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The show begins with Day 59 at 9.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Thannana na naana nanne” then greets each other

At 9.45 am, ADK says to Ram that he gave extra money in the beginning. He is lack of money now. He gave 1000 to Kathir first. Ram says that Azeem gives 1500 to him. ADK says that he is super rich. Meanwhile, Shivin is doing her make up for the task. Amudhavanan alredy playing his role as Radha. He says to her that she is trusting Kathir who isn’t giving heed to her feelings. But she is not minding his true feelings for her. Shivin asks him to don’t blabbers. Amudhavanan gives a dialogue and leaves from there

At 11.05 am, Ratchitha playing Geetha’s role. She uses Deo. Dhanalakshmi whom playing Nesa mani time comments that it’s smelling like rotten egg. Geetha glares at her. Anniyan ( Vickram) asks Geetha to entertain them. They are feeling bored. Amudhavanan asks him doesn’t he want to see his performance? Why he is behind woman? ADK comments that Anniyan likes girls. ADK complaints to him that he want to show his Anniyan role well. Many problems are going on here. Anniyan isn’t minding anything. Geetha asks Anniyan to stop staring her from that chair. Anniyan asks her why shouldn’t he stare her like that? Amudhavanan comments that Geetha may be missing Master now. They evicted him for it. Anniyan asks Geetha to come here and entertain them. Amudhavanan says that he shouldn’t laugh like that. ADK comments on his character. Anniyan says that he isn’t encouraging anyone here. He was demotivating everyone here. He is also noticing that he was commenting about others roles from yesterday. ADK says that he insulted him. He don’t want to talk with him anymore.

At 11.20 am, Hide and seek Buzzer plays. Ratchitha and Amudhavanan runs to touch the camera. Amudhavanan touches it first. Bigg Boss asks him to start counting. Housemates hides inside the house. Amudhavanan finds 8 housemates before the timing over. Bigg Boss congratulates him and gives 200 luxury budget points

At 12.05 pm, Buzzer plays there Janany and Amudhavanan rushes to touch the buzzer. Janany challenges Amudhavanan. He gives a dance performance on stage. Housemates appreciates his dance and performance. He earned 8150rs.

At 1.25 pm, Buzzer plays there. Ram press the buzzer. He challenges Anniyan ( Vickram) there. Bigg Boss says a situation to Ram. He says that someone tied bomb on him. He wants to convince Anniyan to defuse the bomb. Whatever he try to divert him, his attention should be on bomb. Later, Challenge started there. Vickram acts like Anniyan there. Ram portrays Raghuvaran role well. Anniyan plays Remo role. Housemates appreciates them for their performance. Ram gets 0
Vickram gets 5000.

At 1.55 pm, ADK ( Nithyanantha) says to Housemates that he is going to bajan. Manikandan sings situation song for him. ADK dance for the song.

At 2.25 pm, Aysha whom playing Madan role. Vickram asks Madan to stop beating the glass with spoons. It will break. Madan says that he is aware what he is doing? He isn’t beating it strong. She is also playing the role. Let her performs well. Meanwhile, Amudhavanan comes there and asks ADK doesn’t he a sidha doctor. He nods to him. He tells him that he brought money from London. But only 3000 left in his hand. ADk pretends like curing his back pain. Anniyan asks him doesn’t he London return? Then why he is believing such fraud sidha Doctor? Amudhavanan says that the doctor and our sidha doctors are same. No difference in it. Anniyan asks him to don’t divert the topic. He isn’t looking down sidha vaidhiyam. Amudhavanan asks him how the people curing the disease whom living in forest. Vickram says that we shouldn’t trust it and give importance to the education. Proper study needed for it. ADK says that he studied Properly. Vickram says that he is personally targetting him. He is attacking him from yesterday. ADk says that it’s not the real character but reel one. Why he is taking everything to his heart. Vickram says that ADK is very sensitive. He is diverting the topic. ADK asks him to take the characters for fun..

ADK complaints that Vickram is more sensitive then him. He is finding mistakes in everything. If he do like that how he will play his role here? Both gets into the arguements. Vickram says that he isn’t come out of his role. He is trying to divert the topic. ADK says that he was disturbing him. Vickram asks him when he disturbed him. ADK says to him that he fell on him. He already has back pain. Vickram says that he hold him yesterday. After that he didn’t disturbed him. Vickram says that he was targetting him a lot. ADK says that he isn’t doing like that. He shouldn’t bring that topic here. He won’t get anything if he target him. He doesn’t want to discuss about it with him. Vickram asks him then why he is always commenting on his character? ADK says that he isn’t doing his role well here. He wants to show justice to that role.

At 2.50 pm, Buzzer plays Aysha touch the buzzer. She challenged Geetha (Radhika). She gives a dance performance on the stage. Housemates appreciates her. She got 4200 points.

At 4.15 pm, Buzzer plays there Amudhavanan press the button. Janany asks him to choose her. Amudhavanan chooses Shivin. Bigg Boss gives a situation to both Shivin and Amudhavanan. They plays a skit on the stage. Housemates appreciates their performance. They got 3250

At 4.55 pm, Shivin says to Aysha that she feels like its little hurting. Just convey her sorry to him if it was hurting. She asks her to confirm whether it’s hurts him or not? Aysha assures her that he won’t take it seriously.

At 5.00 pm, Buzzer plays for hide and seek. Azeem starts counting and search the Housemates. He fails to find 6 Housemates on time. He lost 200 luxury budget points

At 6.05 pm, Buzzer plays there Aysha press the button. She challenged Manikandan to dance on the stage. He gives a dance performance on the stage. He got 15000 for his performance. Mynaa says that she is jealous to see him like that.

At 7.30 pm, Buzzer plays there. Janany press the button. She challenged Mynaa. Dhanalakshmi says that no one choosing her. Bigg Boss gives a situation to both Mynaa and Janany.

At 7.10 pm, Mynaa proposed Janany. She insults Poona Sekhar. Mynaa makes everyone laughs with her performance. Housemates enjoys their comedy skits. She got 6100 money as gift.

At 7.25 pm, Dhanalakshmi says to Janany that some groups are angry on her. That is why no one challenging her. People are watching it. If she dance on the stage it will telecast on TV. This money isn’t important to her. She says that it she argue with anyone here. They won’t choose her to challenge. If they like her they will give 500 or 1000. They are giving only 50 or 100 to her performance. She complaints to her that Amudhavanan is also angry with her.

At 7.45 pm, Manikandan asks them who is in vessels washing team? Aysha says that she was washing the vessels. Amudhavanan cooking chilly so she came out. Manikandan says that still vessels are remaining to wash. ADK comments that he saw someone left the plate unwashed. Manikandan says that it should be noted.

At 7.55 pm, Ratchitha press the button and challenge Vickram. He gives a dance performance on the stage. He earned 5500

At 8.00 pm, Bigg Boss asks Dhanalakshmi and Ram to wear the hands cuff until the next announcement come.

Episode end

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