For a long time, it has been so much buzz that India’s longest running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is going to take the third and biggest generation leap so far. After which the story of the show will change completely. And most of the characters of the show as well. Just then, many speculations started about what will be shown in the upcoming story of the show.

But we just kept silence on it on Just Showbiz because we wanted to give our readers not just speculation. But a reasonable and most accurate reasons. Through which you can get a fair idea of ​​where the story of show can go after the leap.

And most importantly whether the leap will be shown in real or not. So the first thing, such news started after this Instagram post of the show’s producer Rajan Shahi. In which he is hinted to the biggest leap ever in the show.

Which post has been said to come in February and now because it is the month of February. We will try to give our opinion through the facts, and ongoing story of the show. That where will the story of show can go after the leap. And will the show really take a leap or not? So as of now, the track of the show focuses on Trisha and Luv-Kush, in which Luv-Kush molesting Trisha.

Due to which she is seriously injured. But now Naira and the rest of the family have come to know that there is no one else rather only Luv-Kush responsible for this condition of Trisha. After which Naira is in favor of getting both of them strict and legal punishment and the rest of the family and Karthik want to punish and convince them at home so that the matter of the house does not go out.

So if the leap comes then it is possible that the story before the leap ends with differences between Karthik-Naira. And after leap they be shown how can Kaira reunite again. And it is also possible that Kairav should consider his father Kartik and Luv-Kush right and his mumma Naira wrong this time.

Because as we all are seeing in the show right now, Kairav has got quite friendly with Luv-Kush and he follows them so much. So after the leap, if makers shows bitterness between Naira and Kairav with Karthik-Naira’s mutual diffrences in the show. Then, don’t be shocked.

Now talk about whether the show will really take leap, so for some time. There have been reports come that the makers of the show have dropped this idea. After considering it deeply because adding a new cast after the leap and bringing such a story which attracted audience is a challenge. So for the moment leap has been kept in cold storage.

However, this is not an official news, so suspense is still intact whether the leap will be done or not. Let us tell what you think about it through comments. And we will let you know about this as soon as any official update comes. So stay connected with us. Let’s get buzzing…!!!