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Starbharat’s show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai is gearing up with an interesting drama with Indu refusing to take Ritesh’s financial help and Ritesh gets confused by Shakuntala’s signs. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next?

Will Ritesh understand what Shakuntala is suggesting? Will Ritesh agrees to marry Indu? What will be the reaction of Indu when she learns about Shakuntala’s wish?

In the previous episode we had seen that Swati shared her dilemma with her husband Kalyan about Zoon’s custody case and explained the relationship of Zoon Ritesh and Indu also Kadambari. Kalyan advised her to think from a third person view then she might get her answer’s which Swati obliged and arrived outside her office room and found Zoon with Indu and Ritesh.

She then went inside courtroom and called Indu and Kadambari to the front. She asked both of them how they will manage everything if they got married in the future. Kadambari told she wont marry at all but Indu told if she found a man whose first priority was Zoon then she will marry for Zoon’s happiness because she was longing for a father’s love.

Kadambari tried to change her stance but Swati informed her they understood everything which made the former to shut her mouth. Kalpana pointed at Indu’s financial state and requested not to permit Zoon’s custody to her. She also spoken about Indu in a degrading manner which lead Zoon to took a stand for Indu in the court.

Zoon requested Swati to let her stay with Indu also expressed her dislike for Kadambari. Swati postponed her decision for a week. Indu worried but Megna encouraged her by saying miracle do happen. Indu decided to go to Zoon who was playing with Ritesh. On her way she thanked Sunita for understanding her relationship with Zoon.

Sunita apologised to Indu. Indu went to take Zoon from Ritesh but Ritesh suggested to take Zoon with him to treat her with her favorite food. Ritesh got frustrated when his every attempt was foiled by Indu but he finally got succeed and took Indu and Zoon to the restaurant.

Zoon told Indu about her conversation with Swati in which she informed she wanted to be with both Indu and Ritesh and live like a family which shocked Indu. Indu recalled everyone’s words also Ritesh’s assurance to took care of Zoon’s all needs then recall her own confession to marry a guy who will choose Zoon over her and saw Ritesh and Zoon was playing with one another and looked on confused.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Ritesh will dream Indu in his room wearing a red saree and ask him to wake up. Later Ritesh will get shocked imagining Indu in his shower and gets furious when Indu threatens him.

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