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Today episode starts with Day 57 At morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates wakes up and starts to dance for that dance and greeted each other.


At 9.35 am Som and Rio complaining to biggboss that Gabby nose grow bigger and mouth is short that’s why she can’t able to eat food faster. Gabby teasing Somu with Sam name. Doesn’t he feel bad for her? Don’t he miss her. He nods aa yes. She ask him to admit it. He didn’t admit it. So Rio ask him to open the chocolate and give it to him then. He refuse to do it.


At 11.30 Rio reading the circular. Its captaincy task. Thattrom thookkurom. There is one net tied with four pillar in garden area. In that net there is three color cubes placed on it. Each colour resembling one contestant. They wanna push their colour cubes  with the stick. If its fell out of the line its unacceptable. If they push others cubes too it will count as negative mark. Whose having more cubes will be the captain of the house.Ramesh blue, Balaji green and Ramya red. Rio explaining the doubts to them. Contestants ready to count when the alaram ring. Game started Bala, Ramesh and Ramya starts pushing the cubes. Housemates encouraging them. Rio counting the cubes. Finally buzzer plays. There is a huge discussion whom pushed down the green cubes? Bala stand in his point that he pushed only one green that fall out of the line. Rio says to him that two cubes fell down. Bala let it be.


At 12.20 Biggboss ask Rio to count the cubes minusing the negative cubes. Bala total count is 18 minusing 2 and its 16 Ramya total 11 minusing 4 and its 7 Ramesh total 20 minusing2 its 18. Biggboss congratulated Jitha for winning captaincy.


At 12.45 Bala saying to Sanam that he is not sure with the task. Aari was confusing him.


At 12.50 Jithan saying thank you all and dividing group. Ramya is in Bathroom cleaning for kitchen team Gabby, Archana, Aajeedh and Ramesh rest all for house keeping. Ramesh ask Bala for being a vice captain. He ask him to mention the members those who sleeping and not wearing mike


At 1.05 Rio clearing with Bala that his decision is his own. He didn’t take Aari words and minus the two cubes as he said though he was leading. Aari too says to him that he was wrong because he confused in the decision that’s why he respect it and ask Rio to don’t take his words. Bala shows thumps up to him.


At 1.50 Bala saying to Shivani that what happened to him is totally unfair. Aari changing his word often. He knew well that he has baggage on him then why did he gives duty to him to watch him. How is it possible that Ramesh didn’t pushed others cubes? Shivani says to him that she noticed that he pushed it when its huge but only his color cubes only fall down. Bala disappoint because Rio appoints Aari for it.


At 2.20 Biggboss announce to housemates to nominate two persons to evict from the house with valid reason.Archana nominate Shivani, reasoning she is in Bala shadow she wanna show herself in the show. Aari nominate Shivani because she is not playing her own game. She is with Bala always

Gabbi nominate Shivani mentioning the same reason. Anitha nominate Shivani for being with Bala always instead playing her own game.Nisha nominate Shivani for rude to her. Aajeedh nominate Shivani for alone here.

Sanam nominate Aajeedh for not opening up yet. He wanna play well.

Ramya nominate Aajeedh for hesitating to say his decision to others. Aari nominate Aajeedh for not performing well in the kitchen. Archana, Gabby and Rio nominate Sanam for creating unnecessary issues and making it a big mess. Rio nominate Anitha for creating issues because of her he lost peace. Somu nominate Bala for carrying Baggage. Shivani nominate Rio for the poor captaincy. Ramesh nominate Nisha for not being herself. Sanam and Bala nominate Nisha.


3.15 Rio clearing Bala that how did he assuming things in own? He ask to him how did he got this idea about it? Bala replies to him that its came in discussion that’s why he wanna clear it infront of Kamal sir. Rio ask to him why did he not nominating anyone from the group? He explain to him that there is no group with him like he mentioned. He mentioned Shivani name because she done the call task better. So he nominated her but he never nominated her for best performance before likewise worst performer too. Rio says to him that he too nominated like that. He nominated Nisha three times because she done well. Bala says to him that Somu is the problem here. Rio says to him that its not him but everyone nominated him. Bala assures to Rio that he erased all baggage after the kamal sir episode.


At 4 Rio saying to  Somu , Ramesg, Gabby how did he escaped from the nomination he can’t able to understand anything. He thought he will get huge votes this time after the captaincy task. Gabby says to him actually he went to jail for that then what’s the need to carry it always. Gabby and Somu is teasing Rio. He is cursing them funnily they are not his friends but enemies.


At 6.30 Aari reading the new circular. Its Dabur herbal toothpate promotion. He is narrating the all brand of it and its use. Aari will be the judge of the show. Clove , Neem Tulasi shield will be given. They wanna face the ball and protect it not hitting the person behind him like a shield.Whom defending more balls not hitting them will be the winner


Team A Archana Anitha sanam Ramya Gabby.Team B.Bala, Rio, Aajeedh, Somu, Jithan and Nisha

Game begins first Team A getting beat by Team B. They are arguing each other in the name of counting. Aari is noting all. After them Team b starts to get hit by Team A. This time also they are arguing each other continuously. Aari is noticing it.


At 7.35 Aari saying to Biggboss after counting. TeamA got 18 hit Team B got 7 hit. So Team B won this task they are the Dabur cloves herbal toothpaste. Biggboss announce that their gift is place inside the store room. They ran towards the store room and take it.


At 9.10 Rio hiding inside the bathroom. Somu and Ramya is washing their hand talking with each other. While somu going Rio shouts from back he scared to death. Ramya too shouts in fear she mention him as worst.


At 10.55 Anitha lit up the lemon deepam. Archana blessing her. Anitha singing song. They wish everyone for Karthikai deepam


Episode end.