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Today episode starts with Day 61 at 8 am. Morning wake up song plays in the house. Housemates wakes up and dance for the song ” swapna sunthari naa thane ” and greeted each other.

At 9 05 am. Gabby got the circular to teach the dance to all housemates in morning task. She is teaching to them how to dance while cleaning the floor using moph. Vessels washing, Bathroom cleaning. Housemates too join with her Aajeedh singing for her.

At 10.40 Archana saying to Jithan that Nisha was hurt yesterday when Aari commented that she don’t know how to say joke. She is not a comedian and a fighter. Its hurts her. Nisha ask Rio to talk with him he deny it by saying he can able to console her but can’t able to ask him because it will end as wrong. Jithan saya that she herself framing her as weak comtestant. Here Nisha ask to Aari in which way he meant she don’t know to say joke? He replies to her as fun. He just teased her. Archana saying to Jithan that this comments will affect her work

At 11.45 Biggboss announce to Jithan and ask him to go activity area. He ask him to read the circular. He reading it what mentioned in it.

At 3 pm Jithan greeted all. He saying to all that he has no idea what is biggboss he was blind. He is an reserve person usually but after he came here he was happy to get friends. Biggboss ask him to say what he contributed in this house. He wanna share to audience. He thinks a while and says he worked hard in all the task. He done all his weekly works correctly like bathroom cleaning, vessels washing. He done the captaincy task well and won it. He fought with Bala as a toughest competitor he is happy for winning it. Biggboss ask him to say what he contributed to the house. Jithan says that he was very conscious to not waste food and tries to reach the person. He learned the easy way to do accounts here and teaching them. Buzzer plays. He ask him to don’t share this to anyone.

At 4.25 Aajeedh saying that he don his best to contribute in this house. The most remembering one is he gives an tribute to Kamal hasan birthday he was happy for that. Then he used his music to boost up all and encourage them. Biggboss ask him to give an list instead of explaining. He done all the task well. He wore dress neatly, He cleaned the house well. He never spoke with anyone without respect. Bigg says to him its usual thing so say his contribution. He says that he fights for the eviction card and protect it well. Whenever arguement comes he tried his best to give his opinion. He says he don’t remember anything. Biggboss ask to him doesn’t he remember anything from the 60 days. Buzzer plays.

At 4.45 Aajeedh comes out of Activity area. He lies to them its an general check up. Sanam ask to him did they take blood? He nods..shivani gets scared hearing it. Nisha too fears hearing the blood test.

At 5 pm. Gabbi greeted all. Gabby says she wish everyone wanna accept her as their own daughter. Biggboss ask her to say what did she contributed to the house? Gabby says that she has zero knowledge in cooking. After she came here she learnt cooking she loves it now. She done the reverse task well. Then she gives her best when Kamal sir ask her to immittate others. Biggboss says to her that its not time to advise. She wanna say her contribution not her daily acrivities. She says that she learnt to talk after know the matter thoroughly. Biggboss ask her to say the contribution. Buzzer plays so she leaves.

At 5.20 Gabby too lied its an general check up. Rio calls her to know about it clearly. Aajeedh singing a song. Aajeedh and Gabby discussing with each other whatever they talk inside.

At 5.30 Aari saying to Bala that Sanam is deserved. Bala asking to him that Sanam got only one call so what’s wrong with the two callers? Aari explaining to him that its not Sanam mistake for not getting call. Anitha ask to him that she will accept that she was looser. Why did he count votes for her she can do it for herself right? He says to her actually only 4 person won the task. We can’t assume winners.

At 5.40 Somu saying that he got a huge fans from Azhagiya Tamil magan show. They asked him to do some project so he came to Biggboss show. He says that he sang many times and got a good friends here. Biggboss ask him to say what did he contribute to this house. He again says his personal things. Biggboss ask him to stop giving advise and personal things. Say about contribution. Somu says that he tried his best to entertain the people. He has no idea whether it reach out or not? Buzzer plays.

At 6pm. Somu lies to Archana and Nisha that its an check up. They take ECG, then take test.

At 6.10 Shivani says its the 60th day. She likes dance a lot. So she used to dance whenever song plays. She done all the task well from her side. She is presentable in this house always. Biggboss says to her that morning wake up song, task, Rules everyone done here except this what did she done here? She says to Biggboss that she didn’t done anything to house. Like giving social message. Shivani apologise to biggboss for not contributing anything.

At 6.30 Shivani comes out and lies to them maintain the same reason check up. Shivani shares her questions with Aajeedh and laughs each other.

At 6.45 Ramya pandiyan start saying about her contribution.she is also mentioned about her daily activities. Biggboss repeat the same thing to her. She says to him that she don’t know anything then task.

At 7 pm Nisha starts speaking about her humour sense. She entertained all in the house. She contributed in all day and all task. Biggboss complaint to her she didn’t mentioned when and how? Nisha smiles. Buzzer plays. He ask her to don’t share about this task to anyone in the house.

Those who gave their contribution list sitting around and sharing the things they said there and making fun of it.

Episode end.