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Today’s episode start with Day 9, 10 M: Shiv apologizes to Sumbul. Sumbul patch up with Stan. She apologizes to Shiv.

Shalin talk with someone from colors team. He says to the person that he isn’t qualified to handle him. Shalin freak out at the person.

11 PM: Archana tells to Sumbul that others consider her servant. She advise her to play her game.

Nimrit tell to Gautam and Soundarya that Ankit don’t use his brain and following Priyanka. She says he don’t have any individuality.

Abdu asks Sajid if he is wrong. Sajid accepts his mistake.

12 AM: Archana and Soundarya argue with each other. Gautam asks Archana and Soundarya not to argue.

Archana call Soundarya struggler. Manya takes Archana outside. Shrijita asks Archana about her fight with Soundarya. Soundarya claim Archana is a bad woman and she know her from outside.

12:30 PM: Gautam discuss about duties with inmates.

Gautam asks Soundarya to ignore Archana. Bigg Boss asks Soundarya to speak in Hindi. Soundarya breaks down after her fight with Archana.

1:45 PM: Shirjita and Nimrit decide to break the Priyanka’s group to lead the game.

Gautam and Soundarya discuss and say Tina is trying to break the group. Gautam gets upset with Shalin and Tina pulling his leg because of Soundarya.

Day 10; 8 AM: wake up buzzer ring, housemates sings Bigg Boss anthem.

Sajid says to Shiv that he will not apologize to Shalin anymore

10 AM: Priyanka, Shiv, Sajid and Ankit plays with Abdu. Abdu enjoys.

11:30 AM: Shrjita decide to heal Abdu. Nimrit says to Abdu that since he is flirting with every girl thus he is not loyal. Abdu blush away.

Sajid tell to Abdu that Nimrit has a boyfriend. Nimrit says no.

1:30 PM: Tina says to Soundarya that Shalin blushes seeing her. Soundarya hugs Shalin.

Sajid and Ankit talk about Shalin. Sajid says no one is loyal to anyone in the house. Ankit says housemates flipped post Bigg Boss said Shalin isn’t at fault.

2:30 PM: Soudarya tell to Gautam that Tina is poking him to irritate. Gautam says he isn’t liking what Tina and Shalin is doing.

4 PM: Gori asks Shrijita to give some dal. Shrijita says others are waiting so she can’t give her more. Gori insists.

Gautam asks Sumbul how many chapatis are left.

4:15 PM: Shrijita asks Gori to wipe her hand somewhere else. Gori asks Shrijita to stop interrupting always. Sumbul says to Gori they cooking. Gori get offended. Stan side Gori. Sumbul and Gori argue.

Shrijita comment on Gori’s upbringing.

Gori and Shrijita argue. Gori gesture wrongly. Apart from Stan, housemates side Shrijita. Gautam argues with Stan for making a comment that TV fraternity has a separate group. Nimrit gets offended. Stan argues. Sumbul asks Stan than why he is supporting Gori. Stan says Gori is his friend.

Stan says Archana and Shrijita mention about upbringing and being uneducated.

4:30 PM: Stan says to Gautam that Gori is called uneducated and he feels bad for her.

4:45 PM: Gori claim that she was having an argument with Shirijta but Sumbul jumped. Sumbul gets angry. Tina stops Sumbul. Shalin says Gori is instigating.

Sumbul cries. Shiv and Stan says by crying Sumbul wants sympathy.

5 PM: Gautam asks Sumbul, Shrijita and Manya not to distribute food until all are set to eat. Sumbul says Sajid sit for food and calls other.

Tina tell to Soundarya about Gori’s gesture.

5:30 PM: Bigg Boss clear to Gautam that in his house all is equal. He says recent fight was disappointing. Gautam is asked to nominate four members whom he thinks was wrong in the fight.

Gautam took Gori, Stan, Tina and Shrijita’s name. Bigg Boss announces the nomination.

Tina wonders why Gautam nominated her. She decides to play the game now.

Gori talk with Archana and Stan that they respect Sajid but in return he didn’t took her stand. Archana asks Gori to stop cleaning his clothes.

Tina confronts Gautam about nominating her. Gautam says he played fair.

Tina says that Shrijita is ruining her game. She claim Gautam is playing smart.

6:30 PM: Bigg Boss asks Sajid to take Abdu to the medical room.

7 PM: Bigg Boss addresses housemates. He asks Gori, Stan, Tina and Shrijita to distribute the ration.

7:30 PM: Tina, Shrijita, Gori and Stan discuss about distributing ration. Gautam tell to Tina that there is nothing personal on nominating her. Tina says she understands.

Shalin, Nimrit, Sumbul and Gautam talk. Shalin gets upset thinking he can’t be the captain this season.

Tina, Gori, Shrijita and Stan distribute the ration.

8:45 PM: Abdu asks to choose between Archana and Nimrit. Shiv, Sajid enjoys when Archana and Nimrit tries to prove Abdu who is better for him

Later, Archana prepares tea. Gautam and Tina get offended. Archana get adamant to make tea. Tina and Soundarya say they will not cook until Archana will walk out from the kitchen. Gautam gets angry. Sumbul takes Gautam away.

10:30 PM: Priyanka asks Shrijita why she gave her less flour. Shrijita said she was fair. Nimrit disclose that Gori hide the flour in her room. Priyanka takes back the flour.

11 PM: Shiv and Stan console Gori post she breaks down after being accused for stealing. Shiv says other players are playing dirty.

Sajid and Abdu talk. Sajid says it is difficult to be in Bigg Boss house.

Tina kisses Abdu and hugs. Abdu asks Tina to stay away.

Soundarya talk with Stan and complaint why he didn’t came to speak after her fight with Archana.

Gautam says he doesn’t understand Soundrya.

Abdu says to Soundarya that he likes her.

1:30 AM: Abdu tell to Gauri, Sajid and Shiv that Stan spend time alone with Soundarya. All pull Stan’s leg. Stan asks Abdu not to joke on him. [Episode Ends]

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