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The show begins in Day 9 at 9.05 pm, Bala says to Thamarai and July that Vanitha threw bomb on them. July says that she was in guilt because she chose wrong persons in her team. Bala adds that she complained to him that should have careful when taking things from Restricted area. July says to him that she took the perfume when Vanitha was there but she didn’t noticed it. But when she came here she noticed it. Its a task. Bala says to her that no one know to steal in their team. Thamarai reacts to it pointing his game. He tells her he snatched the things but didn’t steal anything properly. It’s snatching not stealing. July says to him they wanna steal clothes It seems. Abirami has more make up things then her. She don’t have much in her hand. Thamarai is repeating the words of July. Bala says to Thamarai that he came to talk with her. She says to him that even she wishes to talk with him but this Bigg Boss punishing her in this way. She asks July to stop talking for few minutes. Bala says that after throwing someone’s make up things into bathroom she is talking like this. July says to him what else she do then? She placed it safe there. Thamarai says to her if she taking someone’s things she might place it safe. She scolds her for done like that. July says to her that she didn’t wored cap on that time. She says to July that she was spying her its her duty. Thamarai says to her that she failed to repeat her dialogue in it. July says that she kept it safe but it fell down. Bala says that she is talking a lot after done this much.

Bala says to her that July said that Thamarai threw it there. Thamarai says to him that she will show it to him but he denies it. She asks him to help her to get up. He asks to her doesn’t she get relief from her pain yet? Is she got hurt for real? She says to him that she fell down twice yesterday. They gave pain killer to her and says she will get relief in 1 hour but didn’t yet. Thamarai and July takes Bala inside the washroom. July narrates to Thamarai hoe did she placed the pouch in flesher. Both are arguing with each other over it.

At 9.15 pm, Housemates taking dinner together. Anitha asks to Vanitha Is she put mustard in food it didn’t cooked properly. She it’s not giving proper taste to food. Vanitha says that she didn’t noticed it. Anitha says that stove is taking time to get heat. Abhinav says that he don’t find any taste difference in hungry. Bala asks to Anitha Is mustard blast? She asks to him doesn’t he even know about it then said she don’t know to prepare coffee and tea. She says to them that she don’t to prepare tea to many people. Kamal sir didn’t scold her but there was a topic about it. When she went out there was so many memes about it. Vanitha says that she know to cook many items but doesn’t know to prepare tea coffee. She will prepare it worst always. She needs someone always to prepare coffee to her or else she will use instant coffee. Anitha says to her that they created it as a issue. There is so many bad comments about it. Vanitha asks her to don’t take anything to heart.

At 9.50 pm, Anitha reads new task information from Bigg Boss. Whom is talkative will win this game. They can remains the same team. Shariq will be a judge of this game. Vanitha says that Bigg Boss giving key to thief hand. Task name “Kolamaavu Gokila” Vanitha says July is the heroine of this task like Nayanthara. Anitha says she will read it all and explain it to them. She narrates the rules to them. They wanna pass the color powder using card. They wanna stand in a line and pass it though mouth. They wanna fill the bowl in this method. Judge wanna use stop watch to calculate the time of both team are announcing the winner. Team wanna play one by one.

At 10.00 pm, Vanitha asks to them let’s divide the team. Anitha says it’s same team but wanna decide whom gonna play first. Shariq says let’s decide it using toss. Snehan chooses gold and Vanitha chooses home. Vanitha chooses to play first.
At 10.10 pm, Vanitha team starts passing the color powder using card. Shariq asks them to stop bending it because it’s falling down. Other team asks them to take extra because it’s getting late. Times matters. After few minutes buzzer plays. Later Second team starts their game. Balaji giving counters inbetween. Buzzer plays after few minutes. Blue team finishes it in 3 minutes and Pink team in 1minute. He announces them as winner.

At 10.15 pm, They starts throwing colors each other and makes fun there. Suja says she is not coming to this game. Snehan says that all sisters turns to bad sisters today. He complaints that he took shower few minutes before but look at his state now. Everyone makes fun with him.

At 10.40 pm, Snehan asks everyone to remove the mike and plays. Abirami tries to applies cream on Bala. Bigg Boss asks Abirami to take care of her mike.

At 10.45 pm, Bala applies cream on Suresh’s cut out. He gives signal to camera and shares message.

At 10.55 pm, Anitha asks Abhinav and Sruthi to stop playing in Abirami’s bed. Sruthi says it’s her foam but. Abhinav chases Anitha and applies foam on her. She says that foam went to her ear. She complaints that she can’t able to hear anything.

At 11.10 pm, All lights turns to off in the house.

At 11.30 pm, Balaji and Thamarai are discussing about tomorrow’s task. He is cracking jokes with her she is laughing like hell hearing it. He imitates Vanitha there.

At 11.40 pm, July says that Suja takes pretty enough colors. Abhinav says that they have height problems and didn’t split at all. July says that before buzzer plays they filled it. They discussed about the colors applying incidents. Abhinav narrates to them why did he applied foam on Anitha and Sruthi.

At 8.05 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house and housemates starts dance for the song “Patchikkala amma” then greets everyone.

At 9.00 am, Abirami takes the post from post box. She reads the post and says task is for her. She reads infront of all that she wanna teach classical dance to all housemate in garden area.

At 9.20 am, Abirami asks to them how many know to do classical dance. Snehan says that he don’t know it. Some says that they saw it on TV. They comments that teach is keep dancing her leg is not taking rest. She teaches to them how to pray first. Later she teaches to them how to say Namaskaram in Bharathyanatyam. Then teaches few steps to them. Housemate are following her while making fun with each other. She says to them that she will give punishment to them if they don’t do it properly.

At 11.50 am, Snehan reads the new rules of Kavalargal and Thurudargal task. Those two cop have cap and stick are allowed to enquire the thief. They can only enquire them after they bring them to police station. Whom is in higher officer Job can get clue from their staff. Thief wanna inform to camera when they are changing the shift.

At 12.15 pm, Abhinav says to camera that Bala and Abirami are the first thief.

At 2.10 pm, Bala says to Shariq that they are doing unfair if they give half of the things it will be fair. Bala says to him he will come later after he turned to thief.

At 2.15 pm, Abhinav gives police belt to the financier. He asks to him Is Balaji sleeping there why didn’t he bring his pant and shirt? He teases him. Bala says to Anitha that she don’t have stick in her hand so she can’t able to check them. Anitha says to him that she has cap so she can able to check him. He tells her its mentioned in rule book they can’t able to do it because it’s very important. She asks to them if they steal it how will they check them? He says its their problems they would have keep it safe. Sruthi says it’s appreciated one because they took it.

At 2.35 pm, Niroop questions them why did they losted their stick. Snehan says it’s their mistakes to not keeping it safe. Anitha says to him that they will steal it tomorrow so they can’t able to check them. Anitha complaints that they are saying police getting salary in thief money. Snehan says that Bigg Boss know it already.

At 2.45 pm, Thamarai asks Niroop to go inside. Niroop says that already Abhinav is inside its in rule book only one person allowed inside the jail. Niroop argues with Thamarai and others. Thief are discussing with each other how to divert them. Heating argument are going between police and thief team.

At 2.50 pm, Niroop says to Anitha that she can’t able to check him without committing any mistakes. She is checking Niroop he is diverting her by not letting her check properly. He is making fun of her she alerts other police that he is signing to others. .

At 2.55 pm, Thamarai says to Niroop that she noticed Bala taking it. He says that she didn’t wear the cap so she can’t able to check them. Snehan says to camera that Vanitha is not participating in game and Bala is sleeping due to medicine effect. Niroop is arguing with Thamarai for misunderstanding the rules.

At 3.05 pm, Bigg Boss announces that Kalavaaniyum and Kaavalargalum task is over now let’s continue this game tomorrow after team swapped. Vanitha says they don’t this task and also the points too. She adds that her team members are not cooperating to her at all.

At 4.20 pm, There is an heating arguments inbetween Abhinav and Thamarai. Thamarai lashes out at Abhinav for mentioning her as mental. Abhinav is not giving up. Nioop says that Thamarai will be a trending star next week. Abhinav says they are triggering her like this.

At 5.55 pm, Financier barging with Abhinav and gives 10000 Bigg Boss currency to Abhinav’s team.

Episode end.

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