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Today episode starts with Kamal hasan enters into stage and greets everyone. He says to all time won’t wait for anyone. So this time task happens in the biggboss house.Time is precious its clearly understand through this task. Lets’s see the time waits for them or not? He ask all to watch the friday episode


Day 48 at 10.50 am Morning wake up song plays. Housemates starts dance for a song ” Thanga maari oothari song. At 3.30 Somu, Aajeedh and Somu were at dining table. They are eating the yesterday surprise food items. Aajeedh praising the taste of it. Samyuktha too saying its taste is super good. While eating Somu teased Archana. She replies to him she never shows partiality in food. If they need they can take food from freezer too.


At 8.45 Bala wishing his relation a happy birthday with all housemates and Samyuktha wished her parents a happy wedding anniversary. Housemates too wished them.


At 12.50 Aari and Anitha are discussing in the garden area. Aari complaints to her that she wanna talk to him straightly pointing out Rio incident. Anitha ask him to don’t mention Rio incident. Anitha says to him that Suchi interrupt in the discussion its her decision and wish she can’t able to stop her because she has no idea why did she support her. Anitha ask him to talk straight with Suchi instead of Anitha. If the matters is connected to her talk straight to her.  She ask sorry to him and leaves.


Kamal enters the stage then starts talking with Housemates. Sanam praise his look. He praise their looks too. He says to them that their kula adi sandai was super he enjoyed a lot. Its the sad story too about our city. He knew well  water scarcity gonna comes here soon. Then he liked the black and white task. He acted mostly in black and white movies. MGR don’t need to act his hands gesture is enough to attract audience.

 On that time his big ambition is to act in color movie. So he liked Rio version. Gabbi and Aari too done well. Then Radha sir role done by Anitha she done it too well. She thanked him. He talks about the time task. Rio, Gabby and Aari calculated time 3hours in mechanical way its appreciable. Then Archana , Somu and Sam done a good job. He calls Bala he starts to laugh. He says to him he changed a lot trying to controll the anger and hair style too. If he didn’t break the rules its will help him a lot. He says to him that time went too fast that’s why. He ask them to give tips to him.

 Aajeedh says to him he don’t wanna think too much just follow the rules that’s enough. Kamal appreciate it. Ramya says to him that he wished to give his best in all task but ending up in this way. He says to them he will talk after a break.


Kamal enters into stage again. He starts to talk with Housemates. He says to them usually Nomination reasons used to keep it as a secret but this time biggboss played Diwali lately. Non synch, Sidu moonji max, Kadhal kannai marachuthu. All starts to laugh hearing it. But anger makes someone blind.


Kamal ask them to take cookoo dress from store room and wanna take one card. Whose picture coming to them wanna share a secret of them to all. Rio get Sanam picture. He says to Kamal that Sanam trying to say her opinion to everyone. She forcefully giving it to all. Sanam gets Jithan picture. Many don’t know about him. He knew well about all and understand the matters but convey it lately.

Somu gets Ramya. She hurts others while smiling. Anitha gets Bala. He only looks rough and tough for appearance but he is very emotional one. He likes to get head massage always. Nisha gets Anitha pictures. If she gets a emotional she sits alone and gets others attention we knew it all. Archana gets her own picture. She shares to all she likes Bala a lot .


Aari gets Nisha. Nisha used to hide many things under bed for her husband he pity for Archana. Ramya gets Aari. He used to spy all while captaincy time. Suchi gets Samyuktha. She says to them she visited many places except Japan. She shares manythings to her about it. Samyuktha gets Suchi pictures. Suchi used to talk like a motivated way. She is a open book. Gabbi gets Somu. After 11pm his comedy is in different level. He used to get anger but hide it from others.

 Shivani gets Gabbi. She used to sleep a lot. She feels lonely here. Jithan gets Aajeedh. He looks like kid but he is very naughty and humorous man.  Bala gets Shivani. Everyone thinking she is not speaking much but only he knew she used to talk a lot. Aajeedh gets Rio. Rio used to pinch and bite all. Kamal says to him that its physical violence. Rio ask to him Is it coming in physical violence. He says that Kadhal kannai maraikkuthe words change to like this. Who said it. Aari raise his hand he replies to Aari he didn’t ask to confess.


Bala saying to Aajeedh as a captain he can order to all or request them to clean the house. If they continue it he can nag them. He can question them. He replies to him he don’t like to order anyone. Gabbi ask to him what did Bala said? He narrated it to her she blames him.


Bala saying to Anitha that Aari is love marriage then how could he assume things in his own he can confirm it with him right? On that day very big problem going on here though he didn’t accept it. Good he confessed today atleast.


Kamal enters the stage. He starts talking with contestants. He says to them secret task didn’t go well. He ask them to take something from store room. Boxing gloves and Knife. They can gift gloves for tough fighter and knife for no fear. He calls Sanam. She gives gloves to Aari. Reasoning he is very concentrate on his game from day1 and gives Knife to Jithan for safe game.

Anitha gives gloves to Bala for straight forward and bold, Knife for safe game. Archana gives to Samyuktha tough competitior reasoning she is a mother and still fighting and knife for Nisha for hurting herself. Ramya gives gloves to Bala for thinking in new way and knife to Nisha for not focusing. Samyuktha gives gloves to Bala for tough competitor and knife for Suchi for anger. Aajeedh gives gloves to Bala for the same spirit and knife to Nisha for not flexible. Shivani gives gloves to Bala for an active player and knife to Nisha for not opening up.

Bala gives gloves to Ramya for tough competitor and knife to Jithan to voice out. Jithan gives gloves for competition and knife also Bala for over confident. Gabbi gives gloves to Aari for strong and knife for Anitha. Suchi gives to gloves to Aari for playing well and knife to Bala for stabbing straightly. Aari gives knife to Bala for over confident and Gloves to Rio for coming back to game.

 Nisha gives gloves to Rio reasoning she wish to see him as a winner. Rio gives to Nisha reasoning she is safe gamer. He ask them to stand whoever didn’t get anything. Shivani, Sanam, Gabbi, Aajeedh, Somu. He ask to them are they playing safe game? Sanam replies she can’t able to say it. They laughs hearing it. He ask to them whom got more knife? Nisha raise her hand. He advise her to be active more.


Kamal enters again on stage, he starts to talk with housemates. He says to them nomination is depends on votes so use it correctly as their duty. He ask audience to vote tomorrow election. He ask to them whoever is in nomination list sit together. Kamal.ask them to bring scissor to cut the gloves no. 7. She cuts it and mention Aari name. He is saved. He ask Aajeedh to cut no 9 gloves Rio name was in it. He is saved. He ask to Rio and Aari to share their words. Aari thank the audience and he will play well. Rio says to all he will play like this and vote him too. Kamal says to them he will meet them tomorrow then bids bye to all.