50 Lakh winning amount, 10 Lakhs are in the briefcase. Ex-winners asks Top 5 finalists to decide carefully.

Nishant takes the briefcase. He thanks Bigg Boss for giving him an opportunity. Nishant says he is happy with his decision. He meet Shamita, Pratik, Tejasswi and Karan and walks out. Bigg Boss thanks Gauhar, Rubina, Gautam, Urvashi and Shweta for gracing the house.

Salman meet Nishant on the stage. He congratulate Nishant for his clever decision. Bhatt gets happy. Khan praise Nishant for his stint in the show. Salman promote colors upcoming show ‘Fanah’. He welcome the star cast of the show. Ishaan, Agasthya and Pakhi briefs the storyline of the show.

Furthermore, Salman welcome Deepika Padukone, Ananya Pandey, Sidhant and Dhariya. Top 4 finalists gets happy seeing them. Khan promote ‘Gehraiyan’ movie. Sidhant does rap on Salman’s request. Salman performs ‘truth’ and ‘dare’ task with Gehraiyan cast… to be continued!

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