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The episode starts with Kaamna asking Indu that why she is here also asks who she is spying. Vivek comes there and tells that she is indeed a guest also she has a phone in her hand because she has to. Kaamna asks Vivek is that mean he is the one who brought her here right? And says that she wont spare him and threatens to fire him from a job also tells him that he will never get a job after this. Vivek and Indu get shocked. Vivek tells Kaamna that Indu isn’t his guest infact she is a reporter who she gave a last minute access to be the part of this party.

Kaamna asks Indu is she a reporter? Indu sees Vivek who signs at her in a pleading way so lies that she is a reporter. Kaamna talks to her nicely and tells her to wait in Ritesh’s room and asks her to ask him about his film related questions only. She then orders Vivek to take Indu to Ritesh’s room then leaves the place. Indu drags Vivek aside and asks him why did he lied. Vivek tells that he have no other option to save his job so asks her to go and take an interview. Indu refuses but Vivek pleads her. Indu worries about Zoon but Vivek assures her that he will take care of her.

Ritesh tells his guests about Zoon and calls her a sweet kid and searches to introduce her to the kids. The waiter comes there and tells Ritesh the waiter is waiting for him in his room. Ritesh gets upset but makes an excuse and goes to his room. On his way he decides to answer two or three questions of the journalist and return to his party. Indu in Ritesh’s room practices her introduction.

Ritesh comes there and says Hi. Indu turns around. Ritesh smiles recalling the days he met her before. Indu looks at him nervously. Ritesh makes her sit on his couch and tells her to ask him whatever the questions she wants and he will answer it. Indu nods okay.

Indu asks Ritesh a glass of water. Ritesh searches the entire room but finds his bottles are empty so he scolds himself. He then sees the flower vase it has water in it and smiles. Indu comes there and gets shocked. Ritesh tells her this is his protein drink and the flowers kept it inside is plastic. He then drinks the water and asks her is she want. Indu says no. Ritesh tells in his room there is no water now but he have soft drink and provides her one. Indu thanks him and takes a sip from that drink after Ritesh assures her its indeed a soft drink only. Ritesh asks her is she nervous being around also is this her first interview.

Indu blabbers around him like she has taken many interviews before also tells him that she isn’t nervous and asks why she should be nervous around him. She then tells that she don’t even know what it is to be a nervous person. Ritesh tells her that he will hide his face so that she may not get scared and take his interview. Indu tells him that she isn’t scared and calls him cute. Ritesh smiles and smirks at her. Indu blushes then scolds herself and turns around and talks about his room and house which is beautiful.

Ritesh suggests that they can start the interview. Indu agrees. Ritesh asks her she is from which newspaper. Indu tells she is from a magazine where their main topic is talk about animal related things and its importance. Ritesh tells that he understands why they want to take his interview because in his newly released film a dog is his friend and he acted as an alien who comes to earth become a biker. Indu questions who gave him licences also about the aliens aadhar address which confuses Ritesh.

Ritesh then talks about the alien saving his lady love by going on his bike over the speed limit. Indu tells that this is against the rules and says to Ritesh if celebrity likes him wont follow this then how will the normal people follow. Ritesh jokes at her asking is she a traffic police. Indu denies and gets nervous.

Ritesh’s co star orders a drink from the bar. Sameer goes to her and tries to flirt with her. She insults him and calls him as a failure and compares him with Ritesh then leaves the place angrily. Sameer gets furious. Dolly tells Deep about her plan for couple dance. Deep tells he will go and announce the same but dolly stops him and tells him after Ritesh completes his interview they can do this couple dance. Sameer gets mad hearing Dolly and Deep’s conversation. Indu thanks Ritesh for giving her a water. She also tells him that they did met before and because of him her life completely changed. Ritesh recalls his encounter with her and asks her that she is the one who thanked him also right.

Indu says yes. Ritesh tells her that there is something which is her’s is now with him and decides to go inside to take it and Indu tries to stop him but drop the glass. Indu gets nervous and takes the glass pieces and gets hurt. Ritesh takes her hand in his mouth and they both looks at each other. Sameer comes there and mocks at both Ritesh and Indu. Ritesh asks Sameer to leave saying he is in a drunken state but the latter talks to him rudely and tells Indu to go with him to his room and he will show her a good time. Ritesh gets furious so he pushes Sameer away from Indu and warns him. Indu gets teary eyed and hides herself behind Ritesh.

Precap: Vivaan advises Sameer to not to lose his temper. Ritesh and Indu dances together in the stage. Sameer mixes a pill in a drink and tells that this is the last night in which Ritesh will be seen smiling because after tonight whatever going to happen in Ritesh’s life is going to change everything.

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