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Today’s episode start with day 126 at 8 AM; inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem. Shalin asks Priyanka how she feels. Priyanka says well.

10:30 AM: Stan, Shiv and Nimrit talk with each other. Shiv and Stan dislike Shalin. Shiv calls Shalin fake. He says Shalin wanted to site with them for nomation.

2:30 PM: Shalin and Maahim spend time together. Mahim don’t let Shalin eat breakfast.

Archana and Nimrit thanks bigg boss for sendingration.

4:15 PM: Archana asks Nimrit not to give duty to Shiv. She decides to work on Shiv’s behalf as redemption. Nimrit asks Archana to talk with Shiv directly. Archana decide to clean washroom secretly.

Nimrit informs Shiv that Archana is doing his duty. Shiv asks Nimrit to give Archana Goddess Durga swear. Archana gets adamant. Nimrit asks Archana not clean. Shalin asks Archana not to do drama. He says season is over and they are packing. Shalin asks Archana to stop drama. Nimrit says no one is like Archana.

Shiv and Stan talks about Archana. Shalin asks Archana to clean utensils if she wants too. Archana asks Shalin not to become good man.

5 PM: Archana asks Shiv not to perform duty. Shiv ignores Archana.

8 PM: Shiv and Stan discuss about Shalin. They say he is always in a character.

Archana says to Shalin and Priyanka that they have become colors family. Shalin says he doubts Archana has become.

Shalin, Priyanka and Archana sit together. Shiv, Nimrit and Stan talks with each other.

Shekhar Suman addresses inmates. He roasts inmates in his style.

Shekhar gives award to top 6 finalists. Archana gets garam tava award.

Shalin gets dholak award. Shekhar roasts Shalin.

Priyanka gets taang adana award. Inmates laugh.

Shiv and Stan gets dosti award. Shekhar pulls Stan and Shiv’s leg.

Nimrit gets captain’s award.

Shekhar wish good luck to inmates. He says may the best person win.

10:15 PM: inmates ask Shekhar to come inside the house. Shekhar enters the house. He meets inmates.

Shekhar tells to top 6 finalists they won millions hearts. He gives best advices to inmates.

Bigg boss calls season 16 unique. He thanks Shekhar for being part of the show. Shekhar feels grateful to join Bigg boss 16. Inmates give standing ovation to Shekhar Suman.

Archana talks with Priyanka and says Shalin made health excuses whole season.

Archana asks Priyanka to use antiseptic. Priyanka argues with Archana for dictating her.

Archana says she can’t stand Priyanka’s attitude.

Archana asks Shalin how she is looking. Shalin compliment Archana. Archana flirts with Shalin.

4:30 PM: Bigg boss tells about last ration task of the season. He asks inmates to rate each other on the scale of 1-6. Rank 1 will be deserving, and 6 will be last.

Inmates discuss. Shalin and Archana take Nimrit’s name for rank 6.

Nimrit defends. Priyanka takes Stan’s name for 6. Shiv, Nimrit and Stan takes Shalin’s name for rank 6.

4:45 PM; Archana and Shalin give Nirmit’s name for rank 5. Nirmit defends herself. Priyanka takes Stan’s name. Shiv takes Nimrit’s name for rank 5 too. Nimrit ranks Archana on position 5.

Nimrit gets rank 5.

5 PM: Archana give rank 4 to Stan.  She claims he was inactive whole season but suddenly he showed interest. Stan defends himself.

Shalin gives rank 4 to Shiv. Shiv and Shalin argues with each other.

Inmates get adamant to send Archana on rank 4. Archana defends herself. She claim mandala is grouping again.

Archana decide to give upon ration. Priyanka and Shalin convince Archana. Archana refuse to stand on rank 4.

Bigg boss cancel the ration task. Archana is accused. Archana defends herself.

5:45 PM: Shalin confront Shiv if he came after him. Shiv refuses to talk with Shalin on the topic. Shalin and Shiv argues with each other. Shiv calls Shalin fake.

Day 137 at 6 PM: Nimrit asks Shiv about taking her name for rank 5. Shiv says because of her few things.

7 PM: Priyanka and Shalin talk with each other. Shiv and Stan talks about Shalin, Priyanka and Archana. They say three of them are fake.

Priyanka read Shezwan task. Nimrit and Priyanka are asked to cook for Archana.

9:15 PM: Shiv and Stan cooks. Bigg boss asks them what they have cooked. Shiv says he cooked something delicious out of grams.

9:45 PM: Archana announces about finale costume measurement [Episode Ends]

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