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Today’s episode starts with Day 2- 8 AM: No wake up call for the mates. Buzzer rings. Nimrit asks everyone to gather in the garden area. Housemates sings Bigg Boss anthem.

10:15 AM: Priyanka tells Ankit was complaining to Bigg Boss that he is stressing more but paying less. Shalin laughs. He says Ankit is changed person now. Priyanka says she changed Ankit as before he was silent.   

10:30 AM: Nimrit asks Archana what she is cooking. Archana says none like the food made by her thus she is cooking on her own. Nimrit, Tina argues with Archana for cooking individually.   Shiv asks Archana and Nimrit to talk somewhere else and not in the kitchen. He drags Archana. Nimrit gets offended with Shiv’s behaviour. She argues with him.

10:45AM; Sajid asks Nimrit to be strong as she is a captain. Nimrit corrects just because she is emotional that doesn’t mean she is not strong. Shiv interrupts and explains Nimrit why he took Archana from the kitchen.

11AM: Sajid talks with Abdu. MC, Sajid and Abdu enjoys.

12:30 PM: Sumbul and Tina ask Shalin to go inside the pool. Shalin throws inside the pool.

1 PM: Shiv cleans the garden area. Priyanka asks Shiv since Soundarya is meditating he can clean later. Soundarya gets angry and asks Shiv to do later.

1:45PM: Shiv asks Abdu if he has a girlfriend. Abdu says no. Shiv asks Abdu if he wants the one. Abdu says says. Shiv asks if he wants beautiful or hot. Abdu says he wants beautiful. Shiv asks Abdu if he likes any girl who is inside the house. Abdu says no. Shiv demands Bigg Boss to keep Abdu’s swayamvar. Abdu enjoys.

2 PM: Nimrit and Gautam say Ankit is chilling as he has Priyanka on his side. Ankit says they fight with Priyanka a lot. Nimrit asks Ankit if there is something beyond friendship. Ankit denies.

2:15PM: Manya asks Archana why she is gyming. Archana says she wants to be a hot politician.

Ankit and Abdu enjoy.

3:15 PM: Tina asks Abdu if he likes her or not. Shiv says Abdu likes Archana. Abdu says no. Tina, Abdu and Shiv enjoys

Gautam and Nimrit discuss about nomination. He says one nominates the weakest contender to make his/her place. Nimrit agree.

Shiv and Nimrit argues with each other. Shiv refuses to talk with Nimrit and says she is loud. Shalin asks the reason. Nimrit says Shiv tried to help Sajid in washing dishes and trying to portrait her wrong

6:30 PM: Bigg Boss talks about nomination. He set new rule for the nomination. Bigg Boss says he was watching them 24*7 thus he knows well who will nominate whom. He asks contender to nominate the co-contenders without giving the reason. Nimirt gets saved because she is a captain.

Bigg Boss asks Nimrit to start the task. Nimrit nominate Shiv and Archana.

Shalin nominate Abdu and Sajid.

Sheejita nominate Tina and Gori

Gautam nominate MC Stan and Gori

Tina nominates Stan and Sajid.

Manya, Ankit and Archana nominate Stan and Gori.

Sajid nominate Tina and Shalin

Priyanka nominate Sajid and Stan

Sumbul nominate Sajid and Manya.

MC Stan nominate Priyanka and Gautam

Soundrya nominate Abdu and Ankit.

Gori nominate Gautam and Ankit

Abdu nominate Soundarya and Shalin           

Bigg Boss says nomination is done.

7:15 PM: Manya says she will not spare Sumbul. She calls Sumbul clever.

Stan asks Gori he is silent thus got nominated.

Sajid asks Shalin the reason for nominating him. Shalin says explains Sajid is fortunate and his nominate will not affect him. Sajid counter Shalin.

8:30 PM: Bigg Boss announces nomination. He says Shiv, Archana, Gori, Sajid, Gautam and Stan. Bigg Boss says since Tina, Soundarya and Manya break the rule of nomination by apologizing during the task. He asks three of them to do all the household work until next announcement. Sajid asks Tina if she can cook. Tina asks Sajid to keep fast if he doesn’t like the food.

9 PM: Archana makes fun of Soundarya, Tina and Gori

10:30 PM: Bigg Boss plays a game with Shalin at conference room. He says he will take a name and Shalin has to tag the person. Shalin plays. Bigg Boss asks Shalin about nominating Sajid and Abdu. Shalin tries to explain. Bigg Boss tells to Shalin that he is trying to play safe. He asks Shalin to gear his game.

Bigg Boss asks Gori the reason why everyone nominated her. Gori says groups have been made thus she is left out.

Ankit, Gautam, Tina says none nominated Sumbul. They says none is taking Sumbul seriously. Sumbul says she is hurt and laughs.

11:30 PM: Gautam asks Stan about his necklace. Stan talks about his richness. Tina and Gautam enjoys

Bigg Boss asks Priyanka to give him advice. Priyanka sit confuse. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka why she keeps advising all out there. Priyanka apologize to Bigg Boss.

12 AM: Shiv, Tina, Stan, Gori enjoys. Manya asks Tina to do dishes fast as she has to clean. Tina and Shiv asks Manya not to get irritated. Manya and Tina argue.

12:30 AM: Bigg Boss discloses to Sajid that Shalin said he isn’t interested in the game thus he nominated.

12:45 AM: Sumbul tell to Tina, Nimrit and Shalin that Manya lost her self post she nominated. Nimrit asks Sumbul to stay away from Manya,

1 AM: Gori shows belly dance to housemates. Abdu sings. Housemates enjoy.

Sumbul rap and entertains housemates. Housemates claps hearing rap written by Sumbul’s father based on girl child.

1:15 AM: Priyanka gets emotional post Bigg Boss took her class. Ankit console Priyanka. Priyanka regret being so nice.

Manya and Tina argue each other for cleaning dishes. Manya asks Tina not to call her crazy. Gautama and Shalin side Tina.

2 AM: Priyanka side Manya. Gautam asks Priyanka to not try to become great as it is not her matter. Priyanka and Gautam argue with each other. Nimrit find Priyanka wrong.

Later, Priyanka and Gautam sit to sort their issue. [Episode Ends]

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