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The episode starts with Kaamna scolding the worker for bringing lilies which is allergic to Ritesh then why the hell he brought the flowers. Vivek comes there and tries to apologises to Kaamna but the latter insults him and tells him that she already warned him that about the air conditioning temperature also the party theme shouldn’t be pink because Ritesh hates that color also he is allergic to lilies yet the mistake has been made and insults and warns Vivek to not to repeat this mistake again then leaves the place when she receives a call.

Vivek gets upset seeing the broken flower vase. Other side Zoon pleads Indu. Indu refuses to listen to her. The family members watches this from their respective place. Rajender comes there and asks Indu and Zoon whether their drama is over if it’s over then they can have food. Indu tells Zoon that the ointment will make her feel more pain. Sunita tells both of their drama will continue for an entire day so she will apply the ointment and forcibly applies the ointment on Indu’s injury.

Indu expresses the pain which makes Zoon cry. Zoon questions Sunita why she put a painful ointment on Indu though. Sunita thinks to herself that both Indu and Zoon aren’t connected to each other by blood yet if one person is in pain then the another cries and gets emotional so leaves the place. Other side Ritesh asks Kaamna who she is scolding now. Kaamna asks him how he knows though.

Ritesh tells that he knows about her well. Kaamna asks him when he will return to the house. Ritesh tells that they are on their way to another theatre after that he will come to the house. Kaamna asks him about his previous theatre visit and asks him to be more careful saying nothing is more important than his safety. Ritesh assures her that he will be fine.

Ashi follows Sunita and asks her what happened why she came inside. Sunita tells her that both Indu and Zoon don’t have a blood relation yet both of their bond is so deep so she is worried. Asha asks what is worried about in this. Sunita tells her that what will be the reaction of Zoon when she learns she isn’t Indu’s real daughter also what if Zoon’s family comes to take her from here what will happen to Indu. Asha asks Sunita to not to worry saying they are here with Indu and they will face the problems together and find a solution. Sunita tells that she is Indu’s mother so she is worried about Indu not Zoon.

Asha asks wont she get upset and sad if Zoon gets separated from them. Sunita gets teary eyed but tells she won’t because Zoon is the reason behind Indu’s future and her marriage at stake so she dont want Zoon. Asha notifies the tears that is about to fall from Sunita’s eyes and questions her then why she is crying. Sunita scolds her and asks her to put the dishes on the dining table. Asha obliges and takes the gravy with her. She collides with Vivek. Vivek gets mesmerised seeing her. He then apologises to Asha and the latter tells him it’s fine and asks him whether he is going to have food with them. Vivek says yes so Asha goes to make the arrangements.

Other side Kaamna warns the guards and other workers that if she finds there are people in the party who isn’t in the guest list then she won’t spare any of them. In Raina’s house Vivek makes fun of Ritesh’s aunt and her warnings and they laugh and asks him about her name. Vivek tells he doesn’t know all he knows is she is Ritesh’s aunt but she is too young. Anjali mocks saying celebrity people’s diet along with the treatment they goes through.

Indu brings Zoon to the dining table while talking to Payal over the phone call. Vivek and Indu helps Zoon sit on her seat comfortable. Zoon asks Vivek is he talking about Superstar Ritesh. Vivek tells yes and he is the one who organising the private party. Zoon asks him to take her to his house because she wants to take a selfie with him as he also promised her the same. Vivek agrees. Zoon asks Indu’s permission but the latter scolds her and refuses to let her go. Zoon seeks Vivek’s help to persuade Indu. Indu tells him how Zoon fall from the upstairs. Vivek makes fun of it saying the party of Ritesh’s held in ground floor only.

Indu gets angry so warns Vivek. Zoon once again pleads with Indu along with Vivek assuring her that he will take proper care of Zoon. Indu agrees which makes Zoon happy. Vivek brings Zoon to Ritesh’s house and the latter gets mesmerised seeing the house. Vivek puts her nearby stair case on asks her to wait until he returns finishing his work. Zoon obliges. Ritesh’s reaches home and asks the guards to party in their house and goes inside. The security personnel praises him for being kind. Ritesh gets happy seeing the decorations. He the gets shocked and surprised seeing Zoon there who has fell asleep. He tries to put a cushion without waking her up but fails.

Zoon gives him his favorite chocolate but gets upset seeing its melted but Ritesh tells the tastes are good and have it. Vivek comes there and tells Ritesh that Zoon is his neighbors daughter. Ritesh calls Indu an irresponsible mother. He then takes Zoon to the dining table and promises to fulfill her wishes so Zoon asks him to find her father. Ritesh gets shocked and gets angry at Indu for not realising what this kid is going through as she made the request two times the same day.

Precap: Ritesh tells someone how he is feeling guilty for his mother’s condition. Indu meets Ritesh’s mother and feeds her food. The nurse tells Indu that Ritesh’s mother is paralyzed. Indu tells that Ritesh’s mother is continuing her life like this as she has the reason behind it.

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