BiggBoss has been airing on Vijay TV for the last 3 years . All three seasons were hosted by Kamal Hasan . The BiggBoss show which airs every year in June and July , has been postponed due to the Coronavirus thread .

Television have started airing new programs in the last few weeks following the announcement of relaxations in the lockdown and the
Government’s permission to shoot inside the arena . In this situation it has been reported that the channel has been trying to air the BiggBoss4 September and the talks for the Tamil BiggBoss 4 season started .

BiggBoss 4 was planned to begin in June this year and the selection of contestants also started in March but had to be abandoned due to the corona virus pandemic , there was a question mark whether there will be telecast this year but now things have been sorted out work for the sets of the BiggBoss 4 has already begun at the EVP Gardens in the outskirts of chennai .

Kamal Hasan’s new look with white beard was released a few days ago. Following this , the channel Vijay Tv is said to have prepared a promo video for the BiggBoss season 4. It is said that the first promo video will be released in a few days and another video will be released in the first week of September 2020. As they reported first promo released on August 27 and second on September 5th .

Meanwhile it has been reported that Ramya Pandiyan , Sunaina and Vidhulakshmi will be appearing in the BiggBoss show this time , However , this information was denied by Ramya pandiyan and Sunaina. Talks are also said to be on with celebrities such as Madhu, Shilpa , Manjunath and Poonam Bajwa apart from those who already were penciled in such as Kiran Rathod , Shivangi Natarajan , Gopinath , Sanam shetty , Manimegalai VJ , there are also unconfirmed reports that recent controversial figures Surya Devi and Joe Micheal are also likely to be considered .

Sources say that the Technical team is also considering the virtual appearance of Kamal from his own place when interacting with the contestants . It is said that all contestants will be interviewed via video conferencing and there is also emphasis this time to check whether they are mentally fit and strong enough to take the pressures and stress inside the house . It would also become mandatory for a psychologist to certify the contestants.

The contestants who are selected will presumably have to undergo COVID -19 tests and will be quarantined for two weeks and then after another test only will be allowed inside the house . Social distancing will be the norm not only for the technical crew inside the set but also for the contestants and those who violate may be expelled from the show .

In every season of BiggBoss so far contestants fell in love on the sets namely Oviya and Arav and Losliya and Kavin and this time too the selection process will ensure that there is a romantic pair to boost the TRP according to sources . We will have to wait and see if these set of new rules and regulations and Method of shooting will be implemented or the BiggBoss creative team spring other surprises .