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The show begins with Day 60. Housemates are in activity area. Sruthi and July are competing with each other for the 15 lakh money. First round match is over. Bala asks Sruthi to lay on clay because she will never get a chance like this. As he said Sruthi lays on clay. Abirami asks Bala to return July’s ring. When she keeps asking him he tells her he kept it side. Abirami says it’s gold how could he place like this irresponsible? Bala questions her what’s the need to act like this? He didn’t missed it anywhere instead placed it aside. If it is missing also he is responsible for it. Abirami argues with him. Bala asks her to stop showing her this face to him and leaves. Abirami says to Ramya that he is talking like rowdy to her.

Later Abirami asks July Is she alright? July shows her scratches to her she got due to belt. Abirami says that its not easy to collect 62 balls. July adds that she already has fever though she took that so she is proud of herself. Abirami appreciates her. She shares to her that her fever got raised up after the task. Abirami says that she got fever because clay was fully wet. July tells her that she doesn’t have strength to pull her there. Her body was already too weak to handle. Abirami says that she tried her best. She says that she never expected her to push her basket. She adds that Abirami signaled to her to push it so she done like that. She lost many balls comparing to her when she pushed her basket down. July explains to her that she lost her shoe and belt was removed. July asks her Is they look like funny to them? Abirami adds that they felt pity for her. Because Sruthi gave tough to her. Even her face was thorougly dipped into mud

Ramya and Niroop are teasing Thamarai in kitchen. Niroop ask Thamarai to leave the house taking the money. She denies it reasoning she need that 35 lakh amount. Niroop and Thamarai are cracking jokes and fun with each other. Meanwhile Abirami shares to July the reason why did she got angry on Bala today? She complaints that she is constantly asking him where is the ring but he is not responding to her at all. Doesn’t they are giving enough response to him when he is speaking. She gave gold to him he might keep it safe. When she is asking he need to respond to her. instead of shouting like that. July adds that its wrong to shout like that. He would have respond to her at least then continue his conversion with her. Abirami says that he is not giving winning speech here to not respond to her. She won’t go quiet always that’s why she shouted on him there. He is always showing his anger on one person here. July asks her to stop taking it her heart. Abirami says that friendship means they wanna listen to both side and apologized to them whom doing wrong. She adds that she was the one apologize to him first always. She decided to don’t do it this time.

Bala shares to Thamarai that Abirami irritated him in the task. Because of her he got angry. Thamarai asks him to stop taking everything to his heart. He don’t need to share with her what’s the reason he is sitting like this moody. Bala adds that he is also human beings. He will get angry, enterainment, laugh and smile. Thamarai adds that he is genius then her. He says that he saw that in the photo sticking task itself.

Ramya reads new information from Bigg Boss. It’s July and Sruthi’s second task. She narrates the rules of them. It’s rolling dice task. Whom finishing the 11th column will be the winner of the task.

Buzzer plays competition between July and Sruthi begins. Both rolls the dice there. Sruthi is leading with the dice and both comes to tie. After heating competition Sruthi wins the competition. Housemates appreciates her for winning it. Bala says that 15 lakhs is hers. Sruthi appreciates July for playing well.

Bigg Boss announces Sruthi as the winner of this round. He congratulates her there. He appreciated July for played well here. Light turns to off.

July says to Abirami that her prank was best one. Abirami says that she was confused and came out. July narrates to her what actually happened. She adds that Sruthi said she don’t have house so she need this money to build house. She has no reason to argue with her so she leaves it.

Day 61 at 9.00 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house and housemates starts dance for the song ” Mazhaya kottura” then greets each other.

At 10 20 am, Bigg Boss announces to housemates that Sruthi won in the suitcase task and got 15 lakhs. Housemates congratulates her. Sruthi says that she won’t be happy much because he will give twist in it. Bigg Boss ask her to come out taking suitcase through main door. He shares best of luck to her outside world. She thank him and request him to let her allow to cook Poori to all. Bigg Boss asks her to come out through main gate. Housemates wishes good luck to her. Sruthi hugs everyone her in the house and apologize to them if she hurt anyone there. Ramya tells her that she is really happy for her. Later Niroop asks Sruthi to contact her brother and share the message to him. She apologized to Bala if she hurt him. Bala tells her no mind it’s a game and common. Sruthi closed the suitcase and thank Bigg Boss for giving another opportunity to her. Gate opened their. She hugs all and gets emotional send off from everyone there.

At 12.20 pm, July shares to Bala that her dad used to don’t call her with name but Pappa. Bigg Boss calls Bala to activity area. He gets surprised to see the things there. Bigg Boss asks Bala to choose whom not playing their own game in this house. Whom depends on others and whom formed group here. Bala says that Ramya supporting Niroop here. He says that Ramya blamed him bring friendship inside the court. She supported Sruthi to take that 15 lakhs. She came here in the 3rd week though she is connected to her emotionally. But she is expecting them shouldn’t have emotions whom staying here for 1st week. He explains the egg task to them. He adds that Thamarai is depending on him she is bringing love in task. He apologized behalf of her. He placed Abirami’s box inside July’s reasoning she didn’t asked much questions to her. When its 15 lakhs competition they might give space to the contestants to play their game. He don’t like the way she give plan to her.

Episode end.

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