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Day 4 at 6 pm Sanam shetty saying to Rekha she must inform her before doing it all. Rekha ask her to leave the topic but she keeps saying this to her Rekha apologized to her. Bala says its her mistake. Another side Rio is checking whether someone noticing him taking out his underwear to wash. Here Rekha saying to Sanam that she don’t wish to fight with her. Ramya pandiyan asking to her who cuts the vegetable? Rekha informing to her she tries to help her.

Ramya replies to her don’t help others. Rekha says she is cooking team captain so she must by saying she leaves. Suresh explaining to Ramya and Aari that Rekha ask him to cut the vegetables so he helps her if he knew that Sanam ready to do it why would he cut it. This is the reason he left the cooking team everyone insulting him and no coordination in that team. Rekha informing this to Anitha she advise her not to share it with her just talk to her directly. Suresh says to Ramya both Sanam and Anitha is same.

At 10.30 pm all lights were turns off Shivani starts to walk in the garden. At 12pm Jithan is massaging Suresh legs BiggBoss ask Rio to come to the confession room and inform to him that Suresh must sleep in bed according to doctor statement so ask any one of the female contestant to leave space for him. Rio informs this to Suresh he refuce to go. Nisha and Rio force him and somehow convinced him. Sanam slept outside and allowed him to sleep in Nisha bed.

Day 5 At 8 am wake up song plays housemates are dancing for it happily.

At 11 am Somu comes to share his life experiment with everyone he informs to them his family is also a joint family his father passed early so his mother took care on him. He came to vijay tv audition and selected for Alagiya Tamish magan program. But after that also he has no recognation. His love also break up so he was in 2 years depression.

His movies were not released yet. He reveal the truth to everyone that he stuttering so he avoids talking with everyone . Thanks to everyone here he don’t stutture more here. All agrees with him. He shares with him he was an rap singer before and continued it recently. He sang a rap song for all they clapped for him and hugs him to appreciate him.

At 12.15 pm. Velmurugan singing while giving beats on dining table housemates dancing for his song.

At Ramya pandiyan sharing her life experiment. Her father died infront of her due to snake bite, so her financial problem started from there. She done part time job on that time one movie offer came she resign the job and started shooting but next day they changed the heroine. But she never give up acted in Joker movie it got 2 national award. Her photoshoot went viral. She grab the oppurtunity when BiggBoss approached her.

At 2.45 Ajeedh shared his life experiment . He came from an family whom has zero sense in music. He used to sing in schools they help him to participate in supersinger and got the title. He is happy because he can able to buy something for his mom. Many mocked him and looked down on him now they are watching him in bigboss

At 3.30 Bala sharing his worst childhood days with them. His father is an alcoholic addict always beat him. He used to starve in school always though he hide it from all because he don’t like sympathy. None take cared of him. He won mr. India and national award too but none is there to support him atleast. He shared an message to everyone if they don’t know how to raise their kids please don’t give birth to kids to make another one useless. Everyone hugged him emotionally.

At 6.30 pm Everyone arranged in living room. Biggboss ask them to select the next nomination list after the discussion they choose Suresh, Ajeedh , Ramya and Shivani. Reasoning comparing to others struggle their worry is little less

At 10.30 pm biggboss turns off the light Anitha says good night to biggboss.

At 11.36 pm Velmurugan singing a son for Rio whom laying on his lap. He is singing about mom. Anitha also listening this and starts to cry they are trying to convice her.