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The show begins with Day 45 at 9.00 pm Ramya reads new information from Bigg Boss. Which saying Three colors of Hen gonna fight each other. It’s will be a debate with each other. They wanna choose one person from opposite team thinking Whom has no capacity to go to next level in this house. They wanna debate with that person and share to them that person didn’t done anything comparing to him /her. This will continue till first buzzer. When their debates are over they can able to vote that person with their team color egg. Whom getting more eggs will be considered as winner. After the buzzer they can change their option and finalize their vote to that person. All hen’s must do this task they are only allowed to call opponents to do this debates. Whom winning in the debates will get one egg as gift belongs to their team.Bigg Boss announces that Suresh is not gonna debate in this task but he will do voting. He nods to him.

July calls Niroop to do debate. July shares to all that she is feeling like Niroop is cornering her and keep targetting her in this house. Niroop asks her to give the reason to it. July explains to him that she can say it straightly that she is active then him in this house. She saw that in the ranking task itself. She complaints that when She stand for 1st rank with Bala he said no one gonna vote for her so he giving his vote to her. Is she begging for his votes. When it was captaincy task between Bala and her he cut her heart reasoning his hands are paining. Is this a valid reason? He used many cheap words to her in village task too. When she asked credits to him in the baby task he nominated her using this reason. It may be his game plan to send her out but she felt his game is unfair to her.

Niroop says that he came to know that he was targeting her after she said it. He supported to Bala because he wanna see him become a captain of this house apart from this he has no intention to treat her badly. He felt she don’t deserved that captaincy position. He nominated her for a reason then how will he save her giving capacity to her? He still feeling she didn’t changed that character of her which he nominated. July interrupts him but he adds that she is not listening to him then how will she understand his point. He wishes to send her out then how will she save her. Both are having an heating arguments with each other. Niroop adds that he didn’t used sarcastic words there. July complaints that he used bad words on her many times even after she warned him. Niroop says that he has fixed some meaning of it. He thought its not a big thing to use such words but he learnt it’s as bad words after someone explained it to him. He shouldn’t have used that word but it’s not intentional one. July says that he is keep targetting her to send her out. He trying to register she is a loser whenever he gets time and trying to bring conflicts in between others. For example she shared about everyone plus and minus in the house but he only provoked Bala against her by sharing those words to him..whats the need to do it? Because he wanna see her arguing with him and creates issues with him.
Buzzer plays there.

Suresh says that he don’t feel Niroop is arguing with her in first half and second half he was defending himself. Why did he walking around her uncomfortably? He answers to him that his leg is paining that’s why. Suresh questions him doesn’t he know the meaning of that bad words then why did he used it against July? Niroop adds that he forget that and used it casually. He don’t know the actual meaning of it. Suresh complaints that he saw many persons explaining the meaning to him in some episode so stop lying. He tries to justify his act. Suresh asks him to stop justifying his mistakes and gives his egg to July.

Anitha comes there and says that she is also feeling Niroop used wrong words against July. She said it to him twice. He advised him tp stop bringing others into this issues if he ask one sorry to her this would have been over now. She adds that all are not lawyer hear to give points here. She don’t feel it as odd seeing him walking like that. Whatever happened to July she face it here. She felt Bala was targeting her here. Bala questions her Is he ever degraded her anywhere? Is he used bad words against her then how could he mention he targetted her in the same way Niroop done to July? Stop comparing him with Niroop. How could she register like this. Anitha says that she didn’t meant that but some of the issues are same. Bala asks her to mention it as half then.

When Anitha brings Suresh statement he gets angry on her and shout stop taking his statement in her arguments. He questions her doesn’t she has her own statement and point? What’s the need to take others points always and keep triggering them against them. Always talking here and there and creating unnecessary problems here. Housemates tries to stop him but he is hell angry on her. Suresh adds that she is always targeting him what’s the need to bring his statement here? The task is between Niroop and July she might talk about them instead of triggering him. He is fed up with her character. All are feeling it but no one has the dare to say it to her but he has it. How much he will bear her there is a limit to all. He asks her to do voting and leaves. Anitha says she won’t vote he is not letting her to talk.

Bigg Boss asks Anitha to vote. Anitha complaints that Suresh has no shame and behaved cheap. Doesn’t he felt it as cheap when he sang about her? Suresh shouts on her for mentioning him as cheap. He asks her to stop defaming him in this way. He never sang about her even Snehan knew it. What’s the need to drag others in it? To score name she is dragging others in ur shameless. She asks him why did he spotted out saliva on her? He says sorry to her for done in a heating moment but he can’t able to accept her mentioning him as cheap. When did he came here as a wild card he was keeping distance with her but she never missed any chance to trigger him. Housemates somehow convince him in it.

Anitha gives her vote to Niroop and leaves. Sruthi says that he is not agree with Niroop because he used one bad words against July. If someone used it against her means she would have been hurt. She won’t appreciate that attitude of him. She don’t feel that he was targeting her in this house. She needs red eggs so she is voting to July now.

Day 46 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house and housemates starts dance for the song “Nee Ammi” then greets each other.

At 8.30 am, Suresh collects the morning post from the post box. Morning galatta is housemates wanna talk like hen in front of camera. He shares it to housemates.

At 9.00 am, Niroop, Satheesh, and Ramya are imitating like hen in fronts of camera.

At 9.45 am, Bala covets their next with bed sheet and ladder. Suresh asks him to cover well then no one will take it. Ramya complaints that he is biased because they tried to cover their nest with cusion but he questioned them how will others take it? Be fair to game. He asks them to do whatever they want? Later Anitha and July has an heating arguments with each other.

Episode end.

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