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Day 26 at 8.05 am wake up song plays. Housemates starts dancing for Dolu bayya song in rainy day and greeted each other. At 10.10 am in dining table Aari asking to Aajeedh shall he serve to him? He nods as they are teasing Gabbi with Lalaaa kala saathi song and laughing. Archana says to Aari that she will serve to all and serving to all Aari stare her disappointed. At 10.30 Anitha and Sanam is sitting in garden area and talking about the yesterday incident. Aari to complaint that 5 members talked a lot but only mentioned Anitha name in it. She replied she talked less then Rio but all are targetting her. Sanam says she felt that too but didn’t opened her mouth because she felt they will target her for talking there.

Samyuktha has no rights to talk like this because its her space. Samyuktha comes there and notice this. Anitha says none said to complete her there.Sanam saying to her she is talking about her only. She nods and informing to her gang that Anitha is calm but this Sanam triggering her against Samyuktha. Bala explains to her that Why did they mentioned only Anitha instead of others? This topic going on there.

At 11.25 Everyone settled in Living room Bigboss announcing to housemate to choose the best performing contestant of the house in Thangame unnai than thedi vanthen Task. They choose Balaji, Somu and Nisha as the best performers. Then All rounder of the week goes to Somu. Finally the worst performer of the week. Most of the contestant mentioned Anitha name reasoning she fails to do the Anchoring job and sat lonely. Sanam take Bala name but Biggboss deny it by reasoning she can’t take his name because he is in the captain list.

Bala gives funny symbol to him. Sanam comment to grow up. She mentioned Shivani name there. Second most voted person was Aari. Aari says to all that he is feeling favourism and Groupism here. So he gonna watch everyone in the house and will say straight on face about this and stop it so be aware. Nisha, Bala and Somu selected for Captaincy task. Biggboss called Ramya and said she was in the list of winner last weak so she has one option to change the captaincy contestant list. She changed Nisha and added Samyuktha there reasoning she understand her point and view as a captain so.

At 12.50 Rio, Aajeedh and Bala is in dining table and discussing about Aari warning. Aari comes there and explain to him its not warning but the truth. Most of them wanna save their favourite person so making others suffer whom deserved to be in so he mentioned that point. If it conveyed wrongly he is sorry. He narrated it to Archana also and go into jail. Archana says its fair only and close the door.

At 2.50 Archana saying to Suresh that she gonna talk to Aari about food matter because he ask to her to clear how much quantity she is serving to all? He asked to Aajeedh morning after serving one time will he eat more or not? Whom will answer to this question so she ask him to leave she will serve to all. Suresh says its not fair. Here Aari sayinh to Anitha already game started inside the house.

They are voting in favourism order and decides whom should participate in captain task and not. Anitha agree with him and says that is why she is in nomination list all weeks. Aari says he will be in next week nomination list. Bala clearing to Archana that he noticed her giving signal in kitchen that’s why he done like that. Bala narrating the incident to them.

At 3.30 Archana talking with Aari about the incident. Aari explaining to her its his culture not to waste food and asking to the person how much will he eat. Last time he wasted the food. He don’t like pongal much that is why he asked to him like that. More then he complained to Archana he feels like she is doing over work and not allowing him to do his work that is why he is in this jail now. Bala is also there and added the chappathi matter.

Archana says she share it with Nisha but Aari misunderstand her. Rio takes her in. Suresh gets up from table and refuse to take food. Archana complaints to Aajeedh about him. He replies to her he already warned him don’t take his name for it. Aari says to Anitha that Archana is very partial in this house. First Rio shows particular in the house but after Archana entry he is nowhere to seen.

At 4.15 Shivani reasing Captaincy task. Balls were filled in basket housemates wanna throw the ball on the contestant selected for captaincy. Whom collecting many balls will be the captain of the house. They use any technique to fill their basket. Bala, Samyuktha and Somu are there. Housemates throwing the ball.

Bala puts his balls too in her basket. Samyuktha selected as the new captain of the house. Bala says the reason to Aari why did he help her because she is not much manipulated in this house.

At 6.30 Ramya reading new task Prisma ramp walk. Housemates wanna wear the prisma dress and do the ramp walk. All wore the dress and do the dance walk with dance. Suresh and Archan won the title. Prisma send the cake to them. At 8.35 Rio reading Trends task for diwali.

Trends sponsoring dress and 5000 rs voucher to them. They send dress to all contestant. Housemates thanked Trends. Sanam feels to release Anitha and Aari. They commented her as funny. At. 10.30 biggboss annouced Anitha and Aari punishment is over they can go out of jail. All lights turns to off there.