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The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. He shares with them that he advised them to stop playing safe game last week. It seems they took his words serious. They played their game but agressively. He asks them to watch Friday episode.

Day 54 at 9.15 pm, Mynaa asks Shivin why did they gave simply waste bord to her? Shivin says that it has intense meaning behind it. Mynaa says that she is ashamed to wear simply waste board on her neck. Azeem says that it’s not a big deal to him. He was thinking about the housemates words about him. Vickram isn’t a matter to him. He doesn’t care about him. He was thinking about others. Mynaa tells him that she felt like they slapped her. Shivin tells her that this punishment is worst then going to jail.

At 6.30 pm, Azeem got Preethi’s book of happiness. He wants to choose one things from Preethi’s book of happiness and gift it to his friend. Azeem chooses ADK to gift him. He says that Manikandan, Kathir are his friends. He is able to meet them out but ADK living in Singapore. So he is gifting it to him. He gifts mixer to him. Azeem says to Manikandan that he wishes to give it to him but changed his mind later. He deserved this gift. Mynaa pays that he chose the correct person. He adds that ADK used to talk about him always. ADK says to Ratchitha that it’s true friendship.

At 9.35 pm, Housemates are sitting in the living area. Bigg Boss announced that 7 weeks were over. Let’s watch 50 days journey. Housemates gets excited hearing it. They enjoys the journey video and gets emotional. Bigg Boss gives a special dinner to them. Housemates gets excited to see the delicious dinner there. They shares the food and enjoys the meals there.

At 10.20 pm, Azeem gifts the Preethi’s happiness of book mixer gives to ADK.

Kamal says to the audience that 50 days journey looks interesting but they aren’t matured enough. Let’s discuss with them. Kamal praises the cooking team. He inquires the housemates how was the taste of food? Housemates appreciates the taste. Kamal appreciates Azeem for implementing Dhanalakshmi’s idea in his captaincy. He asks them what did they cooked? They shared the menu to him. Ratchitha tells him that she feels happy to see them working for her. Kamal appreciates their effort.

He Inquiring the housemates how was their task? Even cooking team isn’t able to show their full talent due to task. Housemates says that it was a difficult task. Both mentally and physically. Kamal asks Mynaa doesn’t she like the simply waste board? She tells him that she doesn’t like this board. Because she is the best one in the world. She isn’t able to accept it. Kamal teases her. He motivates her to don’t take it to her heart. Instead work on it to change it. It’s just a eye opening one to her. He asks them to remove it from their neck. Kamal asks them to don’t create a situation to wear it. They are not waste according to him. Because they are inside the house. If they are waste they wouldn’t have get a chance to enter inside the house. He appreciates them for played well in the task.

He advise them to stop playing clumsy. Fighting agressively or raising their voice isn’t a good game. Ratchitha is the perfect example for it. She played her game and stayed away when the fights getting serious. She feels it as unnecessary. That is why she got the best performer of the week. He appreciates her and advise her to don’t go back to her safe game. She assures him. He takes a short break.

Kamal enters into the stage. He asks the housemates to take the things from the store room. Let’s play a game. Dhanalakshmi laughs seeing the promo tag. Kamal shares with them that it seems Dhanalakshmi find out the task. He says that he heard many times they were discussing about promo. They are guessing that this person doing like that to show them in the promo. He says that Muthu asked some funny question. It came in the promo because people are enjoying his Humour. Don’t misunderstand that their fight, arguments, sickness will come in the promo. It will demotivate them. Everyone mentioned Azeem name in the house so they shouldn’t tag him here. Azeem thank him. Because housemates already gave the name to him as promo king.

He asks Shivin to start. Shivin gives promo tag to Dhanalakshmi reasoning she is very active here. She is comparing her with Azeem. She is playing a clumsy game. Audience are clapping for them. Ram gives the tag to Dhanalakshmi reasoning she used to get angry a lot. When some fight going between Amudhavanan and Azeem. Dhanalakshmi said that he was doing like that to come in promo. Vickram too agree with her. He thougt that Bigg Boss would have telecated a promo about Vickram saying that Azeem doing like that for promo. Audience claps hearing it.

Vickram says that he has two names in his mind. One is Dhanalakshmi and another one is Aysha. Comparing to Dhanalakshmi, Aysha is less active here. Meanwhile, Aysha says that no one doing anything specially to come to promo. Kamal mocks at her for tearing the tag. Aysha gives the promo tag to ADK for his music composing. Kamal asks ADK to take it as an compliment. He says that Aysha also joined in safe game. Aysha tells him that nothing like that. Alredy king isn’t participating in it. So she gave it to him.

Manikandan says that Dhanalakshmi playing the game well here. She is well aware of this game. When he have some doubts in the game he used to clear it with her. Ratchitha says that Dhanalakshmi and Aysha are in her mind. But she gives that to Aysha. Amudhavanan says that he is giving it to Aysha reasoning she used to cry a lot here. Kamal asks him in sarscasm Does he trying to say that Aysha crying to take place in the promo? Amudhavanan denies it and says that she used to cry a lot. Even though they advise her she continues it. Aysha says that she didn’t mind it just tie it on her hand.

Mynaa gives the tag to Manikandan reasoning he is irritating the Housemates a lot. She thinks that he was doing like that to show him in the promo. Janany is standing there and hesitates to give it to them. Manikandan noticed that Janany staring at Queency. He comments that Queency won’t come in daily episode then how could she expect her in the promo? Everyone laughs hearing it including Kamal. He says that there is many chances Manikandan’s dialogue may come in the promo. Janany ties the tag on Manikandan. He asks her to say the reasoning. Janany says that when serious fight going on the house. Manikandan dancing or singing there unexpectedly. She thought he was doing it for promo. Kathir mentions Amudhavanan name reasoning he played ghost prank, and sat on the shelf. He thinks that it would have came on promo. Later, Dhanalakshmi gives the tag to Shivin reasoning that she was playing the game with her to come to promo. Kamal asks her does she thinking Shivin only get popularity when she plays with her. Dhanalakshmi deny it. Later, ADK gives the tag to Dhanalakshmi. Manikandan asks Kamal who is coming in promo? Kamal asks them to find it after come out of the house. He adds that Kamal will come in the promo every weekend. He shares with them that those who coming in promo often won’t win the trophy. Many silent persons too won the trophy here.

Kamal advises Azeem to don’t create unnecessary scene to come to promo. Azeem assures him. He takes a short break. Vickram asks Shivin does she thinking he was doing everything for popularity. Shivin gives her explanation to him. Later, Kamal inquires them about the fight between Amudhavanan and Kathir. Kathir narrates to him what actually happened on that day. Kamal says that Azeem entered into the home breaking the rules. Even Dhanalakshmi isn’t wearing the Mike. It’s also a rules break. Dhanalakshmi runs from there to wear the Mike. She apologized to him. Kamal says to Azeem that he isn’t understanding the game at all. Many are advising him to give red card to him. If he give red card to him when he was angry. Then there is no difference between him and Azeem. Kamal advises them to control their angry.

They might raise their voice when it’s needed. He felt that fight was unnecessary there. Even Azeem lost his voice in that fight. He discuss about the fight between Amudhavanan and Kathir. When the fights going on there they forgot about the game. Ratchitha takes the nomination free zone using that situation. He advises her to play her well. He saved Ratchitha from the eviction. She thank him. Kamal gives a advise to Azeem. He asks him to use his chance instead of damaging his name. Azeem assures him to change his attitude.

Episode end.