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This week Bohot Pyar Karte Hai started with Geeta informed Ritesh about Zoon’s demand to meet her mother also refused to have food until meet her. Ritesh met Zoon and made a promise to Zoon to fulfill her wish to meet her mother Indu. The lawyer informed the Raina’s that Indu had to lie in order to get bail.

Indu refused to lie and speak against Zoon when Vivek pleaded with her to follow the instructions given to her by their lawyer so that she will get bail. Indu cried. Ritesh informed Rahul he might not know how but he was going to fulfill Zoon’s this wish too. Sameer and Kadambari met each other in the restaurant.

Rajender came to same restaurant. Kadambari got tensed seeing him which Sameer noticed and decided to find the connection between Kadambari Indu and Rajender at any cost.

In CAA centre when the kids were playing Geeta and Gayatri questioned them about their favorite person and the reason behind them being their favorite. When it was Zoon’s turn she informed them her favorite person was Indu. Indu reached the court. The magistrate asked Indu to tell if she wanted to say something before he could announce his verdict.

Ritesh arrived to the court. Indu cried recalling Vivek’s words. She followed the instructions and told the magistrate she kept Zoon with her against her will and felt helpless because Zoon’s mental state might get affected if she got to know about her true identity.

Ritesh got furious and left the court. The magistrate permit Indu’s bail. Indu cried for what she told against Zoon to get bail and decided to go to meet Zoon. Vivek took her with him.

Ritesh shared his disappointment about Indu’s words about Zoon to Rahul. Indu expressed Vivek her hatred for Ritesh for whatever he did to separate her and Zoon. Kaamna arrived at CAA centre to meet Zoon. She brought lots of toys and snacks for her. Zoon told her she was waiting for Indu. Kaamna informed her Indu won’t come to meet her also she was not her real mother.

Zoon refused to believe her and warned her not to say anything against Indu. Kaamna told Zoon she was fool enough to trust Indu blindly and she might not be adopted by other couples as she can’t walk. Zoon cried and called out Indu and Ritesh which made Kaamna to leave the place.

Kadambari’s father’s lawyer informed her she has to do what her father asked her to which is she has to bring her child so that she could able to get her father’s property and she had ten months left. Kadambari get determined to find Zoon’s whereabouts. She decided to question Indu or Rajender about it.

Indu reached CAA centre meanwhile Ritesh instructed the officer’s to not to let Indu meet Zoon. Nirmala refused to let Indu meet Zoon. Indu created a scene infront of CAA centre. She mocked the officer’s for refusing to let her meet Zoon but allowing Ritesh to meet Zoon because he was rich and an influential person. Ritesh expressed his hatred to Indu for what she told in the court about Zoon.

Indu got shocked. Ritesh and Nirmala threatened to call the cops but Indu refused to back down from her decision to meet Zoon. Zoon who heard Indu’s voice get happy and came outside but before she could see Indu Vivek left with Indu so she questioned the officer’s about Indu. Ritesh diverted Zoon’s mind and took her with him. Indu reached her home and cried hard infront of her family for unable to meet Zoon even after everything she went through.

Vivek suggested to take help from their lawyer Atul. Meawhile Kadambari got Rajender’s address from the restaurant where she saw him earlier and decided to meet him in his house to learn about her child’s whereabout. Ritesh saw Zoon was upset and sad so he asked her the reason.

Zoon told him she wanted to meet Indu and ask her something which was really important. Kaamna learned Ritesh banned Indu’s entry so she got worried that Zoon might tell him what she told her so she rushed to CAA center on time and stopped Zoon from talking to Ritesh further. Ritesh thanked Kaamna for doing so much for Zoon.

They both planned to arrange a children’s party to lift up Zoon’s mood. Gayatri gave approval to conduct party. Other side Indu pleaded with Atul to help her meet Zoon once first. Atul called CAA center but Gayatri refused to give permission but the Raina’s learned about the kids party. Indu get determined to meet Zoon at any cost.

Indu informed Vivek her decision to tell Zoon that she was not her real mother. Vivek encouraged her also informed her he found a way to enter the party. Asha got shocked when Rajender informed her that he saw Zoon’s real mother.

Kadambari visited Indu’s house and introduced herself as Indu’s college friend. Sunita told her about Indu and Zoon’s relationship and what all are the sufferings they were going through now. Kadambari got shocked learning Zoon was her daughter.

She then left the house before Rajender could see her which made Sunita to wonder the sudden disappearance of Kadambari. Vivek and Indu entered CAA disguised themselves as clowns. Ritesh instructed them to make Zoon happy because it was the core reason. They both agreed.

Zoon got happy seeing the party arrangements and the clowns. Indu got emotional and tried to reach out Zoon but Vivek stopped her and signed at her not to which the former obliged. Ritesh brought Zoon to where all the kids was dancing. Zoon and Indu had an interaction. Indu Zoon and Ritesh danced side by side. Ritesh and Zoon looked happy.

Indu got emotional seeing Zoon who was enjoying the party. Two kids who fought for juice box spilled the juice on Zoon. A disguised Indu and Ritesh rushed to Zoon. Ritesh decided to clean up Zoon but the kids in the CAA center took him with them to click photos.

Zoon assured Ritesh that she would like to go with the clown to clean up the mess. Indu took her inside the room and started cleaning her cloth. Zoon requested to do magic to help her meet her mother. Indu removed her make up and came infront of Zoon. Zoon hugged her and Indu cried hugging her back.

Sameer saw Kadambari in Indu’s society and get determined to find out the connection between Indu and Kadambari. Indu worried how to tell Zoon about their relationship truth. She saw Lord Krishna and his mother Yashoda’s photo was in that room so she started telling the story of Lord Krishna Devaki and Yashoda. She told Zoon that Lord Krishna had two mothers.

One was Devaki who gave birth to him and another one was Yashoda who was there to brought him up. She then told Zoon she was her Yashoda’s maa which made Zoon upset and sad. Indu pleaded with her to talk to her. Kadambari learned Vivek and Indu was here.

She acted and went with Ritesh to see Zoon. She suggested to search for Zoon in the remaining rooms when they couldn’t find her in her room which Ritesh obliged. Vivek begged with Indu and took her out of the CAA center with him before they could get caught.

Ritesh questioned Zoon for being sad. Kaamna made Tushar confirm to Ritesh the clowns are none other than Indu and Vivek which shocked Ritesh. Ritesh got furious and decided to confront Indu for upsetting Zoon. Kaamna got happy. In Raina’s house Indu expressed her agony to her family members for leaving Zoon alone after revealed the truth to her being an orphan and urged Vivek to do something so that she could meet Zoon.

Ritesh barged into Indu’s house and got into a fight with Vivek. Indu separated both of them. She then pleaded with Ritesh to tell her about Zoon’s condition but Ritesh started insulting her and her family then revealed his decision to adopt Zoon. He also warned Indu to never try to meet Zoon again then left the place. Indu cried infront of her family members then decided to go and check up on Zoon. Vivek went with Indu.

Zoon overheard the conversation of Bhavna and Gayatri. They both praised Indu for her sacrifices also the problems she was facing now because of Zoon. Zoon got shocked. Sameer snooped into Kadambari’s father’s will for her without her knowledge and got confused with the will which was named on Kadambari’s child. Kadambari saw Sameer in her office and get shocked.

She assured to contact him soon and made him leave the office. Sameer overheard Kadambari and Mr.Kapadiya’s conversation and learned Kadambari’s daughter was Zoon. In CAA center Zoon recalled her moments with Indu and cried badly. She then decided to leave the place so that Indu can live a happy life and left without anyone’s knowledge.

Later Gayatri informed Kaamna about Zoon went missing. Ritesh and Indu who entered the centre at the same time got shocked. They both scolded Gayatri for their carelessness.

Ritesh asked Indu to stop her drama but Indu insulted him and warned to not to spare him if anything happened to her daughter Zoon then left the place with Vivek to search for Zoon. Zoon was walking on the road alone. Rahul informed Ritesh about Kaamna sharing Zoon’s photo to all the police station to trace her and assured they will find Zoon.

Indu searched for Zoon the started crying hard when she failed to find her. Kadambari called one of her friend and asked to gather information about Zoon. Bhavna saw Zoon but before she could reach her Zoon left the place hurriedly. A man saved Zoon from getting hit by the truck loaded with woods.

Zoon got hungry but realised she dont have money so she decided to have the Vada Pav fell in the sand. Before she could take it someone stomped which made her cry. She then decided to cross the road alone but got scared when a car approached her. The car get stopped. Indu cried sensing Zoon’s safety was stake.

A stranger named Swati came out of the car and calmed down a scared Zoon. She then enquired her about herself and her parents. Zoon refused to tell her her name but told her she dont have parents. Swati called the police station. Indu and Ritesh received a call from station so they both rushed there.

Ritesh went to see Zoon. Zoon told him she went to meet Lord Ganesha to gave back all the happiness that Indu was forced to sacrifice for her. She then questioned Ritesh is she was that bad that’s why she dont have parents? Ritesh get sad but promised to be there for her always. He got angry at Indu for revealing Zoon the truth about her being an orphan.

Indu rushed to where Zoon was in the police station but stopped when Rahul informed that Zoon told the stranger that she dont have parents. Indu ran out and cried saying Zoon was hating her that’s why she told such thing. Vivek tried to pacify her. Meawhile Asha tried Zoon to change her mind to meet Indu but got upset when the latter refused.

Vivek gave Indu the toffee wrapper to Indu which Zoon asked him to do it. Indu recalled Zoon’s idea to apologise to one another in a unique way. She got relived understanding that Zoon was not angry or upset with her. She wondered why Zoon wanted to apologise to her.

In the next week viewers will get to see that Zoon will apologise to Indu for troubling her so much. Indu will cry. Gayatri will inform Zoon will stay in Foster care hereafter as she need to get psychiatrist treatment too. Indu will get shocked.

Later Indu will apply vermilion on her forehead and decide to fight legally to get rights to take Zoon with her and make a change in law and order with the power of her and Zoon’s relationship.

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