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Starbharat’s show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai is gearing up with an interesting drama with Ritesh and Indu learns Zoon is in police station so rushes there. Ritesh once again gets angry misunderstanding Indu and Indu learns Zoon wants to apologises to her and wonders the reason behind it.

Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Zoon’s revelation hurt Indu? Will Indu be able to change Zoon’s mind about her being burden to her? What will be Indu’s next move?

In the previous episode we had seen that Ritesh got furious and decided to confront Indu for upsetting Zoon. Kaamna got happy. In Raina’s house Indu expressed her agony to her family members for leaving Zoon alone after revealed the truth to her being an orphan and urged Vivek to do something so that she could meet Zoon.

Ritesh barged into Indu’s house and got into a fight with Vivek. Indu separated both of them. She then pleaded with Ritesh to tell her about Zoon’s condition but Ritesh started insulting her and her family then revealed his decision to adopt Zoon. He also warned Indu to never try to meet Zoon again then left the place.

Indu cried infront of her family members then decided to go and check up on Zoon. Vivek went with Zoon. Zoon overheard the conversation of Bhavna and Gayatri. They both praised Indu for her sacrifices also the problems she was facing now because of Zoon. Zoon got shocked.

Sameer snooped into Kadambari’s father’s will for her without her knowledge and got confused with the will which was named on Kadambari’s child. Kadambari saw Sameer in her office and get shocked. She assured to contact him soon and made him leave the office. Sameer overheard Kadambari and Mr.Kapadiya’s conversation and learned Kadambari’s daughter was Zoon.

In CAA center Zoon recalled her moments with Indu and cried badly. She then decided to leave the place so that Indu can live a happy life and left without anyone’s knowledge. Later Gayatri informed Kaamna about Zoon went missing. Ritesh and Indu who entered the centre at the same time got shocked.

They both scolded Gayatri for their carelessness. Ritesh asked Indu to stop her drama but Indu insulted him and warned to not to spare him if anything happened to her daughter Zoon then left the place with Vivek to search for Zoon.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Zoon will apologise to Indu for troubling her so much. Indu will cry. Gayatri will inform Zoon will stay in Foster care hereafter as she need to get psychiatrist treatment too. Indu will get shocked.

Later Indu will apply vermilion on her forehead and decide to fight legally to get rights to take Zoon with her and make a change in law and order with the power of her and Zoon’s relationship.

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