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Today episode starts with Kamal hasan enter into the stage and ask to the audience two question raised inside the house ? Who is good or bad? Villain and hero?its answer should be in veeranayakam style who is honest in their life should be mention as good. But its also normal we should judge it with honesty we can balance both. Still none understand it so we can discuss it with contestant.

He starts to talk with the contestant. They greeted him he too greets them back. He says to them that he wanna share one thing to them as common. If he acts in one cinema his character will be famouse. Everyone in that crew will appreciate that character there. We shouldn’t feel bad for mentioning us with that character name. Its an appreciation. Once we understand our character importance then we will feel bad when they mention him as Kamal. Just like that this platform is very precious one. They have their own identity but people don’t have idea of it.

Now they are understanding them. Play your games and do it honestly don’t think about your image how is portraying outside? Its very important one. This platform they wanna use it in good way because many eyes are watching them they wanna be a good example of outsiders. As per his knowledge he understand many got changed after this show atleast for 1%.

He comes to the Galeej topic? Sanam says to him that in topple card. Sam mentioned her as galeej
She is behaving matured but whenever opening the mouth its galeej. Kamal explain to her that galeej means dirty. If we are going in a path someone will alert us don’t use this way because there is galeej or dirty. So we shouldn’t portray someone in this way. Sam says to him that she just compared with her mind not intentionally but common.

He ask her to use words carefully. He then ask to her what’s bothered her with the topple card?.

Sam says to him that she was hurt when he compared her motherhood? Its unfair when he is comparing her motherhood with Ajeedh maturity? Kamal saying to her that he didn’t mean it in that way as per his knowledge. Sam stands in her point that she was hurt when he said those words its in that way. Kamal says to him ok let’s clarify then with a “kurumpadam”.

Kurumpadam plays at the plasma. In that cleary shows that Sam crying with Archana for Aari words the way its hurt her. Another one plays. In it Aari arguement shows. He is clearly mentioned proudly about her motherhood not degrade her. He just compared with the maturity not personal attack. Kamal ask to her did she really understand now? Sam again says to him its really hurts her that’s why. Kamal says to her that motherhood is an precious thing none have the rights to question it. If Aari mentioned it in a wrong way he never support him but scold him. Its just a misunderstanding only. He confirms with the contestants its not wrong. Sam understand their point. Kamal takes a break. Aari apologise to Sam. He says to her that he didn’t mean it. Sam accept his apology. Archana clears it with her he praised her. Archana ask him to talk with her whenever he wish to talk.

After a break Kamal Hasan enters into the stage. He starts to talk with the contestants. He says to them the call centre task calling is in different emotions many used anger tone some were triggered. But he finds Somu way of approaching Gabby is pretty nice. He thank him. He says to him its new way of strategy but its worked well Gabby disconnect the call. He appreciate it and save him from the eviction. Somu thank Kamal and apologise to Gabby for mentioning her doggy. He knows well that she will be break after he take Dog and Dance in topic but she didn’t.

Kamal says its not a big deal. Gabby will understand it. He ask Ramya how did she tortured Ramesh by her questions? Ramesh says to him he couldn’t sit properly she was keep asking him. Kamal appreciate his patience and replies. He ask Ramya to nominate all with one reason. She nominate Archana reasoning when did they nominate her for bossy nature she used sarcasm to talk its hurts others a lot for that. She will nominate Shivani for talking only with Bala. She nominate Bala for imbalance in taking decision. She hesitate to nominate Gabby so Kamal says to her now she will understand how hard its to answer back? Ramya realized he makes her understanding the feelings of Ramesh. He ask someone to take the bord from store room. Bala Sanam goes to take it.

He says to them that they have experience in giving stars to others in call centre task. This is for Rio captaincy task star rating. Somu gives 4 stars to Rio reasoning he creates an rules and he break it so for that he is taking one star and giving 4. Archana gives 3 stars to him reasoning that he was pretty emotional after the call centre task its affects his captaincy so. Nisha gives 4 stars to him and says he was broken in some places and done his duties well. He used to wake up all whoever sleeping in the house. Even he is worst then the dog sir. He smiles. Ramesh gives 3 stars to him and says his captaincy compared to first and this time his energy dropped out.

Shivani gives 3 stars reasoning the same. Sanam gives 1 star to him reasoning he used some words against her its hurts her a lot he shouldn’t over react all times. Anitha gives 4 stars to him reasoning he done his all task well being emotional is not a big deal. Gabby gives 3 stars to him. Ramya hesitate to give stars pointing out his mistakes he took decision in cooking team without discussing with her. Then he went to jail it will be a wrong example to all so she gives 1 star to him. Bala gives 5 star to him and says he discussed with him and solved his all problems so he wanna give it to him. He hugged him and ask Kamal to watch it. Kamal says to him peoples are watching.

After a break Kamal enter into the stage and suggest a book to read. He bids bye to the audience and starts talking with the contestants. He says to them last two members votes are 4crores 75lakhs and 46 thousand. Just 26 thousand votes difference between last two nomination list. So just imagine the votes counts for the first saved people. Nothing is there to think. If they use the topple card then the game is different here. He ask Ramesh, Nisha and Sam to sit together. He saved Nisha first. Archana feels happy and hugs her.

Housemates wish her and congratulate her. Then he shows the eviction card. Samyuktha name is in it. He ask her to meet in stage. Everyone hugs Sam she is packing her things. Ramya advising her to smile always. She greets all and gives her coin to Aajeedh and leaves from the house bidding bye to all.

After a break Kamal welcomed Samyuktha on stage. He explains to her that she played well but unfortunately got eliminated due to margin votes. She replies to him that she miss this house a lot. She loves all the housemates here. But she is happy because she is going to house and meet her son soon. Kamal says to her that she misunderstand the incident he didn’t mean the motherhood in wrong way. She understand it. He plays an sending off video clips to her. Her biggboss journey. Sam feels happy to see it and says she will miss this house. She says to him that she wanna show her gratitude to them. Sam leaves the stage after her Kamal too leaves bidding bye to all.

Day 56 at 9.30pm Aari saying to Archana she should have inform him before. She is narrating to him that she was bit upset seeing her emotions. As a mother she was also hurt when he mentioned about motherhood. She ask him to convey to her straightly hereafter whatever the topic is. He assures to her.

At 10 .10 pm. Sanam thinking about the show. Anitha comes there and appreciate her. She says to her she liked this week very much because Kamal sir gives correct reply to all straightly on face including her. Anitha apologise to Bala for nominating Sam she got eliminated too. Bala says its ok its all about game and audience we can’t predict anything.

Episode ends.