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Today episode starts with Day 53 at 8.05 am morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts to dance for it and greeted each other.

At 10.10 am Nisha calls to Anitha. She ask to Nisha how could she help her? Nisha says to her in the first three weeks of Biggboss she was pretty close to her does she remember it? She nods as yes. She says to Anitha she said one word on that time whenever she is seeing her she is remembering her mom. She is reflecting like her she wanna see her mom behaving like her. Anitha corrects it yes she said it but she wanna see her mom coming bold like her. Nisha complaints to her that she went far from her after few days why?

Anitha replies to her because she felt she can’t able to take decision in her own being in that group. Nisha ask to her she got misunderstand with Rio for that she showed her anger to her for that why did she going alone? Anitha says to her now she is saying like this but complained to Kamal sir that she is sitting alone to get peoples attention. They questioned and argued for few questions. Nisha says to her that she is trusting her brother love and she is playing alone here. Anitha accept it. Nisha thank her and disconnect the call saying to her she knew well she will be nominated. Anitha calls her again to get review. She gives 2 stars to her. Biggboss ask them to leave. Nisha comes out of Confession room Rio appreciate her but Somu says to her that her joke was bad rest all were good

At 11.15 am Sanam drinking coffee sitting in garden area. Biggboss announce to Sanam to give her nomination board to Nisha. She gives to Nisha by saying Biggboss ask her to give it to her. Nisha replies to her she too heard it. Nisha commented she wored Nuptial chain then this.

At 11.30 am. Aari calling to Shivani. She ask to him how could she help him? He praise her voice she thank him. Aari says to her he has no option left so he might choose her to speak. He ask to her how many times she got nominated in this house? She replies as one time. He ask to her in which format everyone nominating all here?

Shivani replies to him that those who arguing each other and pointing out their thoughts were nominated. They are nominating for personal reasons too. Aari ask to her who is she spending more time with? She replies as Samyuktha, Bala and Ramya. He says to her he was the one mentioned Love made him blind because he hesitate to take her name when that problem arise so he wanna clear it with her Is their relationship is love or friendship?

She replies to him as Friendship. He ask her to mention a five finalist name? She replies to him that she wanna be a finalist, as a good player Bala, bold contestant Sam, Clear view Ramya and Rio. Time up. She calls him again for review. He gives 4stars to her. They gets up from their place. Bala says to Sam that she is the worst performer. Here Rio appreciate Aari for his matured questions.

At 5.05pm Sanam talking to Rio whom laying on Archana lap. Sanam saying to Rio after the task none talking to her properly so much of negativity for her. Only Bala talked with her. Rio says to her he got tired taking attempt to unite all so leave it all. Archana says to her she tried this for last 30days though its fails.

At 6 pm. All housemates are sitting in living area. Biggboss announce to them due to Nivar cyclone they gonna shift the contestant to another safe place. They will be under controll like here. Their parents and family were in touch and all are safe. Even show informed to them about their safety.
At 7.00pm all contestants leaving the biggboss house wearing rain coat.

Day 54 at all contestant returned to home. They are welcomed in with song. They start to dance for the song. Some danced in the rain too.

At 11.30 am Bala asking to Sanam why did Captain showing partiality here? Somu sleeping here but he is not waking him up. Sanam informs to him that he slept 5 minutes before after got the permission from captain. Bala goes to kitchen and ask to Vice capatain. He is uncomfortable with captain so ask permission to Captain he wanna sleep. Rio gives permission to him he go to sleep. Seeing him gonna sleep Sanam too request to Shivani to ask Rio. He ask her to wake up because he already gave 1hour permission to her to sleep.

Anitha says to him that dog also not barking today may its leave today. Rio says to them that he gave permission to them that ended like this here. Sanam argue with him. He says to her she is not allowed to sleep on working time. She blames him as being arrogant. He accept it and leaves. He wakes up Somu.

At 12.45 Rio reading the new circular from Biggboss. He reads that luxury budget task didn’t finished yet properly so its gonna post pond for next week. Nomination process also postpone to next week. So they got the full luxury budget point. 2800points. They clapps for it.

At 2.40pm Nisha sleeping in day time Dog starts to bark there. Shivani and Bala guessed Nisha was sleeping. But she pretend like not sleeping. Rio laying on Somu lap and thinks why did Dog barking now? Somu informs to him that Nisha is inside. He ask Archana to bang on her head. Archana done it. Nisha says to him she didn’t slept. Archana too support her. Vice captain says to him that she saw her sleeping.

At 3pm. Biggboss ask the housemates to choose the best two performer of the week and the worst performer? Gabbi gets up and says to them. According to her observation Samyuktha and Anitha done the task very well. Shivani nominated Bala and Ramya. Nisha nominated Shivani and Jithan. Archana nominated Jithan and Nisha. Sam nominated Bala and Ramya. Ramya nominated Bala and Somu . Aajeedh nominated Bala and Ramya.

Jithan nominated Ramya and Aajeedh. Sanam nominated Aari and Bala. Archana nominated Jithan and Nisha. Nisha nominated Ramya and Aajeedh. Bala nominated Gabby and Shivani. Rio nominated Aajedh and Ramya.
Ramya, Bala and Jithan got selected for the next captaincy task. They congratulated them.

At 3.10 pm Biggboss ask them to select the two worst performer of the week. Sanam nominated Nisha for lossing topple card and Rio for bad captaincy. Bala nominate Rio for bad captaincy and Aari for not raising question to everyone. Shivani nominate Rio and Aari. Aajeedh nominate Aari and Rio. Somu nominate Nisha and Sanam. Jithan nominate Sanam and Nisha. Anitha nominate Sam and Nisha. Archana nominate Aajeedh and Aari. Rio nominate Nisha and Sanam.

At 4pm.Aari and Rio enters into jail. Aari complaints to Rio that Bala used to target him. He ask him ta o stop minding him.

At 6pm. Ramya reading Hamam martial arts task. They wanna practice the martial arts in the house and select the best two of them. Archana and Somu will be the judge. They choose Anitha and Ramya as the winner. They got Hamam gift voucher.

At 8.30pm Biggboss ask Rio and Aari to comes out of jail. Their friends welcomes them out happily.

Episode end.