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Today’s episode started with Day 9, 8 AM: Wake up buzzer ring, housemates sings Bigg Boss anthem.

9:15 AM: Archana asks Gori to understand her. She accuses Gori for throwing upama in the bin. Gori says she only threw little. Archana gets angry. Stan and Shrijita side Gori. Gori asks Archana not to counter her unnecessarily.

9:30 AM: Shrijita and Manya talk with each other about their fight. Abdu joins. He tell Archana shout unnecessary.

10 AM: Sajid and Abdu say only a way to finish Shalin- if we say he is a bad actor. Abdu laughs. Both make a strategy to out Shalin.

11 AM: Abdu says he is hungry. Archana asks Abdu what she should make for him. Abdu asks to make chicken Biryani.

12 PM: Tina asks Shalin if he never dated anyone. Shalin says no. Sumbul talk with Ankit and Priyanka Sumbul sings a song.

Tina tells to Shalin that Priyanka and Ankit are couple. She add even Gautam likes Soundarya. Shalin disagree.

Gautam, Ankit and Soundarya sit together.

1:15 PM: Abdu disturbs Soundarya and Priyanka’s sleep.

2 PM: Archana and Shalin argue over having chicken.

Shalin takes away chicken. Archana gets adamant to cook chicken. Gori talk with Manya and says Shalin bad mouth Archana. She calls him a bad guy.

Inmates side Shalin. Archana asks housemates if they are Shalin’s followers. Nimrit asks Archana not to call anyone, anyone’s follower.

Priyanka, Shiv, Archana asks Shalin to adjust like others are doing. Archana says no doctor can say if one will not have a chicken than a person will die.

2:30 PM: Archana decide to cook chicken. Shalin call Archana uneducated. Archana and Shalin argue with each other.

2:45 PM: Shalin, Gautam,

3:45 PM: Shekhar Sumar addresses housemates. He introduces Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar. Shekhar start the segment with Priyanka.

Shekhar asks Priyanka with whom Gautam is with. Priyanka says Gautam sit with every girl. Housemates enjoys the segment

Shekhar talk about Priyanka being called mother of the world. Priyanka says Gautam gave her that tag. She explains. Nimrit and Priyanka argue with each other. Nimrit asks not to get personal.

Shekhar asks Priyanka why she is not in a TV fraternity group. He accuses Priyanka for stopping Ankit too from mixing with others. Priyanka says Ankit is her friend thus she wants to keep him close.

Shekhar asks Priyanka to throw a light on Shalin. Priyanka says Shalin thinks he is a leader. Shalin asks Priyanka to come out from Ankit and sit with him then she will get him. Priyanka says her vibe will not match with him.

Shekhar talks with Ankit next. Ankit explain why he don’t unnecessary shout. Shekhar asks who other girl apart from Priyanka he is comfortable with. Ankit takes Shrijita’s name. Shekhar bid adieu to housemates.

4:30 PM: Archana and Soundarya argue with each other over cooking.

4:45 PM: Soundarya call Archana low mentality woman. Archana fights Soundarya. Shalin, Nimrit, Tina side Soundarya.

Shalin and Nimrit talk with each other. Shalin says everyone is trying to cash themselves on their name. They decide to stick to their group.

5:30 PM: Tina asks Shalin to confront Sumbul if she likes him or not. Sumbul decide to talk with Shalin later.

Gautam says to Sumbul that she is strong but she doesn’t understand her worth. Sumbul says she understands. Gautam asks Sumbul to be her.

Stan gets upset with Nimrit for not letting him take food.

Sumbul complaint to Shalin for making joke of her personality. Shalin ask Sumbul if they can eat.

Bigg Boss plays alarm for housemates. He scolds Nimrit for misusing the authorities. Bigg Boss gets angry on Nimrit for distributing chocolates despite knowing it can’t be shared.

Bigg Boss fire Nimrit from captaincy. He tells about the captaincy task. Housemates ask inmates to use their personal stuffs in the captaincy task. Nimrit become the dictator of the task.

Gautam and Shiv become the contender of the captaincy task.

6:30 PM: Task starts. Shalin refuse to be a part of the task. Tina encourages Shalin to be a part of the task.

Shalin bring Archana’s stuff for the task. He pushes Archana post she decides to save her stuff. Ankit corrects Shalin.

Nimrit gets angry on Priyanka for bringing her stuff.

Shiv and Gautam competes.

7 PM: Priyanka cheers for Shiv. Archana accuse Shalin for pushing her. Shalin defend himself.

Gautam becomes the captain of the house.

7:45 PM: Sumbul talk with Shalin, Ankit and Priyanka. She says Shiv made a comment on her and asked to go behind Shalin.

Sajid take off his mike and says he wants to go home.

Sajid says Shalin pushed Archana. Shalin refuse to forgive. Shiv and Shalin argues with each other.

Shalin claim he unnecessary didn’t pushed Archana.

8:15 PM: Bigg Boss congratulates Gautam for being a captain. He asks Gautam to make a decision on Shalin. Shalin throws his mike. Bigg Boss asks Gautam to take care of captain responsibility.

Tina asks Shalin to wear mike. Shalin says Sajid has threatened him and he will not wear mike.

Gautam makes a decision and says if anyone has done physical fight than the act is punishable.

Sajid asks Gautam to be a fair captain.

Shalin breaks down, Tina and Sumbul calm Shalin.

Bigg Boss asks Gautam to tell if Shalin is guilty or not. Bigg Boss nominated Shalin for two week and withdraws his opportunity to become a captain. Sajid refuse to accept Bigg Boss’s decision. Shiv agree with

9:15 PM: Bigg Boss calls Sajid to the confession room. He asks Sajid to not lose his cool. Bigg Boss tells to Sajid that Shalin’s action was reaction and it was not intentionally. Sajid decide to apologize to Shalin. Shalin refuse to talk with Sajid.

Ankit and Shrijita talk with Sajid and says Shalin has an attitude problem. [Episode Ends]

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