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Day 38

08:00 AM

The inmates wake up to the song dance basanti. Pratik dances in the garden. Neha dances. Nishant dances in the garden. Raqesh dances with Divya.

09:00 AM

Neha is laying on Pratik hugging him. Neha says that was a hypothetical question and that’s what she mean. She says she don’t want to talk about it and apologies to him and leaves from there.

09:15 AM

Neha says the comfort is missing. They are great friends. Divya tells to Nishaht that Pratik and Neha were fighting yesterday. Nishant says may be for game. Divya says they will look like donkeys if they do that for game. Pratik tells Neha that he doesn’t understand few points. Neha says he wants to be right all the time. She asks him to see other’s point of view as well. He says that he has a different point of view. He says this is him.

11:30 AM

Bigg Boss says that now they are in the finale week hence they all are nominated to be out of the house and the 24*7 audience can now vote for them. Pratik kisses Neha and hugs Nishant.

04:45 PM

Pratik says it got opened. They gets excited seeing the media and wave for them. Bigg Boss welcomes the media. He asks them to start their questions. A media person says to Shamitha that she feels bad when someone calls her bossy or dominating but she always tries to stop her connection from talking to others and consoling someone who was crying. Shamitha says she don’t want to suppress him and she decided to take ovee because he didn’t understand the game. She didn’t get along with Divya and it was difficult for her to see her connection with her. Trust and Loyalty is a great thing for her. She asks Raqesh what relationship they have. He says they are friends. Next comes another person and says to Shamitha that there were three people when bitching was happening but she punished only Divya. She shamed Moose saying she shows her boobs. She says she also abused Nishant. She says she didn’t realise that she was wrong. She patched up with everyone except for Divya. Divya claps laughing. Shamitha says in the beginning she had great friendship with Divya but then she called her bossy. She doesn’t trust her. The media person questions her saying she never questioned Raqesh. Shamitha says they were connections and they had no choice. She says she was very upset with Raqesh as well. She asks about her relationship status with Divya. Shamitha says they won’t become friends after they leave the house. The media asks is it her strategy to go to the finale by fighting. Shamitha says she is not somebody who makes strategies. Another reporter says to Raqesh that he came to finale because of Shamitha but then he acts like she is extra lagguage for him. Raqesh says just like her, he has stature. They both have different fans. He doesn’t feel like he is going forward because of each other. The reporter asks Shamitha as to why she is playing Love Triangle with Divya. Shamitha says that she even spoke to Divya as well that she don’t want to fight anymore. It’s natural for the mind to play games when they are fighting and he is talking with someone else. A reporter tells Divya that she and Shamitha are both Bossy and he has nothing against her. He tells whatever she said. He tells Nishant that he has good friendship with Pratik but then his game is convience. He says whatever Nishant has done. He says he can’t call another person bossy. Another reporter tells Nishant that she sees his hypocrisy. Because when Pratik takes stand for Neha, then he says his game is going down. She saya he was upset when he saved Shamitha, he bitched about him. She says whatever Nishant said. The reporter says Pratik and Neha have best compatibility. Nishant says they are seeing only one side. He says that when he became friends with Pratik they decided to fight for the game. He says he personally doesn’t call someone bossy and dominating personally. Divya says that she was protecting herself and she was bossy. The reporter says there were times when her strategy wasn’t liked. He says Shamitha has done bollywood movies and says Divya has said that she has said that she has done three shows and wasn’t that pride. Another reporter tells Divya that she has always called Shamitha and Moose as insecure but she looks insecure. She has said many things about Pratik and Neha. Divya says that there was this stay connected game which she never played. When it comes to insecure she was never insecure. The reporter asks what problem she has with Neha and Pratik’s connection. A reporter says to Divya that Shamitha feels that she never kept efforts for their friendship. Is that right. She says she don’t want to start it again and talk about what happened in the past. Divya says she can’t beg for friendship. She says it was her self defense. A reporter asks Neha whom she wants ro see as the winner if not herself. Neha says why they think she can’t be the winner and she wants to win. A reporter tells Pratik and Divya that they got till the end. They didn’t understand the root cause of their fight. Pratik tells them that Divya has messaged him three days before the show. He says people told he was being used. A reporter says Divya never bitched about him. Pratik explains his point to which Divya and Nishant laugh. Divya says that she didn’t know that he has disagreement and disliking towards her. Divya says that she never used anyone. A reporter tells Neha that she has said that she will get beaten then why would she say things that will get her beaten. Neha says she is free spirited and does things for which she may get beaten. Neha says she trusts people. If she is fond of him and hugging him all the time, then she is feeling like punished. She says she loves Pratik a lot. A reporter says that Neha has said that because of her connection with Pratik she will get punished. She says that she has said that if they were single then they would have gotten along. The reporter asks what she has in her heart for Pratik. Neha says lots of Love. Neha says they wouldn’t have spend this much time if they were out. She says she wahts to be with him the way she is being with him. A reporter says to contestants that Divya was strong because sue never had connection like they did. Pratik says when the show is about connection then what can he say. The reporter says he should appreciate. Pratik says when she can’t then how can she. The reporter becomes rude with him saying he won’t let her talk. He says she can’t decide. He says his point of view. Shamitha says that she has said she plays alone then it doesn’t make if she says she is alone. Neha says to reporter that at times she becomes very rude and disgusting at times. She is the most rudest person she has ever met. A reporter says to Divya that she poured oil in Shamitha’s food and called Neha a sexist and Shamitha insecure bitch. She says she has made disgusting faces when there was Neha’s underwear and she went to everyone and told everyone about it. Divya says that the same has happened with Moose as well. Shamitha and Neha says not in this matter. Divya asks whether she will be good after everything that happened. Divya says the reporter is exagerating. The reporter tells Divya that she is talking with media and she should respect it when she shouts at them. The reportsr asks her to look at herself before calling someone sexist. The reporter tells Neha that she has always been very real from the beginning and she has presented her vulnerability. Shamitha claps happily. She says the contestants judge them and when they say things. She says she never saw Neha influencing him but saw Nishant influencing Moose. Divya and Nishant shout at her. Neha says that if she was a man then such questions wouldn’t have raised. She says there is no need to answer. A reporter says to Nishaht that he has always said that he keeps stand but then isn’t it important to keep the right stand. She says that he was asking Moose that she has let him down. Nishant says that he wanted her not to say anything to others when he says something to her. The reporter asks to the contestants that when Moose has said things to Divya, it was derogatory. She asks Shamitha that she stood for Neha but not for Divya. Shamitha says she would have done but she didn’t. When it comes to Neha she jumps in.She says that she don’t want to get into it because Moose doesn’t take it when someone gets in between. A reporter asks Nishant as to why he has double standards. She asks as to why he supports Pratik. She asks whether he gets scared of Pratik. Nishant says they both are great friends and instead of fighting they talk with each other. Nishant says Pratik didn’t let the task abort. He don’t have to shout at Pratik. When it comes to convenience. He is convenient towards Pratik. Bigg Boss says that the questioning ends. Bigg Boss thanks them for coming. Bigg Boss asks them to leave.

06:30 PM

Nishant tells Shamitha that she didn’t used stain words. Shamitha asks why she should tell him when he is a man. Neha ways there is a limit. Nishant says even they used words for Moose. Neha says she never did. She asks why he is rubbing it on her. She says whatever she has said. Divya tries to talk with Neha and she shouts at her to stop. She says she don’t want to listen. Divya says if she plays with men under wear then it’s okay. It’s says it’s not about men and women but it’s about neatness. Pratik tells Divya that she was wrong. Divya shouts at him and says that was about cleanliness. Divya calls Neha idiot and Neha shouts at her not to say this to her. Shamitha tells Neha that she is not realising that she was wrong. Shamitha calls her arrogant. Divya says she has called about Moose boobs. Shamitha says she didn’t say that way and she said she didn’t understand as to why she talks about them. Nishant says that she didn’t say anything about stains. Pratik asks Nishant as to why she has to talk about this to him. Divya calls Neha sexist and defends herself. Divya calls them dirt. Nishant asks Shamitha as to why she was saying filthy and dirty. Neha says it’s personal if fucking fluids come out of her vagina. Bigg Boss asks Shamitha to wear her Mike. Shamitha and Nishaht gets into an argument. Nishant says thet were twisting the words. Shamitha says Karan would have brought it up if she has said something like that. Divya asks her to keep Karan aside. Divya says it was about dirt. Pratik tells Nishant that both Shamitha and Divya are wrong.

07:00 PM

Neha asks Raqesh whether he can’t see through Divya’s wrong words. She says everyone apologises. Raqesh asks who is right here. Neha says he is trying to convince hee. Raqesh says it is wrong. Neha says that whenever they have been questioned they own up to it. Divya says it’s just about under wear and what did she say something. Pratik asks her to clear it with Neha. Pratik says even if it’s disgusting it’s personal. He says he will stand for her as well. She asks why he didn’t stand for Moose. He says whatever Shamitha has said for Moose was wrong as well. Shamitha says she didn’t say that.

07:15 PM

Neha says to Pratik that what there is friendship with Nishaht. He is saying that she is making an issue. She says he is talking about her underwear. Shamitha says whatever it is we didn’t go around saying this to everyone. Neha says if Nishant wins, she still feels that if he has lost hinself then there is no need because he didn’t stand up for the right. He says she don’t care about him. Neha says they should accept.

09:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that now it’s time for their report card. The 24*7 live audience are happy with their performance because of which there won’t be any affect on their tomorrow.

12:00 AM

Pratik says that it’s not easy to build friendship in the show. Nishaht says his friendship with him is not for the game.

12:15 AM

Nishant talks with Neha and he says she makes space for herself. He says she also blames. He teases her in many things. Neha asks to go back into time. Nishant says that she is getting angry with her but then they were making fun of another one’s underwear. They both get into an argument. She says he has made up his mind about her. She says she own up and apologise. She says she doesn’t understand this friendship. Nishant says he knows what he is doing. They both say that they both don’t have guts. They both asks each other not to pretend. Hr asks her not to teach him how to maintain relationships

12:30 AM

Pratik says that he doesn’t understand as to why Nishant acted different. She says he shouts at Raqesh but then forgives them when they say something. Neha says Nishant and Divya doesn’t exist for her.

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