Bigg Boss 17: The biggest controversy The massive fight between Abhishek Kumar and Sunny Arya led to the shocking elimination. 

Sunny Arya, aka Tehelka, was warned several times about getting physical on the show. His aggressive nature is harmful to the other contenders out there. Sunny always jumps into Arun’s fight.

It all started with Arun asking Isha Malviya not to sleep. Isha claims Arun himself sleeps all day, so he can’t dictate. Arun got offended. He started to yell at Isha. Abhishek jumps into the conversation and asks Arun to behave with a girl. Arun and Abhishek had a verbal spat.

 Tehelka, aka Sunny, came to Abhishek. He held Abhishek’s collar and warned him not to jump into Arun’s matter.

Furthermore, Sunny started to push Abhishek while the latter was having an argument with Arun.

Abhishek was called by Karan Johar as on Mike, the Udaariyaan actor asked Bigg Boss to look into the matter. Karan Johar got angry at Abhishek for dictating to him when he was about to discuss his matter. Abhishek says in the rule book that it was mentioned that contenders can’t get physical. Karan scolds Abhishek for creating a drama that is unnecessary. He exposes Abhishek always initiates the fight and jumps into others matters.

Well, Sunny was not excused either. He was evicted from the house over his aggressive behavior. His wife came in support. But the last call was already taken over by Sunny, who had been getting physical in the house several times. He got evicted. After Soniya Bansal, Navid Sole, Jigna Vora, and Manasvi, Sunny is the fifth contender to get evicted. 

Best friend and co-contender, Arun Mashetty, breaks down. Inmates console Arun. Afterwards, Abhishek started to plead with the makers to stop Sunny. His action received a mixed reaction. Abhishek was tagged as a hypocrite.

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