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Today’s episode start with Day 118 at 12 AM: Archana says to Priyanka that Stan was wrongly portraying her. She swears she was clueless about Stan.

Priyanka asks Archana not to talk about mandali. Shiv says to Stan that truth doesn’t need an explanation.

Priyanka defends Archana. Shiv claim Priyanka is showing her fake personality.

Stan, Shiv argues with Archana, Priyanka.

12:30 AM: Stan confronts Priyanka about jumping into a conversation. Priyanka and Stan argue with each other. Stan says to Priyanka that she abuses. Priyanka defends herself. Stan and Stan argue with each other. Stan calls Priyanka ‘shemdi’.

Archana and Priyanka argue with Stan.

Shiv support Stan, Archana and Priyanka defends.

1 AM: Bigg boss calls Shiv and Priyanka to the confession room. He addresses them over bringing outside talk or making comment that might hurt anyone’s sentiment is ban in the house. Bigg boss asks Priyanka and Shiv to be careful while using their words or they will become victim of loss of communication.

Priyanka and Shiv understands bigg boss

1:15 AM: Sumbul share with Shiv and Nimrit that she is happy over Tina’s elimination. Archana says bigg boss made her strong.

Shalin says he is relieved. He dances with Stan

Shalin shares with mandali that he was getting vibes that Tina is getting eliminated.

2:15 AM: Shalin talk with mandali about Tina’s perfume.

Archana says to Priyanka that she regrets trusting mandali.

Day 119 at 10:30 AM: Shalin shares with Shiv, Nimrit and Stan that there is positive vibes in the house. Nimrit asks Shalin to express himself.

10:45 AM: Archana offers tea to Shalin. Shalin refuses. Stan says to Shiv that Archana and Priyanka plays woman card.

11 AM: Archana says to Nimrit that post going outside she will salute Sumbul’s father as he claimed Sumbul will reach finale. Nimrit says Shalin, Tina made way for Sumbul in gaining sympathy.

Shalin dances. He demand bigg boss to send guitar.

Shiv says to Shalin that he was doing acting initially.

5 PM: Shalin asks Nimrit if lunch is prepared. Archana refuse to cook chicken for Shalin.

7 PM: Nimrit tells to Shiv that Archana refuse to cook chicken for Shalin. Shiv asks Archana wasn’t talking about him. Nimrit says no.

Archana confront Shalin about ignoring tea. She says to Shalin that he well played and used everyone in the game.

7:30 PM: Nimrit asks Shiv is he is upset with her. Nimrit says yes. She asks Shiv to leave her alone. Shiv joke on Nimrit’s friendship. Nimrit gets offended.

Archan claim Shalin used Tina and Soundrya in the game. Shalin and Archana argues with each other.

Shekhar Suman roasts inmates in his bigg bulletin segment.

Day 120 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem. Buzzer ring for Archana. Nimrit asks Archana to come. Archana says she will join after doing make-up. Nimrit stands stunned. Archana and Nimrit argue with each other.

9:45AM: Archana says to Priyanka that Nimrit is stubborn. She gets pissed with Shalin jumping into the conversation.

10:15 AM: Shalin decide to do crazy thing with Maahim. He plays with Maahim. Archana says to bigg boss that she has a headache and going to sleep.

Shiv and Stan tells to Nimrit that Archana is sleeping. Nimrit argues with Archana over sleeping. Shiv claim Archana doesn’t perform the task also. Archana argues with Shiv. She gets adamant to sleep. Archana decides to show

11 AM: buzzer ring for Archana. Archana demands bigg boss to let her sleep. Nimrit asks Archana to wake up as buzzer is ringing for her. Archana replies rudely. Nimrit asks Archana not to disrespectfully talk with her. Archana and Nimrit argue with each other. Nimrit decide to poke Archana. Archana replies she will not leave her too.

Archana asks Nimrit to eat her finger. Nimrit asks Archana not to use abusive language.

Archana says Nimrit never played alone. Nimrit argues with each other. Shiv, Stan and Sumbul discuss about Archana’s fight with Nimrit.

Nimrit and Archana at loggerheads.

Sumbul, Shiv, Stan and Nimrit sit with each other. Nimrit says she is bearing taunts since 17 week. Shiv gets offended. Nimrit and Shiv argues with each other.

5:45 PM: Priyanka reads Chings’ task for Nimrit. Nimrit is asked to share with one contender. Nimrit chooses Stan to share. Shiv avoids Nimrit.

Nimrit share with Sumbul that Shiv never sits alone with her and discuss. She says Shiv don’t take any effort in their friendship.

Shiv and Shalin climbs on sets to see the building. Bigg boss corrects

7:45 PM: buzzer ring for Shiv and Archana. Nimrit asks Archana to wake up. Archana asks Nimrit not to come before buzzer ring. Nimrit asks Archana to wake up

Shiv, Stan and Nimrit discuss about Shalin and says he is behaving weird.

8:30 PM: Archana says to Priyanka that she had a problem with cleaning and will look for a way. Priyanka asks Archana to deal with.

10 PM: Shalin talks with Stan and Shiv about his exs.

11:30 AM: Sumbul says to Stan that he is looking cute doing dusting. She asks Stan if he has done cleaning before. Stan shows his cleaning skills. [Episode Ends]

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