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Starbharat’s show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai is gearing up with an interesting drama with Kadambari instructs Sameer to destroy the proof Indu has against her and the latter done the same also inorder to save himself he decided to trap Ritesh. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next?

Will Indu realise the letter is missing? Will Indu learn the letter is burned and destroyed? How will Kadambari use this opportunity in the court in her favor?

In the previous episode we had seen that Vivek told Zoon about what happened in the court in a story form. He also informed her Swati postponed the session to the next day. Indu questioned Zoon for her decision to know about what’s happening in the court. Zoon told her the case was related to her so she wanted to know the truth.

She also assured Indu that no one can separate them which made Indu emotional. Ritesh arrived at Raina’s house where he pleaded with Indu to listen to him once but Indu refused saying she dont want his help at all and stopped Zoon from talking to him then closed the door on his face. Kadambari and Sameer met.

Kadambari told Sameer she wanted Zoon in her life to get the property once she got it she don’t care what happen to Zoon also expressed her hatred for Zoon. Sameer promised to help her throughout this case by holding her closer to him. The next day Kadambari arrived at the Raina’s house to meet Zoon. Indu and Rajender got furious with the way Kadambari was acting.

Zoon arrived there followed by Vivek. Indu introduced Zoon to Kadambari. Zoon questioned Kadambari about her dressing and hair style and told she dont want to see her and went inside. Kadambari accused Indu for giving such upbringing to Zoon then left the place. Ritesh went to talk to Swati about Zoon’s case.

Swati confirmed Ritesh she met Zoon the other day. She also refused to discuss about the case details with Ritesh also about her decision and made him leave the place. Indu misunderstood Ritesh of bribing the judge when she saw him coming out of Swati’s office so she lashed out at him then left the place. Ritesh got upset and wondered how to prove Indu he wanted to help her only.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Meghna will ask Indu the letter. Indu will get shocked not finding the letter in the bag so she will go to search for it. She will also accuse Ritesh for stealing the letter from her and pleaded him to give it back to her.

Ritesh will get confused and tell Indu that she misunderstands him. Indu will go crazy by holding Ritesh’s dress. Ritesh will try to calm her down. Rajender will drag Indu inside the courtroom. Ritesh will look on with a worry filled face.

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