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The episode starts with the media follows Ritesh. Ritesh asks Rahul about his lawyer. Rahul tells Ritesh that he called but the lawyer isn’t answering the calls. The lawyer comes there and greets Ritesh. Ritesh asks him about the paper work. Sumanth tells him the paper works are done. Other side Kaamna asks Vivaan about Sameer’s whereabouts. Vivaan who was having food says he doesn’t know and asks her what happened. Kaamna tells that Ritesh is planning to adopt Zoon legally and he is planning with Deep and Dolly. She wants to know what is happening. Vivaan mocks at her that Ritesh isn’t sharing any information with her nowadays. Kaamna scolds her and asks him to take her to the court then they can see what is Ritesh’s plan.

In outside the court Sameer gets frustrated with Kadambari’s behavior to not to answer his calls. Meghna tells Indu about Ritesh’s lawyer Sumanth who never lost a case except one that too with her only and assures her that they will win this case. Indu gets hopeful. Both Ritesh and Indu stands opposite to each other with their lawyer’s beside. Sumanth greets Meghna and tells her that he is the one who will win this case but Meghna reminds him about his previous failure against her and tells him this is going to be his second down fall and tells she is here to give a mother her rights to be with her daughter. They both part ways. Vivek receives call from his work place so he asks Indu to go inside and leaves the place. Ritesh excuses himself and comes to Indu. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. Indu tells but she dont want.

Ritesh asks her that they should act like a grown up adult and tells her that he filed a full custody for Zoon and tells her that Zoon is not going to be remain a kid at all when she grows up her expenses will also grows and he dont think that she can afford all this things so in order to give Zoon everything he is going to adopt her legally and tells Indu to meet Zoon whenever she wants. Indu gets angry and tells Ritesh is he planning to buy a mother’s affection and tells him that she never thought he would stoop this low. She then tells not money is everything and tells at any cost she won’t let Zoon leave her life. Ritesh feels frustrated.

Indu tells Ritesh that Matarani’s blessings are with her so she is sure she will win this case and walks towards the court. The wind makes the churni which Imdu wears it on her forehead fly away and its falls on Ritesh’s hand. Ritesh gets surprised and thinks it’s a God’s sign and gets happy. Kaamna and Vivaan enters the court and gets shocked seeing Sameer there. Kaamna asks Sameer is he come here with Ritesh? Sameer tells no but he is here for Kadambari which confuses both Kaamna and Vivek but Sameer asks them to go inside and get ready to enjoy the drama which is going to be unfold after Kadambari’s entry. Kaamna and Vivaan goes inside. Indu asks Anjali and Asha about Rajender and they tells he is with Zoon.

Asha questions Indu about the churni. Indu gets worried and decides to search for it but Meghna takes her with her for some paper work. Swati enters the court as a magistrate. She asks Ritesh’s lawyer to start. Sumanth greets the magistrate and tells her that his client wants to adopt Zoon. They filed a petition. Meghna interrupts and tells as per the law single male can’t able to adopt a child. Sumanth tells Swathi that before he could finish Megna interrupted him and tells Swati that his client isn’t single Male and calls Deep and Dolly. Kaamna Vivaan and Indu and her family gets shocked. Ritesh looks at Indu and the latter glares at him.

Sumanth tells Swati that Deep and Dolly Malhotra’s are legally married and it’s been ten years and they dont have a kid so they decides to adopt Zoon. He also tells they both are financially stable so they can afford Zoon’s expenses while she grows up. He then talks about Indu’s financial state also the loan she has taken from a goon which Ritesh returned. He then tells that he have submitted all the details in the court. Swati asks Megna is she wants to say something. Megna asks Swati’s permission to talk to Deep and Dolly. After Swati permits her she questions Dolly how long she knows Zoon also why they wants to adopt her.

Dolly tells they met Zoona few times and whenever they met her they thought if they had their kid of own then their kid would be like Zoon. Meghna asks is money is the only thing that needs when they gives a good upbringing to the kids. Dolly says no love and a mother’s affection is more important. Deep manages the situation by saying both love and money is important. Megna tells Swati how Indu sacrificed her entire life for Zoon and given her so much love till date and on the other side Deep and Dolly who may be financially stable but they can’t be sure Zoon will be happy there so requests the magistrate to permit Zoon’s custody to Indu.

Swati tells after hearing both the sides she is going to tell what’s her decision. Both Indu and Ritesh prays to God. Kadambari arrives there and stops Swati from announcing her decision. Both Indu and Ritesh gets shocked. Indu recalls seeing Kadambari as a pregnant woman. Swati threatens to file a case on Kadambari for interrupting them and asks her the reason behind it. Kadambari tells that she wants Zoon because she is her biological mother. Kaamna gets happy. Ritesh gets shocked. Kadambari’s lawyer Kalpana arrives there and tells her that she filed a petition for Zoon’s adoption already.

Precap: Sameer and Ritesh gets into an argument. Sameer tells him that he isn’t always right and leaves the place. Ritesh looks at the churni which he tied it around his wrist. He tells he realised what he has to do now. Later Ritesh and Rahul standsi infront of the God’s idol and Ritesh prays God to help him help Indu to get her rights because he accepts that Indu is Zoon’s mother and Zoon has to be with her only.

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