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Day 38

08:00 AM

The inmates wake up to the song bounce. Pratik hugs Neha. Neha hugs Pratik. They all dance in the garden. Neha climbs onto Pratik.

09:00 AM

Nishan asks Raqesh how he is. He says he is fine. Nishant tells him that nothing that is happening in the house won’t tarnish his image outside. The classines of his handling can be seen. Whatever Karan has said was a topic. No one said too much that he has to sit like that. Divya hugs Raqesh. He asks him to be himself. He says that Pratik will blast and he should laugh. Divya asks him to laugh with her.

01:45 PM

Divya reads thar the house mates has saved their places in the top five. Bigg Boss is giving them freeze release task. When Bigg Boss freezes them they should freeze the place they are. They can release only when he asks them. Shamitha kiss Raqesh. Bigg Boss asks them to freeze. He releases them all.

02:45 PM

Neha hugs Pratik and they all freeze. Shamitha asks to look at them. Neha’s sister comes there and calls her. Bigg Boss releases Neha and she runs to her sister. They kiss each other. She asks about Samar. Neha’s sister tells Pratik that children has given him a message asking him to stop being soo cute and she is scared that they are too young. And asks him to stay away from her children. She asks Neha to stop crying and getting emotional. Neha asks her how her friends are looking and she says they look like a family. She says they are doing a fabulous game. She thanks Shamitha and Pratik for being her back bone. She tells Nishant that her husband saya he has come from academy. She praises Divya as well and congratulates her. She says to Raqesh that he deserves a hug. Bigg Boss asks her to freeze. Het sister gives her love. Bigg Boss releases her. She says Sameer supports her a lot. She says they love her the way she is. Bigg Boss asks Neha to freeze and Rashi to leave. She asks the housemates to take care of her sister ajd leaves from there. Neha cries. Bigg Boss releases them. Pratik comes to her and hugs her. Shamitha too comes to her and hugs her. Divya says that her sister looks younger than her and laughs. Shamitha says Rashi was sweet. Neha hugs Raqesh as well. Raqesh says he was watching everything on the TV.

03:15 PM

Divya sits with Pratik and asks him why he is taking tension. They both share the coffee. Divya asks him not to think much.

03:45 PM

Nishant asks Shamitha whether he will hurt us face. Bigg Boss asks them to freeze. Raqesh’s niece comes there and greets him. Bigg Boss releases him and he runs to her. His niece cries. Pratik cries seeing them. She tells him that he is doing great and asks him to believe himself. She tells him that he is their hero and they have watched everything he has done. She says he has to be their strength. She says that everyone is loving him. She thanks Divya and says he is her uncle with her. She gets happy whenever she sees him being himself. She thanks Shamitha for supporting him. She says they are grateful to her. She tells him that he are being honest. She greets Nishant and praises him. She tells him that her sister has called Divya Annapurna. She asks the inmates not to twist the words. He tells her that he wanted to give up. Bigg Boss asks him to freeze. She tells him that they are proud. Bigg Boss releases him. She tells him that everyone is worried for him. He tells her that he is missing their father. He tells her that he was broken when he was called spineless. Bigg Boss freezes him. Bigg Boss asks Nisha to leave. She leaves from there kissing him on his cheek. Raqesh breaks into tears. Bigg Boss releases everyone. Shamitha comes to him and hugs him and kisses him on his cheek. Neha hugs him as well. Divya and Shamitha hug each other. Nishant hugs Raqesh. Divya hugs him as well. He kisses on her hand.

04:30 PM

Neha says that rhe awesome threesom is back lookinh at Shamitha, Raqesh and Divya. Nishant and Neha tease them. Neha pretends like both Raqesh, Shamitha and Divya. Neha acts like Divya and sye throws pillow at her. They both keep on teasing them.

05:15 PM

Bigg Boss asks everyone to freeze. Prerna comes there and Pratik breaks into tears. She asks him not to cry and asks why he is crying seeing her which he has never done before. She tells him thay everyone is loving him. Bigg Boss releases him. He asks for his Mother. She tells him that she had sent him the letter. He cries and she asks him not to cry. She asks him to play for himself. She tells everyone that they are doing good. Prerna asks him to have a thin line between him and hers. She asks him to think what others are thinking. Sue asks him to give his hundred percent and not to get emotional. His emotions shouldn’t get in between. She thanks Shamitha for defending him. She then thanks Neha and Shamitha. She tells Divya that she has compared herself with her, if they get a chance to meet outside sue will say the difference. She wouldn’t have bitched about him. Only they can solve it. Prerna asks him not to be weak. Bigg Boss asks him to freeze. She asks him not to cry. She tells him that there is limit for everything. She says she is proud that he is crying for her. She tells him that she love to see her jumping. She tells Raqesh that she loved him always since tum bin. She tells him that they will meet outside and beat him together. Bigg Boss asks her to leave. He breaks into tears. She asks them to give their two hundred percent and leaves from there. Bigg Boss asks everyone to release. Neha hugs Pratik. Shamitha hugs him as well. Nishant comes to him and hugs him. Nishaht tells him that his sister is pretty. Raqesh side hugs him as well. Divya asks him whether he will always be angry with her and hugs him. Divya beats Nishant with her chappal. Neha asks Pratik to stay away from her as she don’t want his sister to beat her.

Divya asks Nishabt what was that. She says about Prerna. Nishant asks her to let it be. She says not to talk if she can’t take it.

07:15 PM

Bigg Boss asks them to freeze. Shamitha’s Mother cones there and calla for Shamitha. Bigg Boss releases her. Shamitha runs to her. Her Mother asks her not to cry. She tells Love you to her and says she is doing well and she is very proud of her. She says she is staying in the people’s hearts. Shamitha asks her not to cry. Her Mother asks her not to cry as well. Shamitha asks her whether she has done anything wrong. Shamitha says people are loving her. Her Mother says Love you to Neha. She then greets Raqesh and calls him gentleman. She asks him to be herself. She tells Shamitha that everyone are good. Her Mother says that she had said bad word at time and she has apologised to him. They don’t have to bring it again. They both kiss each other over the glass. She tells her that she has seen a different side of her. She says that she loves Neha and she has this free spirit. She praises Divya as well. She then calls Nishabt. She tells Raqesh that he is not making any changes. Bigg Boss asks Shamitha to freeze. Her Mother shows her Mogras saying she wore it for her. She tells her that Raqesh is sweet and gentlemen when she asks her. Bigg Boss asks her to leave. Her Mother leaves from there saying Love You to her. She says Love You to everyone and leaves from there. Bigg Boss releases everyone. Raqesh hugs her asking her whether she is happy. She cries in his arms. Raqesh says his Mother was beautiful. Neha hugs her as well. Pratik says she was soo tall. He hugs her as well. Nishabt hugs her too. Divya comes and hugs her. They all laugh. The alarm rings and Shamitha rubs inside. She gets excited seeing them.

06:15 PM

Pratik asks Neha why has she changed. She says she didn’t change. She asks him to focus on himself.

06:45 PM

Raqesh asks Shamitha to come and kiss him. Shamitha keeps her on the sofa. Bigg Boss asks them to leave and they laugh as Neha is on his feet, Shamitha holding her. They laugh. Bigg Boss asks them to release. They laugh. Raqesh says that he is not going to have children anymore. They all laugh.

08:30 PM

Nishant asks Neha what she would have done if she has met him seven years back. She says she would have eaten him. Pratik asks what does it mean. She says she would have ate him. Nishant asks to look at Divya. They laugh at her. Nishant asks Pratik whether he would have hooked up with Neha if she was not married. He says he would have dated.

10:30 PM

Neha says nos she understood as to why they talk soo much English to Shamitha. Divya says her family don’t talk English at home. Divya acts like Shamitha’s Mother. Neha says that Bigg Boss Sunandha wants what she wants.

11:30 PM

Bigg Boss freezes them. Punit cones there. Bigg Boss releases him and Nishabt runs to the one who came to meet him. Nishant asks whether he has come from shoot. Punit saya he respects him and he is playing a great game. Punit says he has kept his control and that has won his heart. Punit tells him that he has been verified. He says his followers are increased. Nishant gets excited. Punit says he has brought messages for him. He reads the letter from his family which says they are very proud of him. He then reads letters from Ankita and Harshi. He then reads letter from Thanmay. He then reads letter from Deepak who apologises for calling him fearful and asks him to win. He says that all the choreographers are proud of them. He then greets Pratik and thanks for being Nishant’s true friend. He thought him to be irritated but then he got to know he is a good person. He then greets Neha and tells them that they all are doing good. He then greets Shamitha and says he knows her how she is. Punit asks him to be in the finales and he will be happy if Shamitha, Pratik and Neha will be with him. He then tells Raqesh that he is a good person and tells Divya she is strong but he doesn’t understand her. Punit tells Nishant that he has got his limelight. He tells him that he is best. He wishes everyone and leaves from there asking Nishaht to win as Bigg Boss asks him to leave. Bigg Boss releases them. Shamitha hugs him. Pratik hugs him and kisses him. Neha hugs him next.

12:00 AM

Bigg Boss says that now it’s tine for their report card and the 24*7 live audience are happy with their performance because of which there won’t be any effect on their tomorrow.

02:15 AM

Raqesh says that today everyone is laughing but tomorrow they will shout. Raqesh asks them not to include him in this. Shamitha says he is asking for it now. He asks them not to hear it. He asks Shamitha to be quite when he is saying something. She throws something at him and chases him. Shamitha asks him not to speak like that with her. He says he will and she drags him with her to the garden. She tells him something in his ears. Raqesh says he don’t want to discuss this. He says it was fun for him and nothing else. Raqesh asks her as to why she gets emotional and he don’t like this that she takes everything seriously. He says he loves her as a person. He says if they wants to be together then they should understand each other. Raqesh tells her that he will talk with her. He says that he don’t want to react that way if she becomes friends with someone he doesn’t like.

02:45 PM

Divya says to Pratik that once Prerna came they started talking. Divya saya she accepts that sye has said and says that she knows he has said as well. She says that she never meant to compare herself with Prerana. She says she wanted to talk with him. He says he also wanted to talk with her but then thought he will talk with her when they go out. Divya tells him that whatever sue told him was genuine. She says she has soft corner for him. Pratik tells her that he can’t be disloyal to Neha just like Moose. Divya says that she don’t want him to have hard feelung for her. She says they will start afresh outside. Pratik says may the best win. They both hug each other.