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The episode starts with Ritesh greets Kaamna. The latter shows him the newspaper and questions him what is this. Ritesh gets shocked and realises its Kadambari who is behind all this. Kaamna tells he will get good publicity out of it. Ritesh tells its not about publicity it’s about right and wrong. He also tells he chooses this life but not Zoon. He worries about her and tells Kaamna to file a case against Kadambari for the news she published it on her newspaper. Kaamna asks Ritesh to relax saying she will talk to Kadambari and makes him go to shoot. She then wonders Ritesh’s Ritesh’s behavior towards Indu and Zoon. Raina’s house everyone gets shocked and suprised seeing Zoon and Ritesh’s photo is in the newspaper.

Anjali tells Zoon become a superstar. Indu wonders is Ritesh is the one who behind all this? Rajender gets upset with news title. Sunita looks happy with the news thinking Indu and Ritesh are going towards in a relationship. Rahul and Ritesh are on their way to shoot. Rahul scolds Ritesh when the latter tells him that he sent a gift to Zoon. Rahul advices Ritesh that his special love and care for Zoon may land him in trouble.

Either Zoon’s family may try to use him for their own benefit or else they will lashes out at him worrying about Zoon’s unnecessarily popularity at this age. Ritesh asks Rahul to not to shout at him because now he understands what is he saying. In Raina’s house when the door bell rings Indu goes to open the door. Ritesh’s driver tells Indu that Ritesh sent a gift for Zoon. Sunita tells yesterday Ritesh send groceries for them now gift for Zoon and gets happy. Indu gets shocked and confused but takes the gift with her.

Indu opens Zoon’s gift and gets shocked seeing it’s an expensive and latest mobile. Indu reads the chit which is attached to the gift box in which Ritesh asked Zoon to contact him whenever she needs and given him his personal number. Asha shares her worry with the Raina’s that Zoon may land in trouble and she can’t able to handle the outcome so she suggests Indu to hide this from Zoon. Indu tells she wont lie but she will definitely make Zoon realise what is right and wrong inside. Sunita shares her happiness but Rajender mocks at her which leads Sunita to scold him.

Rahul gets shocked and starts scolding Ritesh for giving his personal number to Zoon. Ritesh justifies his action and tells if most people get hold of his number he will change it and asks Rahul to relax saying he is doing all this for Zoon who isn’t having a father also her mother is an irresponsible one. In the shooting spot where Sameer is the crew members praises Ritesh for his kind act towards Zoon. They also insults and taunts Sameer indirectly because of his behavior and attitude towards others.

Sameer yells at a spot boy also the crew for the script is not good and asks them to change it and decides to go inside his cabin but gets furious when the other two crew members talks to themselves that Sameer get this ad because Ritesh requested them. He beats the crew the director comes and stops Sameer from beating his staff’s and says what they two told is true. Sameer looks on angrily.

Indu tells Zoon that she can’t take the gift which Ritesh gave her to school. Zoon refuses to listen and tells its her gift so what’s wrong though. Indu points at Zoon her favorite teddy and asks her is she carrying this to school every day. Zoon says no also adds there is no use bring teddy to school so she after comes from school she is playing with her teddy in her house. Indu says even her gift from Ritesh is similar like her teddy so Zoon agrees to not to take the phone to her school but she tells Indu she will talk to Ritesh on daily basis.

Indu gives an example of Zoon’s classmates father and says father’s are busy and so Ritesh so she can talk to Ritesh once in a week that too from anyone of their mobile. Zoon agrees and leaves the place. Indu asks Asha’s opinion whether she handles the situation properly or not. Asha tells the only mistake she made is her comparison with Ritesh to other kids father’s may mislead Zoon. Indu gets shocked when she realises her mistake. Other side Kaamna confronts Kadambari.

Kadambari tells Kaamna that she has seen Ritesh’s connection with the kid and manipulates Kaamna saying Ritesh don’t want the kids photo to be posted because something might going between him and Zoon’s mother also tells Kaamna she may lose her spot in Malhotra’s house. Kaamna looks on thoughtfully. In shooting Ritesh brings Zoon’s name during the scene which he is performing. He realises his mistakes and apologises to the Director but the latter gives him to take rest for few minutes and come back. Ritesh and Rahul gets shocked seeing Indu.

Ritesh rudely talks to her and get inside his caravan. Rahul forces a smile and opens the door for Indu to go inside. Indu thanks Ritesh also tells him that she dont think at this age Zoon is need of gadgets. Ritesh asks is she think then Zoon is matured enough to roam on a mall alone also matured enough to take care of her drunken mother. Indu gets shocked and asks is he calling her a bad mother? Ritesh tells she is a self centered selfish woman also a bad mother and tells her if she gives birth to a kid then it’s her responsibility to take care of instead of that she is being an irresponsible mother then what is the need to give birth to a child also tells the child will be better off without her. Indu gets furious and asks Ritesh to shut up. They both looks at each other angrily.

Precap: Indu lashes out at Ritesh for his judgemental behavior without knowing anything. She also warns Ritesh not to never try to come near her Zoon. Later a crying Zoon asks Indu to let her talk to her genie Ritesh. Indu looks on with a worry filled face.

The episode starts with Ritesh worrying about Zoon’s mother on his way. He then sees she is in changing room so he enters the room and asks is she okay. Zoon comes there and asks her what happened to her and asks her to wake up and turns her around. Ritesh gets shocked seeing Indu and removes the mustache from her face. Ritesh recalls his encounter with Indu and Zoon. He confirms with Nidhi the same. Ritesh smells alcohol. He thinks that means Indu is the one who Zoon’s mother. He also says to himself she isn’t only a careless mother but she also have drinking problem.

He then gets upset thinking she is a nice woman. Zoon cries and asks Indu to wake up. Ritesh pacifies her mother will be alright. Zoon asks him what happened to her mother. Ritesh tells her that due to humidity her mother is weak and unconscious but she will be alright soon. Zoon tells him that she is going to be a laughing stock infront of her classmates again because she told her classmates that her father will come and participate in the match. Ritesh gets sad but assures Zoon today her team will win the volleyball match for sure. Zoon gets happy.

Ritesh comes out. Rahul asks Ritesh to stop his stupid act but the latter refuses saying he dont want Zoon to go through so much. He also shares his disappointment about Indu with Rahul. He calls her irresponsible and drunkard. He then asks Rahul to let driver drop Indu to her home meawhile he will play the volleyball match for Zoon and he isn’t asking his opinion so asks him to follow his order. Rahul obliges. Peon gives the jersey to Ritesh who takes it with determination.

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