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Today episode starts with Kamal Hasan entered into BiggBoss. He greeted all. He says that rain and soil were the hot topic they discussed last week. Why did he talking about it because its world soil day. He says that we wanna save this nature and soil for our futures. He ask everyone to check out the friday incident.

Day 61 at 7.30 Somu discussing with Aajeedh, Somu and Jithan how did he finished the task. Then how did Biggboss stopped him? Gabby making fun of him with his dialogue.

At 7.40 Ramya asking to Jithan what did he said in task? Ramya says to Biggboss that she danced well, she done all work well. Biggboss teased her that everyone said the same. She has no idea about anything then this what did he expecting from us.

At 8 pm. Anitha laughing like hell coming inside and admiring the place. She asking to Biggboss
Anitha says that she was very concern about being happy in the house and make everyone happy. She dance well. She wish to give her opinion in all arguement. How many times she has disappointment with housemates she worked with them sportively. She will do all works well. She is questioning Biggboss did she wanna speak till the buzzer plays..she read many news in the house and got stuck with many problem. She stops talking much. Buzzer plays she leaves. Biggboss ask her to hide this from all its an secret task. She nods.

When she comes out Jithan asking to her what happened inside? She narrates all to him? Jithan and Somu asks to her didn’t Biggboss give any counter inbetween the conversation. She nods as no she was the only one spoke till buzzer plays. Shivani commented even Biggboss scared to interrupt Anitha.

Kamal enters into the stage and greeted all. Kamal saying to all he is also having huge questions to ask so let’s talk with them. He starts talk with the contestants. They greeted them. He says to them its exchange time. Callers turns to receiver and receivers to callers. He gives an example that mother and daughter in law used to fight in village once god posses the daughter in law then mothet should worship her because she is not daughter in law but god. Just like that they are in their role so wanna do the job better. He ask those who nominated raise the hand.

He counts that 8 persons were nominated. He wanna talk with the nominated contestants. He praise Rio for done the task well. He question Archana why did she cut the call? Archana explains that Aajeedh replied to her all questions genuinely. She is satisfied with all she has no baggage with him. His questions also answered more then she wish to save him. So she cut the call. He ask to Somu and Gabby why did they call each other? He added that he praised Somu last week not this week. It seems Both done favourism in the call.

Both deny it and wish to save her from nomination. He says its favourism. He ask to Jithan why did he called Nisha instead of Sanam. He says that they decided Sanam gonna call her but she was evicted. He ask to him that Nisha will save him that’s why he called her ? He deny it. Kamal says to him that he saw Nisha twins sister in you tube he wish to see her. Nisha blinks. He says to her he wish to see that old Brave Nisha who talk a lot and make everyone happy with her smartness. He takes a break.

Nisha ask Rio to sit. Rio asking to Nisha that where is the Nisha talked in pattimandram? He wanna she see the bold Nisha here. He wish to see her showing her intelligence here. Ramya advising to Nisha that she is not here to entertain but show her intelligence too. Archana saying to her take everything sportively don’t ask any questions and worry. Its good we didn’t choose to call Rio orelse it turns out to be very wrong. It may look like more favourism out there. He clearly said don’t carry the baggage with them its got into our minds well and shown it in task.

Kamal enters into the stage and starts talking with the contestant. He says to them that he is giving an chance to Sanam to call her. Kamal ask her to go to Activity area, And Jithan to Confession room. Jithan calls to her and shares why did she come to the biggboss house? She replies to him that she wish to participate in the house now she got chance so used it. He ask to her didn’t she ask everyone to eat on inaguration day is it fake or real? She replies as real. Jithan question her she can ask the lemon matter straight to Archana but she didn’t done it instead she discussed it in group. Before she replying buzzer plays. Jithan says to Kamal time is up.

Kamal shares to all now they can fights for the rank. Because now the task is completed. He ask to Bala that he has three shoes one he is wearing out, one in, and one on his cheek. Why did he behaved like that? He supports Sanam and complaints to Housemates that they didn’t stand for Sanam and make him aplologise to her. He apologise to him. Kamal gives an peace of advise to him that he must reduce his anger and controll himself. He scared to see him behaving like that there its an domestic violence sample. He is an victim then how can he behave like this. He truely wish to see him change and go out. He question Archana why didn’t she ask him? Archana gave lame excuse to him. He takes a break. Bala and Sanam arguing again there. He stands strongly in his point. Archana pursade him to apologise. But he deny to do it.

After a break Kamal enters into the stage and ask to Bala didn’t he felt unfair in the captaincy task let’s sss the kurumpadam. Kurumpadam plays and point out the cubes where fell down. He understand his mistakes. Kamal advise to Bala that his mental is blockage. If he comes out of his comfort zone he can able to play well. He agreed. Sanam complaints that he didn’t apologise yet so Kamal apologise. Bala feels guilty and apologise to Sanam. He says to them he gonna save from eviction in new method he takes a break.

Kamal entered into stage and ask the nominated persons to go inside the activity area. Who is saved will be find out through lights. Housemates wishing a best of luck. They entered into the activity area. He shows Two cards. Aari and Ramya are Saved. He says to all remaining persons will be saved tomorrow and one will be evicted from the house. They hugged Aari and Ramya for saving. Aari clears with Rio that he was happy for that kurumpadam. He was misunderstood that he will give wrong decision for him. We can’t do anything for it.

In bathroom Archana apologise to Sanam for not make him apologise to her. Sanam replies that she won’t mind it. If he didn’t realize then apologising is waste. Aajeedh, Gabhy and Somu thinking in which way Audience choosing the votes and saving them. Aajeedh replying to him that they consider everything.

Episode end