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The show begins with Day 58 at 8.30 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Kadhal kadhal kirukku” then greets each other

At 9.00 am, Manikandan asks ADK to clean the dustbin. ADK says to him that his mind won’t work if he skip his morning tea. He complaints to Manikandan that he cleaned the kitchen yesterday. But Janany and Kathir were simply sitting and passing their time. They didn’t helped them to clean it. He never saw them doing their work this week. Does they looks like fool to them? He asks the captain to question them. Manikandan asks Janany to inform Kathir to clean the dustbin. ADK starts cleaning the dustbin. Janany takes it from him and says that he will pretends like helping her and complaint about her later.

At 9.15 am, Janany asks Manikandan what happened? Manikandan questions her whom cleaned the kitchen yesterday? ADK complained that Ram and him cleaned the kitchen. Kathir and Janany didn’t helped them to clean it. Janany says to him that she asked Ram about it yesterday. He said all works are over. If he really needs her help them he would have called her. He didn’t do it there. Manikandan advises her to clean it properly to shut his mouth. If she is correct in her work no one will question her.

At 12.20 pm, Mynaa reading new Luxury budget task information. Task name ” Kannam poochi Rey Rey” The task is to play hide and seek. When buzzer plays housemates wants to hide inside the house. Whom counting want to find at least 6 housemates to get 200 luxury budget points.

At 12.25 pm, Manikandan asks the camera to play the buzzer. Dhanalakshmi says that she is going to count. Manikandan says that he already said it to camera. Bigg Boss annouces to Manikandan that he wants to start counting after the buzzer plays. He wants to fing at lest 6 housemates until the next buzzer plays. Buzzer plays there. Housemates hides in different places. Manikandan finds 4 persons. Bigg Boss asks him to mention how many housemates he found? He mentions 4. Bigg Boss says it’s tough luck.

At 1.00 pm, Buzzer plays there Dhanalakshmi and Janany runs near the camera. Both are arguing with each other she touched first. Bigg Boss asks them to announce who is going to count? Janany says that she will go. Buzzer plays there. She started counting. She finds 6 housemates before the time end. Bigg Boss congratulates her and give 200 luxury budget points.

At 1.45 pm, Kathir is singing there and ADK is playing music. Buzzer plays Ratchitha touches the camera. She starts counting after the buzzer plays. She found 6 housemate and won the 200 luxury budget points.

At 3.30 pm, Vickram and ADK are discussing about the this week Eviction. ADK says that Azeem will feel a lot after he evicted from this house. He imitates the way Azeem react hearing his eviction. Housemates laughs seeing him imitating Azeem. Azeem also laughing at him. ADK asks him doesn’t he genuinely happy to see him evicted from the house? Azeem says that his popularity increased outside. That is why he is showing attitude. ADK says that Azeem is celebrity not him.

At 3.40 pm, Mynaa asks the camera to press the buzzer. She wants to play hide and seek and earn 200 points. Mynaa gets happy to hear the buzzer song. She finds 6 housemates and won the 200 luxury budget points.

At 3.55 pm, Mynaa and Shivin are humming the song. Dhanalakshmi teases Shivin and tells her that she won’t suit to Kathir. Mynaa says that her brother won’t suit to her. Amudhavanan asks Shivin why she is blushing? She tells him that she was glaring at her. They are teasing Shivin there. Manikandan comments that Kathir is also smiling. Shivin leaves from there. Amudhavanan asks them to stop teasing her she already left.

At 5.55 pm, Housemates are getting ready for the next task. Vickraman playing Anniyan movie Vickram role. Manikandan playing Balayya role. Azeem playing Balachandran role. Amudhavanan playing as Mr. Radha. Mynaa as Poona Sekhar, Dhanalakshmi as Nesamani, Aysha as Simbu , ADK as Nithuantha, Kathir as Micheal Jackson, Shivin as Mohini pisasu, Ram as Raghuvaran, Ratchitha as Geetha, Janany as Sai Pallavi from Maari movie.

At 6.05 pm, Dhanalakshmi appreciates Anniyan role. He scared her. Vikram gives rose to Mynaa. She thanks Remo for the rose. Janany asks Kathir who he is? He dances like Micheal Jackson.

At 6.15 pm, ADK is doing meditation like Nithyanantha. Anniyan gives kiss to him. Micheal Jackson asks him is his new trick to break his medication. ADK wig misplaced. He asks Vickram to behave himself. Kathir talks like Micheal and refuses to return ADK’s stick. ADK says to Vickram that everyone are behaving worst after they entered into the character. Vickram says to him that everyone are trying to give their best. He shouldn’t complaint like that. ADK says that it’s his trick to bring him out of his character. He pretends like meditation again. Vickram says that everyone are giving their cent percent to their character. So stop poking them. Kathir says to everyone that Bigg Boss sent money to them. He takes his money and give the money to others.

Meanwhile, Shivin asks Ratchitha to give money. Ratchitha plays Geetha’s role to her. Shivin pretends like ghost and scares her. Anniyan takes Mohini from there.

At 6.30 pm, Nithyanantha ( ADK) asks Janany who she is? She imitates Sai Pallavi there. Vickram asks ADK to teach him something. ADK asks him to join under him. He will teach manythings to him. Mr. Radha ( Amudhavanan) flirts with Geetha (Ratchitha). Ratchitha asks Anniyan to save her. Vickram pleads like Remo with Radha to leave her. He change his character into Anniyan and threatens him.

At 6.50 pm, Buzzer plays there. Dhanalakshmi press the buzzer. Bigg Boss asks her who she is going to challenge? She chooses Mynaa to challenge her. Naai Shekhar ( Mynaa) gives a dance performance. She imitates Naai Shekar there. Housemates appreciates her performance. Bigg Boss asks them to say the reason and give money to her. Dhanalakshmi appreciates her for imitate Naai Shekhar. Housemates appreciates her performance and give money to her. Mynaa gets 1400rs total. Mynaa thanks everyone.

At 8.20 pm, Buzzer plays Amudhavanan press the buzzer and asks Janany to challenge him. He asks her to dance on stage. Janany dances like Sai Pallavi on stage. Housemates are clapping to motivate her. Housemates appreciates her performance and give 4700 currency. She thanks everyone there.

At 8.45 pm, Dhanalakshmi press the buzzer. She asks Kathir to challenge her. Kathir gives extraordinary performance like Micheal Jackson on stage. Everyone gets surprised to see his performance there. Housemates gives applause to him. They are enjoying his performance there. Housemate appreciate him and give 9000 currency to him. Mynaa complaints that no one gave money to her when she performed. Ram gives 100 currency to Mynaa as a gift. She thank him and accept it.

At 9.20 pm, ADK says to Ram that Vickram isn’t playing his role well here. He has split personality. He is able to use his three dimensional here. He is lacking in it. Most of them are playing for the sake of task. He shares his thoughts with him.

At 9.30 pm, Ratchitha and Azeem are cooking in the kitchen. Ratchitha imitates Geetha there. ADK is discussing with his friends about the task.

At 9.45 pm, Vickram mentions Ratchitha as aunty and asks her to give the rose to Nandy. Ratchitha says that she doesn’t know who is Nandy. She isn’t her mother. Shivin says that she is Nandy’s mother.

At 10. 00 pm, Buzzer plays. Ratchitha press the buzzer and asks Azeem to perform on stage like Balachandra. He dance for the song ” Nalam thana” Housemates appreciates his performance there. He earns 4200 currency. Mynaa asks them doesn’t they gave 50 to her.

At 10. 40 pm, Mynaa asks the housemates to pay extra to her. Azeem and Kathir warns more than her. Some housemates gives extra to her. Aysha asks her to confirm with the bigg Boss. Whether its acceptable or not? Mynaa says that she is giving extra to everyone. She asks them to maintain decorum there. Housemates laughs seeing her.

At 11. 00 pm, ADK challenges Aaysha there. Bigg Boss shares a situation to ADK and Aysha. They plays the skit. ADK earns 3000 through it. Aysha earns 1400 from that task.

At 11.15 pm, Dhamaka gives a dance performance on stage.

Episode end

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